10 Best OSRS Minigames You Should Play


The minigames in Old School Runescape are a chance to make some extra rewards, including OSRS gold and XP. There’s one for every type of player out there- so try them out if you have the time.

But there’s no denying some OSRS minigames are better than others. The good news is we’ve come up with this list to help you choose which minigame to play first.

1.The Nightmare Zone

The Nightmare Zone offers a great opportunity to earn points and level up your account, but that is not the only thing you can do with these acquired points which are called Slayer Points. You could also imbue certain items from The Nightmare Zone area such as rings or make some OSRS gold by using Herb Boxes because they have high item value when it comes down to trading them in for money.


The Barrows is a great minigame to take part in if you’re looking for OSRS gold. If you are lucky enough, it can make 1 million GP every hour! Ironman accounts have the opportunity of getting some valuable sets here like Verac’s set and Guthan’s set. The runes obtained at this location can either be turned into profit or used by ironmen characters to train Magic skills as well.

3.Barbarian Assault

You might have seen the Barbarian Assault minigame in your travels in Gielinor. It’s a combat game that requires teams to work together across 10 waves of Penance before facing off against their deadliest foe, The Queen herself!

In the Barbarian Assault, players can gamble their honor points on how well they think their team will do. You could earn some of the best combat gear in the game if you win your bets. The Fighter Torso has a strength bonus that is matched only by the Bandos Chestplate and Inquisitor’s Hauberk.

4.Tears of Guthix

For those of you who are tired of leveling your skills, the Tears of Guthix can be a much-needed boost. The amount that is given depends entirely on how many tears they get when playing this minigame.

If you can get your lowest stat above level 30, you’re looking at gaining 60 XP for every tear that you get. Skills like Hunter and Runecrafting are often the lowest stats for many players due to the difficulties of leveling them using traditional methods. This is because most skills require no combat experience which leaves these two as favorites.

5.The Blast Furnace

This minigame is great for leveling up your Smithing, but you can also make some decent OSRS gold. If you want to level it up quickly, I recommend taking Gold Gauntlets and Gold Ore with every playthrough so that by the time it’s over you will have gained about 300k experience points in Smithing!

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a faster method than this one if gaining Smithing experience is what you’re after.

6.Mage Arena

Magic is a craft that has many benefits, and one of the best ways for you to get more out of your spells is by visiting Mage Arena. You’ll be able to find Magic Capes here which are among the best in slot items for mages who want an extra boost on their magic attack stats while they’re casting from spell books other than Charge Spells- as God Spells! These capes will also make those powerful god scrolls even stronger when used with charge spells so take advantage of this opportunity if you can.

7.Pyramid Plunder

Sophanem’s Pyramid Plunder is a great way to train your Thieving in an exciting new setting. The rooms appear simple enough at first glance, but they’re much more challenging than it seems. You’ll need some clever strategy and quick thinking if you want to get the loot before time runs out. But don’t worry too much about failing-there are plenty of opportunities for success on this adventure!

8.TzHaar Fight Caves

The TzHaar Fight Caves is a solo minigame located in the heart of Karamja volcano and it’s one of the toughest games out there. Players need to survive waves after waves, defeating bosses at the end for some great prizes. There are 63 waves total including Jad on the last wave which you’ll have to defeat if you want that Fire Cape – considered by many as one of the best capes around with its defensive capabilities coupled with offensive bonuses!

9.Tithe Farm

Located in Hosidius, Tithe Farm is a Farming minigame that sees you planting seeds to grow various large fruits. You need to make sure the plants are watered regularly before they wilt and then harvest them for points. The higher your level, the more types of produce you can plant.

You can purchase the best farming equipment with points. The Seed Box and Herb Sack will allow you to keep six types of seeds in one inventory slot, making them convenient for Slayer training. Gricoller’s Can gives 1,000 uses instead of 8 when watering plants; a definite must-have item if your goal is to get that prized skill cape on Farmer level as quickly as possible! And don’t forget about the invaluable assistance offered by the Farmer Outfit which offers a 2.5% boost in Farming XP – perfect for those who are looking towards their own cape and level up their Farming skill fast.

10.Pest Control

Pest Control is a minigame where you can work with other players to destroy portals and defend the Guthix Void Knight against aggressive monsters.

The Void Knight armor pieces are the most sought after in Pest Control. These particular items provide defense bonuses to all combative stats without lowering attack bonuses and can only be obtained through this game mode, making it a popular choice for high-leveled players who want an edge over their opponents.

We’ve just shared the ten of the best minigames you should try. These games are great ways to make your character stronger and improve your OSRS skills while having a good time in-game. You don’t need to buy any GP yourself, but it is an option if you want to get more rewards!

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