Embrace the 3D Printing and CNC Machining Technologies by Working with Experts in the Industry

The global 3D printing market size keeps growing on a yearly basis, and it’s estimated to surpass the US dollar value of 10 billion. More institutions and individuals are investing in 3D printers and other relevant equipment for machining. This is the best strategy to gain a competitive edge above other users of this amazing technology.

Investing in 3D printers is one of the options at your disposal in the additive technology market. On demand 3D printing service is another practical solution, but you have to deal with professionals in the industry. Companies can save money and time using additive technology in their undertakings.

Many companies use 3D printing for many applications, and many will 3Dprint metal and plastic parts and then CNC machines them. If you are new to such technology, you will probably wonder when to CNC machine-printed 3D parts. The good news is that it all involves understanding how rapid CNC machining works and how to make orders for your 3D prints.

Computerized numerical control (CNC) machining is an amazing technology that has transformed many industries. It involves using large blocks of raw materials, equipment or tool to remove the excess material and a computer-generated path to create the desired parts. You will cut precise, high-quality, and repeatable geometrics in varied metal and plastic materials.

CNC machining is widely used to increase dimensional accuracy and speed. Then the manufacturers will go on and 3D print to reduce production costs, enjoy designing freedom, and fast turnaround times. Both methods can work better in your shop to produce high-quality end-use parts.

It is wise to consider how you combine 3D printing and CNC machining and get the most out of the processes. You can easily reinforce 3d printed objects with metal parts. It is also effective to machine-printed parts to achieve dimensions with better qualities.

CNC machines also use tools made with 3D printing for better functionality. For instance, a 3D printer is useful in designing and manufacturing assembly tools. The machines are also designed to fit into even tight budgets, so you don’t have to stress about the manufacturing project you are pursuing.

Rapid CNC prototype machine is effective when combined with 3D printing, especially when large parts are required with a short deadline due to high demand. You can easily make changes to 3D prints or models and manufacture them in-house faster with a clear idea of what the end product looks like or features.

Ordering 3D Prints- What to Know

Once you have a 3D model in mind that you may have designed yourself, you can go on and order professional prints. It’s a simple procedure to follow and involves:

  1. Upload Your 3D Files- The 3D printing services you rely on will request you to upload your parts to their designated platform.
  2. Choosing the Material- Select the material you would like your 3D prints in and what you feel will satisfy your requirements.
  3. Selecting a 3D printing offer and make payment- With a clear overview of the material and finish you like, go on and make payment and choose a delivery time. The platform will provide the necessary payment details.
  4. Receiving your printed parts-Wait until your order is being proceeded. If you have followed the necessary procedures and provided the right details, your order will be delivered within the stipulated deadline. It shouldn’t take long before receiving your CNC machined, and 3D printed parts.


Final Thoughts 

It is beneficial to combine 3D printing and CNC machining technologies. If you are dealing with a reputed manufacturer, you can rest assured to receive high-quality, accurate and aesthetically pleasing parts. You have to know how to order your prints and provide the necessary information. Reputable companies will work fast and deliver quality CNC machined parts within a set delivery time.