High-Tech for Higher-Ed: 7 Tech Tools Every College Student Needs

College students have a lot of responsibilities. You need to be on time for class, complete assignments, and study for tests.


Juggling your new responsibilities can be a challenge, especially if you’re living away from home for the first time. It’s easy to get distracted by your newfound freedom and forget about all your other obligations, so use these seven tools to help you stay on track while you’re earning your degree. 

A virtual P.O. box from iPostal1

College comes with a lot of back-and-forths. You live on campus during the year, go home for summers and holidays, and you might even study abroad. With all the time you spend on the road, it’s easy for your mail to slip through the cracks.


Signing up for a virtual P.O. box can help you stay on your Ps and Qs when it comes to snail mail. No more trips to the campus post office or your parent’s mailbox. With a virtual P.O. box, you can see and manage your mail directly from your smartphone.


The app sends a picture of any letters or packages, and you can decide whether you’d like it scanned, stored, shredded, or forwarded to you. A virtual P.O. box can provide you with a constant mailing address during your university years. 


This tool is excellent for visual learners or students with ADHD. You can use it to create complete presentations rather than just the standard lecture slideshow. It lets you incorporate images, videos, and Google Drive documents to make your presentation engaging. 


Incorporating different types of media into your presentation not only helps you keep your audience’s attention but can also strengthen your argument. 


Prezi also keeps track of your presentation statistics. You can see how many views you’ve received and where people are watching your slideshows from. This metric is a great way to tell if the information you’re presenting is relevant and exciting and which parts people find the most helpful. 


The best part about Prezi is that you can work on your presentation anywhere. This feature is perfect for an on-the-go student who doesn’t want to waste time dragging your laptop or USB drive with you everywhere you go. 


You can also keep it open on your phone while doing other tasks, like getting ready for class in the morning or walking across campus. 


Use StudyBlue to create flashcards for your classes, study guides for tests, and even make quizzes that you can use on yourself or share with other students. 


You can spend up to an hour creating a deck of cards or writing notes. Then, easily access them on your phone when you need them. The app will track your studying progress and help you identify any weak points in your memorization. 


One of the best ways to use StudyBlue is to make flashcards for each chapter in your textbook. You can include terms, definitions, and concepts to help remember the material. Then quiz yourself by using the cards right before a test or simply whenever you have five minutes to study. Just five minutes a day with your digital flashcards could see you sailing your way to a perfect 4.0 this semester. 


With ColdTurkey, you can focus on studying by blocking all notifications from your phone.


If you’re a chronic procrastinator or you’re easily distracted, this app is a life-saver for those late-night cram sessions. You can set it to block Internet access, apps, and games, so you aren’t tempted to open any other tabs.


ColdTurkey lets you schedule when you want to block these distractions and how long you plan to focus on your work, so you can block out distraction-free times to study and work on homework.


GoConqr is an excellent tool for students interested in studying abroad or taking courses with international universities. It is an online learning platform that allows you to search for classes from any university, whether in the U.S. or abroad.


You can pick the level of education you’re looking for and filter your results by date, language, and cost per course. 


GoConqr also has a robust library of textbooks that you can access for free. It searches for digital copies of online material such as journal articles, PDFs, and PowerPoint presentations from the libraries of over seventy universities. You also have the option to purchase physical textbooks if you’re an international student.


Using this app could see you jet setting to faraway schools and saving money on your semesterly reading materials. 


With Evernote, you can keep all your notes in one place and access them from any device, anywhere in the world. 


It is the ultimate tool for studying because you can use it to create lectures, take notes in class, keep track of what homework is due when, and other vital functions. You can also do away with time-consuming notebook flipping: just type what you’re looking for into the Evernote search bar.


You can share any note with classmates, and they can add their information to the original document while you continue writing. This feature makes it easy for multiple students to collaborate on projects and lecture notes. 


Evernote keeps all your documents organized, so you can spend more time doing what matters. 


Use Cram to make studying for exams more efficient. Cram is instrumental if you’re having trouble retaining information long enough to pass your tests. 


It helps by keeping track of important dates, homework assignments, and test dates so you can always stay on your toes for upcoming grades. You can also use Cram to create flashcards or study guides for your classmates to use.


Chronic procrastinators take notice. Cram spreads out important dates and homework assignments throughout the week to make studying less stressful and more manageable.


Another thing that Cram can do is help you customize the study guides. You can pick different colors, highlight important information, and type in whatever you need to remember in the margins of each card. Colorful, detailed study guides will make you everyone’s top pick for a study buddy. 

Wrap up

College is about finding yourself and learning the ins and outs of your major. Using these tech tools, you can ensure that you’re hitting the books and not the other way around. 


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