2022 Technology’s Impact on Gaming

Technology is now so integrated into our lives that it’s impossible to imagine the world before it. Work, socialising, and downtime have all been improved massively by recent tech innovations.

Working from home, messaging friends online and playing video games have all only become possible in the last few decades. Mind-blowing technology continues to see development and the stuff of science fiction is frequently becoming reality.

Any keen gamer will be quick to tell you just how much technology has revolutionised the gaming industry. Recent developments have not only massively improved graphics and gameplay but have also generated incredibly unique and immersive gaming experiences.

With how far gaming has already come thanks to recent progress, let’s look at how these trends will continue into 2022.

Even Better Graphics and Gameplay

Rewind even just a couple of years and the graphical capabilities of games pale in comparison to what’s seen today. Even franchises with yearly releases see massive graphical improvements, highlighting how much can change in as little as a year.

This trend will undoubtedly continue into 2022 and some of titles already released resemble live action films more than video games.

These advancements are particularly noticeable in online casino gaming. With increased graphical capabilities, online casinos are able to optimize the audio and visual elements that are integral to themed slots games.

This has allowed contemporary games to better encapsulate the popular themes they’re based off, a keen favourite being Monopoly slots.

VR and AR Technology

Virtual and augmented reality technology physically immerses the player in a simulated world via a headset. Actions that are performed in real life are mimicked within this virtual reality allowing for a unique gameplay experience.

Despite being commercially available and used in many sectors, VR and AR tech is yet to reach a consensus affordable price. Furthermore, many of the games available are yet to fully realize the vast potential of the medium.

The technological demands to render these virtual worlds lifelike exceeds anything commercially available. As a result, these worlds are restricted by graphics that are akin to those seen at the turn of the millennium.

Many developers compensate for this by producing games that are purposefully ‘cartoony’ and consequently less graphically demanding.

With the graphical capabilities of consoles and PC constantly expanding, 2022 could see these disappointments eased with better looking VR games.

The metaverse is a word that despite only recently having gained traction, appears to be on everyone’s tongue. This describes a shared virtual online world in which countless players can interact and engage with the world around them.

The immersion of the metaverse makes it ideal for roleplaying and this has seen widespread application in early iterations. Clips have circulated of people within the metaverse working virtual jobs and going about their day as they would in reality.

However, not all worlds are so mundane and there is still plenty of silly fun to be had. There is ample customization available, allowing players to interact with personalized and often humorous avatars.

VR and AR technology also has limited application with mobile which could also be expanded during this year.


NFT are another relatively new concept that was almost unheard of even only a couple of years back. They perhaps gained the most fame for being sold for incredible prices reaching millions.

These tokens take many forms but are usually depicted by a small, distinctive sprite. Some large game developers have announced plans to integrate them into their games, allowing players to trade and sell them.

Although this hasn’t been implemented as of yet, it could well be the plan for 2022, when the technology permits.

Cloud Gaming

Just like every facet of the gaming industry, how the games are physically stored is also advancing. The original blocky, dust collecting cartridge was replaced by the CD which is no longer necessary as most games are downloaded.

However, with improved graphics, the download size of many games is simply untenable without a hefty sum spent on extra storage. The benefit of cloud gaming is that it eliminates the need to have multiple large games installed. It also does away with the long and monotonous download times that plague any regular gamer.

Cloud gaming is often a subscription service where a set fee permits unlimited access to a selection of games. This eliminates the need to buy individual titles which is extremely useful today as their prices continue to skyrocket. Improvements in internet speed could be the key to cloud gaming’s widespread use.

Mobile Gaming

Those familiar with the early iteration of mobile games seen on the first smartphones could have never foreseen its popularity today. It has established itself in the competitive world of esports and sees yearly improvements in the complexity of its games.

Although the classic of old that only requires the swipe of a finger to play still exists, many now resemble PC games. In fact, countless titles that originated on PC or console have released a mobile version to capitalise on the market.

As smartphone technology continues to develop during this year, the capabilities of mobile gaming will continue to reach new heights.

2022 Will be Another Great Year for Gaming

For the generation that grew up playing the very first games, how far the industry has come verges on unbelievable. The gaming industry has already benefited massively from developments in technology and shows no sign of showing down.

There is always something huge just around the corner and 2022 will inevitably be another great year for gaming.