8 Tips for Boosting Your Mac’s Speed

A slow Mac can be annoying and frustrating. Especially since Macs are advertised as being the best and fastest computers. Unfortunately, though, just like every computer, Macs can begin to run slow over time. This can be caused by a variety of reasons. 

Your Mac suddenly running very slow can be worrisome and you may automatically think you need a new computer or spend money to get your Mac up to speed again. However, fixing a Mac at home can be pretty straightforward and easy. It can also be done at home without a professional. 

Usually, a Mac that is running slow is either because of background apps that are constantly running, too many visual effects, or outdated apps and software. We will go over some tips for fixing these common problems. Always be sure to check your internet as well to ensure that the problem relies on your Mac itself and not the internet connection. 


Manage your startup programs 

If you notice your Mac is slowest when it is turning on and trying to reboot, this fix could be for you. Sometimes your Mac can have startup items that are not needed or used. Click the Apple Logo at the top of your computer, then click on System Preferences, and then Users & Groups. 

You can now click Login Items. Go through the items listed and see if they are all needed. If there are a few you don’t want, click the minus icon next to it. The computer may ask for your password to make this change. You can also check the Launch Daemons and the Launch Agents under the library folder. All of the apps listed under these items come automatically on your computer and certain applications. You can remove any that you deem unnecessary. 


Remove unused apps

It is easy to keep old apps on your Mac and forget that they are even there. You should try to periodically remove any apps to keep space open on your Mac. Open Finder and then click on Applications. There should be a grid and an option to click Date Last Opened. This will help show you which apps you haven’t used in a long time. You can drag any you don’t want into the trash. 

Clean up the visual effects 

Your Mac will have certain displays and features that are built-in. They are not all necessary and can make your computer run slower. Click the Apple Logo and then System Preferences. Click Accessibility and then Display. You can now check the box that says Reduce Motion. 

This is a simple and easy fix that can be switched on and off as needed. 

Clear out documents and files

There is some great free software that can be downloaded onto your Mac to help you in the clean-up process. They are great because they will guide you through the process and show you what you need and what you don’t use. Many Mac users find that decluttering their Mac every so often can improve performance and productivity. Sometimes there are old files and data that you don’t need and should be emptied into the trash. 

This also includes deleting cache which a Mac cleaner will do for you automatically. Old caches can slow down your web browser and make your apps run slower as well. All in all, using a Mac cleaner can be the most efficient way of removing old junk and make your computer start running faster immediately. 

Check your Activity Monitor 

The activity monitor is under the Go folder in Finder. You can then click on Utilities and find the Activity Monitor. It will show all the apps, browsers, and data that you use from most frequently used to least frequently used. It may look confusing at first when going through it. Some people aren’t sure what to delete and what to keep. In general, do not delete anything labeled with macOS, WindowServer, kernel_task, or locationd. 

Check everything that says it uses more than 5% to 10% CPU. You can force quit any application that you don’t need or any application that seems to be using too much CPU. Also, keep in mind that all the applications should have been installed by you. If you do not recognize something, make sure it is not a virus or a piece of bad software. Sometimes viruses can disguise themselves as applications. Always keep proper security measures in place when it comes to your Mac. 

Update your systems 

To run correctly, your Mac will need to have updated software and applications. Usually, the computer will prompt you when updates are ready and need to be installed. It can be easy to ignore these because you may always be busy on the computer. 

However, a Mac that is not updated will eventually stop working correctly and apps may begin to crash or run very slow. It is recommended that you update your Mac as soon as an update becomes available. You can check for updates by clicking on the Apple icon and then System Preferences. You can check for updates by clicking Software Update. If anything needs to be fixed, your Mac will ask you if you want to update now or later. 

Reset PRAM and SMC

If you are noticing issues with your Bluetooth, fan, or lights; it may be caused by the SMC or the PRAM. Both are pretty easy to reset and can solve many issues. To reset the SMC, turn off your Mac. Then press and hold Shift+Control+Option while also pressing the power button. Hold them for about 10 seconds and then turn the Mac back on. 

To reset the PRAM, shut down the Mac. Then press the power button followed by Command+Option+P. Keep holding them until the Mac restarts and chimes. Then promptly release the buttons. 

Upgrade the RAM

The RAM is the amount of memory and storage that your Mac has. You probably purchased between 8GB-16GB or possibly more depending on the Mac that you bought. Adding more Ram can increase the speed of your hard drive. 

Only some Macs are eligible to upgrade RAM, so you may need to contact the Apple store to see if your computer can be upgraded. It is always recommended that you buy the highest amount of RAM that you may need to avoid issues later. 

Key Takeaways 

Following these simple tips can drastically change how your Mac works. It will ensure that your Mac has maximum speed and productivity. It will also take away the headache of having a slow computer.

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