How To Fix Amazon Error Code 5004 [PS4,Xbox & LG TV]

Are you trying to stream a video through your amazon prime account and you are hitting the Error Code 5004? Well, it could be as a result of a verification problem with your account. In this article, I’ll be showing you possible solutions that can get you streaming in no time.

The Amazon error code 5004 is a possible authentication type of error. It happens when you are trying to sign in to the Amazon Prime servers on any of your streaming devices. There are many reasons this error could have occurred. It could be because of your internet or a bug. In the next section, I’ll be showing you the possible causes of this error.

What are the Causes of Amazon Error Code 5004?

The Amazon error code 5004 could happen as a result of several reasons. Here are a few I found:

You have an unreliable internet connection.
You are using a VPN or Proxy server.
You are using a Firewall for either your network or computer.
An Antivirus or any other security software installed may also affect it.
You have corrupted cookies and cached data in your browser.
Your Amazon Prime Video app may not be updated. 
You may have a big problem with the Amazon Prime app.

What are the ways to fix the Amazon Error Code 5004?

There are many solutions to this problem of amazon error code 5004. Since you now know the causes, it’s time to get fixing.

There are several solutions to this problem, here are a few. 

Solution 1:Make sure that your Internet connection is functional.

Firstly, you should check if your internet connection is stable or not. If it isn’t stable, then it is quite obvious that you won’t be able to enjoy your amazon prime online. 

You need to check the functionality of your internet. You should also run a speed diagnosis to witness the stability of your internet. 

Here are a few short steps you could follow:

Step 1: You should open up the settings of your PC/PS4 or Xbox.
Step 2: Next, select the section of connections.
Step 3: Tap on your Wi-Fi option and check if you have access or not.
Step 4: If not, you should try turning your connection off and on after few minutes. Better still, you could contact your connection provider.

If they don’t give you the required info to fix the issue, you could check the next solution below.

Solution 2:Check if your amazon prime account is activated or not.

Here, there might be a possibility that your account would be inactive. If your account is not active, you would have to deal with this issue as well. 

Follow these steps to tackle this issue:

Step 1: You should start by opening the website for your amazon prime account or app.
Step 2: Next, try logging in to your account. Once in, see if your account is active or not.
Step 3: Now you can activate your account to enjoy your amazon prime videos.

With this possibility out of your way, check the next solution if the error persists.

Solution 3:Reinstall your amazon prime app.

If you as a user has the app, you are also likely to face this error. Also, if you are streaming through devices like Xbox, ps4, or Apple Tv, you should expect this error someday. 

If you have an outdated or bugged app then you might witness this error. You would need to remove the App and reinstall it to get relief from this error.

Follow these steps to get it done:

Step 1: You would need to delete your Amazon prime video app.
Step 2: Next, you should download and reinstall the latest Amazon prime video app.
Step 3: Verify if your obstacle has been solved yet.

Still doesn’t work? You should check the next solution.

Solution 4:Disable your proxy, VPN, Firewall, and other installed antivirus security programs.

There is a possibility you might encounter this problem when you have enabled any kind of third party app. Apps that affect your proxy, VPN, firewall, or any other antivirus security programs in your device. These elements are sometimes the cause of your connectivity problem. 

VPN and proxy always cause traffic encryption and makes users face this issue. You’ll need to disable all your firewalls, VPN, proxies, or any antivirus security programs. You can also uninstall all the security programs on your PC.

Follow the steps I have highlighted below:

Step 1: You would be required to open your Google Chrome browser.
Step 2: Load up the settings of your Google Chrome browser.
Step 3: Here, you should also open your proxy settings.
Step 4: Lastly, you should disable your proxy.

Solution 5:Clean out all the cache and cookies of your browser.

I would suggest this solution if you are accessing your prime video via your PC. Sometimes your data may have become corrupted. This would cause conflict with your real website data and then cause this error. 

You’ll need to clean out the cache and cookies of your browser to get rid of this problem. Here are some quick steps that could help you clean it out:

Step 1: Load up your Google Chrome browser on your PC.
Step 2: Find your way to your history or you could simply press “control H”.
Step 3: Here, you’ll have a new bar open, from here you should be able to clear the cache.
Step 4: Clean out your cache and verify if the problem still exists.

If the problem persists, then you can try an alternative final solution below.

Solution 6:Download the Video directly to your PC

If you’ve tried all the options above and couldn’t get rid of the amazon error code 5004. Well, you could continue watching your favorite videos by simply downloading the amazon prime video. 

These are the few steps you could follow:

Step 1: Begin by keeping in check that your device is connected to the Internet.
Step 2: Search for the Prime title you want to download.
Step 3: Load up the video details.
Step 4: Tap on the option for downloads.
Step 5: Wait while your amazon prime video downloaded.

If you still are having issues or facing a glitch in this solution, then contact amazon’s Support Center.


The Amazon error code 5004 happens when you are having issues authenticating your account. You could fix the error by checking for bugs, resetting your internet connection, and more. In this post I have them all laid out for you. If you are running into errors at any point, you could revisit the step or try out the next solution on your list.

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