7 Accessories to Improve your PC Gaming Experience

There are hundreds of gaming and PC accessories on the market today that all claim to be game-changers that will improve the way you game and your gaming experience in ways you didn’t think possible.

Whether you enjoy playing online poker or spending hours winning Call of Duty games, you want the best gaming set-up possible. Here are 7 of the best PC accessories that will improve your gaming experience immediately.


We are long past the days of needing to use a pair of speakers to hear what is happening in our games. While it still works for some titles, you want to listen to what is happening around you, especially in games like Warzone or League of Legends.

Headsets also allow you to hear your teammates properly, something essential for playing multiplayer games. Headphones will also improve your general entertainment experience, especially if you use your PC to watch series and movies or listen to music.

The Right Chair

If you are gaming regularly, you will very quickly find your back, shoulders, hips, and even legs will begin to hurt. This is usually down to poor posture that is exacerbated by staying in a bad position for hours on end.

Many gaming chairs are designed to keep your body in a comfortable but healthy position. This allows you to continue to play and minimize the risk of long and short-term muscle and joint injuries.

Ergonomic Keyboard & Mouse

Much like having the right chair, having the right mouse and keyboard is essential. Not only do you need a combo that will give you the best control and reaction time, but you also need a mouse and keyboard you can use for extended periods.

Using the wrong mouse and keyboard can also affect your finger and elbow joints. Carpal Tunnel syndrome can hit you much quicker than you think if you use a keyboard and mouse combination that isn’t designed for long-term use.

Gaming Controller

The great thing about having a PC and buying a controller is your options. Depending on your needs, you can use any number of controllers, which means you can hook up a brand new Scuf controller or a SNES controller if you want to jam some Super Mario.

While it is easier and better to play most games with a mouse and keyboard, there are also some examples where the controller is king. Elden Ring is a perfect example, and having a controller available means you can play every game how it is meant to be played.


While it isn’t essential since most gaming headsets have a microphone, a stand-alone microphone opens up a couple of new routes for you. First off, it will 100% improve your communication with your teammates while playing multiplayer games and is substantially better than any microphone on a headset.

Secondly, a microphone is a great way to start streaming. Top-of-the-line webcams are often much more expensive than microphones, and you don’t need a webcam to stream. A microphone will give you high-quality audio that is perfect for streaming.

Internet Router

Lag will kill the enjoyment of any online game in a matter of seconds. If you want to have a lag-free experience, you should invest in the best possible internet provider available. A high-speed connection will ensure lag is never a problem and can even improve how you play.

You must also remember that an ethernet connection will always be faster than WiFi, meaning you should have a couple of ethernet cables available at any one time.

Blue Light Glasses

One thing that many PC users may not know about, but have experienced, is the effects of blue light on your eyes. Blue light from a PC screen can not only tire your eyes out quickly but also cause long-term damage.

Blue light glasses are non-prescription glasses that have a filter on them that eliminates blue light, and some pairs have additional filters that soften harsher colors and light on your screen. These glasses will protect your eyes and will often make your games look better and soften the glare without getting rid of details and the crispness of the image.