A Beginner’s Guide on Cloud Computing Services

Cloud computing refers to anything that delivers hosted services over the internet. There are three main categories of such cloud computing services including infrastructure (IaaS), platform (PaaS) and software. A cloud can be private or public. A private cloud is a data center that supplies hosted services to limited people with access restrictions and permission settings. Contrary to it, public cloud computing is open for everyone and everyone on the internet can access it. Either private cloud computing services or public, the primary objective of it is the provision of scalable and easy to access computing services.

A cloud infrastructure consists of both software and hardware components that are required for the implementation of a cloud computing model. Cloud computing can be on-demand or utility computing. Cloud computing got its name from the cloud symbol that is used for representing diagrams and flowcharts.

How does cloud computing works?

A cloud computing service works by allowing data access to the client devices over the internet, through remote servers, computers, and databases. An internet connection links a front end (includes a browser, cloud software, client device,  and network application) with a back end (consisting of servers, databases, and computers). The functions of back and front end functions are repository, data is stored on the back end and accessed by the front end.

There is a central server that manages communication between the back end and front end. The central server relies on protocols that facilitate data exchange. For managing connectivity among different devices and servers, the central server uses middleware and software. Typically, a dedicated server is there for each application.

Get started

If after getting information, you wanted to get started and enjoy the benefit from cloud computing but do not know to seek help from whom. There are many options available in the market offering a different range of services. Dynamix Solution is one of those companies that offer expertise in providing review and inspection of your cloud computing. Dynamix Solution offers a wide range of services including:

  1. Cloud backups

No matter how safe or secure you think your backup is, still, it is better to have an online backup of the data. It can save you from losing all your important files and data by providing a secure backup file available on cloud services.

  1. Remote collaboration and sharing

If you want to give access to all your staff to any tool, file or database at a shared place, Dynamix Solution provides you with it. You can easily streamline the tracking of file versions and control the revision of documents that multiple staff members are working on.

  1. Email

It is not easy for any company to manage its business without having an email. The company allows you to keep communication lines open with your email hosted at a world-class data center.

  1. SharePoint

It allows you to keep all your staff connected and to manage a project. You can also keep your all data and need not share it every time a new person joins your company.

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