5 Best Laptops for Programming Students

The success of a programmer is something that doesn’t just depend upon the skill alone. While your skills can get better with tons of brilliant coding homework services such as AssignmentCore with programming experts and other student-helping apps, the power of a device is still and it’s vital to choose the right one for coding. In this short read, we have gathered the best pick of laptops to keep up with your every need – fast and errorless coding, entertainment, studies, and multitasking. 

First of all, a decent laptop must have efficient RAM and a good processor. It’s not always the price or the particular brand name that determines its value for you as a coder – better focus on functions and parameters. A graphic card would also be a nice perk for any programmer. Yet, if your major is computer game development, opt for a stronger graphic card. In this pick of greatest laptops for coding, you are sure to find worthy devices so be all eyes while reading!

Laptop Models Proven as Best for Programming in 2021

Apple MacBook Air M1 

There might be a whole group of skeptics who are still living the stereotypes about the MacBook looking back to the previous years when it wasn’t on the peaks of perfection. Still, after a significant optimization, MacBook Air can boast a range of functions that make it a brilliant choice for programming in general. 

Now, the newer version is surprisingly coming at the same price as the previous one though being more lightweight and also thinner. A huge update occurred to the battery too. Now it is capable of holding up to the impressive 15 hours of intensive work. The model with its 8-core graphic processing unit configuration and boosted performance has become a real trophy for all types of computer users, not just coders. 

Coming closer to benefits for coding work, a MacBook has retained the same M1 chip by Apple which makes it a very responsive device carrying out all tasks with lightning speed. This M1 chip isn’t the most powerful thing on Earth but it’s good as it provides extra hours of work laying no heavy pressure on the battery. The laptop is also silent during use, however, might appear a little ‘fragile’ since it has no fan to cool itself down.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 

One feature that immediately makes the laptop a target for most coders is the opportunity to coding using original software by Microsoft. Admirers of Windows 10 will treat this chance with special reverence. No more headache with apps and programs that don’t install on the operating system, here you have got all in one. The device is covered with an unbreakable aluminum shell, the screen comes in 13,5-inch resolution that adds up to your coding speed and capacity. This screen also works well with Microsoft’s Surface Pen stylus. 

The i7 core, 16 GB of memory, and 1TB of SSD space will be more than enough for a good coding experience either at home or at university. Besides, the battery holds around 11 hours while working over Wi-Fi, with nearly 15% of battery reduction every hour.   

Dell XPS 15 

As an option for those searching for a good video card, we advise Dell laptop featuring Nvidia GForce GTX 1650 Ti that will let you test your games on full steam. This alone might be a persuasive reason to opt for XPS 15 but there are, luckily, other vital features. It’s light, thin, and comfy for transportation and studies. The fast compiling laptop also has a bigger display, – 15.6-inch full HD with stunning quality that makes the design of the device complete. RAM in Dell XPS 15 can reach up to 64 GB and the storage allows from 256 GB to 1TB SSD. 

From all sides, the computer feels like a luxe class device. It’s eye-catching, unbelievable fast, and, despite its thin construction, very endurable.   

Google Pixelbook Go 

We intentionally included the Android laptop in our list to show how far the Google developers have gone. If you’re not a big fan of Microsoft devices or it just doesn’t matter, Pixelbook Go will give you excellent performance for coping with its ability to run Linux, nice Intel UHD Graphics 615, long battery life (11 hours), colorful and large 13.3-inch screen (full HD), or a 4K touchscreen depending on your choice. Here you can also opt for a usual Windows system and enjoy the same 16 GB RAM. 

Its battery will make you able to solve most of your tasks on the go. The keyboard deserves special praise as it’s very comfy and silent during typing. 

Dell Inspiron 14 5000

The final pick out of the best five laptops for coding is the renowned Dell Inspiron 14 5000. The main reason we fell for it is that the computer has all it takes to code well and test your creations while having a pretty tight budget. 

While the Dell we have as Number 3 on the top costs over $1,636, this one is about $450 and has all the key features a coder will use daily. Its graphic card is no less powerful than its more expensive competitors and RAM and storage are as worthy. A high-resolution 14-inch touchable display and quad-core processor will let you test products amazingly productively and fast. 

Hopefully, the guide told you enough about worthy laptop models that will fully satisfy your needs for effective coding and become reliable tools in your work.

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