Android Error Code 505 | Can’t Install App [Fixed]

You are likely to encounter the Android error code 505 while installing updates on your android device. Most times, it is a result of conflict from apps similar to Google Play Store, or maybe the app is out of date. This error stops you from installing the latest updates. 

Nonetheless, you can fix this error with a few solutions. In this guide, we will review what this error is, what causes it, and list five different solutions to this error. 

What is Android Error Code 505 

Android error code 907 is a standard error among users of the 5.0 Lollipop, Android 4, KitKat, and older versions. It is a permission error. This error may happen when you are not running the latest software for your Android device.

The error message reads; “Google Play store unknown error 505.”

Once this error message pops up on your screen while using Google Play, you need to look for a solution immediately.

Why do I keep getting the Error Code 505?

The Android error code 505 could occur as a result of various reasons.  Most times, you will find out that this error happened because you have apps similar to Google Play, asking for the same permissions on your device. However, I have compiled a list of the possible causes of the Android error code 505 below. 

You have apps similar to Google Play, asking for the same permissions on your Android device. Such apps include the weather app, We chat, Adobe Air 15, etc.
There is some kind of cache conflict happening on your Android phone.
Your Google Play Store app is out of date.
Your Android device contains some corrupt files.
The Google Play app is incompatible with your OS.

Nonetheless, whenever you encounter this error on your device, you would have to fix it immediately. In the next section, you will find a list of solutions that will help you tackle this problem.

How to Fix the Android Error Code 505

No matter the cause of the error code 505, there are several solutions for you. I have arranged some potential solutions below to help you fix the Android error code 505. If you are looking for the best approach, follow the steps below in their order of presentation.

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Solution 1 – Update your Android Version

If you have an Android 5.0 Lollipop version, the 505 error code is probably caused because of compatibility problems with permissions between apps using Adobe Air and Android 5.0. Updating your version of Android will go a long way to fix the error in this case. However, you would have to follow the steps below to update Android. You should know that the names of the bolded words in the below-given information may differ slightly on your device.

Step 1: Access the Settings menu on your Android device. Scroll down to the bottom and open About phone
Step 2: Tap on Update Center and open the Software Update option.
Step 3: Now, tap on Check for Update. Allow your device to search for updates. 
Step 4: If there is an available update, you will now be prompted to download the update and install it.
Step 5: Follow the on-screen instructions and install the new update. 

When you finish updating your Android version, and the error is still there, move to the next potential solution below.

Solution 2 – Change your version of Adobe AIR

Because you can’t download a new update, your solution has to be changing your version of Adobe AIR. You will have to check the version of Android that you are using. Follow the steps below to find out the version your Android and solve this error.

Step 1: Go to the Settings menu on your Android device. 
Step 2: Scroll down to the bottom and open About phone
Step 3: Tap on Software info
Step 4: Check out the information that is under Android version and find out your Android version.
Step 4: Now, you will have to download a version of Adobe AIR for your device. Always ensure that the version you download is compatible with the text of your Android device. 

If you are using Android 5.0 or lower:

Step1: Scroll down the webpage and tap the download link for Adobe AIR Android. Wait until the file has downloaded completely.
Step 2: Take down the notification bar and tap on the downloaded file. The file will start to install like any other application.
Step 3: When you are prompted, follow the on-screen steps and check the unknown sources box.
Step 4: When you have completely installed the app, restart your Android device.

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If you are using Android 5.0.1 or higher:

Step 1: If you are on Android 5.0.1 or higher, go to the Google Play Store app on your Android device.
Step 2: Search for the Adobe AIR app.
Step 3: Tap on the app store listing and install the app. If you already have the app installed on your device, uninstall it and then install it again.
Step 4: When you have installed the app completely, restart your device and see if you have solved the error.

Once you change your version of Adobe AIR by following the steps above, you will be able to continue operating as standard, and the 505 error code should be fixed. When you have changed the version of Adobe AIR, and the error is still there, move to the next potential solution below.

Solution 3 – Uninstall Google Play Store

Sometimes, Google Play Store might have acquired some updates that are stopping it from being able to give permissions to apps while they are installed, and this may end up starting this error. So, in this step, you will be uninstalling updates for Google Play app. Just follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to the settings menu of your Android device.
Step 2: Scroll down and tap on the “Applications” option.
Step 3: Check if you can locate “Google Play Store” in the list of applications. If you can’t, tap on the three dots in the right corner of your screen and open the option that says “Show System Apps” from it.
Step 4: After choosing Google Play Store, tap on the three dots in the top right corner of your screen and choose the option that says “Uninstall Updates.”
Step 5: Now, wait for your action to be done and check to see if you have fixed the error. 

When you have uninstalled the Google Play app successfully, and the error is still there, move to the next potential solution below.

Solution 4: Clearing the Cache of the Google Play Store

You may be encountering Android Error Code 505 due to some lousy cache data in the folder that contains installed apps. In this case, you will fix the error code by clearing the cache and application data of the Google Play Store app. To perform this solution, follow these steps:

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Step 1: On the home screen of your Android device, tap on the Settings menu. In the Settings menu, tap on Apps & notifications and click on Apps or App List.
Step 2: Go through the apps list and find Google Play Store. Could you tap on the app to open it?
Step 3: From the Info menu of Google Play Store, tap on Storage to reach the clearing data option.
Step 4: In the Storage option, click on Clear Cache. Once this process is complete, click on Clear Data.
Step 5: When you’ve cleared the data of Google Play Store, restart your PC and try to update or re-download the app that was causing the error.

When you have cleared up the cache of the Google play store app, and the error is still there, move to the next potential solution below.

Solution 5 – Reconfigure Google Account

Sometimes, the error might also happen if the Google account is not in sync with your device. You can get around this problem by trying to log out of your account and log back in. To do this, follow these steps: 

Step 1: Bring down the notifications panel on your Android device and open the “Settings” option.
Step 2: Open the “Account” option and tap on Google account.
Step 3: Choose the account that you are using on Google Play Store. Log out of your Google Play store account.
Step 4: Tap on the Login button and log back in.
Step 5: Now, check to see if you have fixed the error


Android Error Code 505 is a standard error encountered by many users of Android users. This error is not difficult to fix. Sometimes reconfiguring your Google account is the solution you need to fix it. In this article, I have provided you with the solutions to help you fix it. Now it’s your turn to perform these solutions and tackle this error.

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