Apex Legends Code 100 | PS4,Xbox & PC [Solved]

Have you been so excited about playing a game or already in the middle of an active EA action game? Then suddenly a lapse in connection, a lag, or a weird code pops up. It could possibly be the Apex Legends error code 100.

The error relates to a player’s inability to complete their EA Account sign-in. This is frustrating due to EA’s insensitivity in noticing the issue earlier. And probably coupled with their recent update which failed to address this concern. 

The fact that Apex Legends is an online game makes it not immune to such occasional errors. It is for this reason that when problems like the Apex Legends Code 100 error exist, something goes wrong, and players are unable to get into the game.

How To Fix Apex Legends Error Code 100?

As highlighted above, there are possibilities of fixing the Apex Legends Code 100 temporarily. The solution may not be favorable to all persons. Thus, even though some people employ this means, it may not achieve their desired outcome. 

The method of solving the Apex Legend Code 100 is dependent on the console type. It could be a PC, PlayStation 4, or Xbox One. Fixing the problem through this means may not be guaranteed until EA finds a lasting solution. 

Solution 1:Fixing the Problem on Xbox. 

Regarding fixing the error on Xbox One. It may be required to navigate into one’s network setting to change one’s DNS (Domain Name System) server. It may be changed probably to a Public DNS Service.

To do this, you need to go to Settings>Network>Advanced Settings>DNS Settings. Then, change the DNS settings to: Primary DNS should be changed to ‘’.

And the Secondary DNS should be changed to ‘’. These settings should then be saved and you can return to the Apex Legends. The game may however need to be restarted to effect the changes.

Solution 2:Fixing the Problem on PlayStation 4.

Now, fixing the Apex Legends Code 100 Error on PlayStation 4, you may be required to navigate the settings of the PlayStation.

This is to confirm if the Primary DNS is and the Secondary DNS is Therefore, it is expected to be the same as highlighted as that of the Xbox One. 

To do this, you need to go to Settings>Network>Set up Internet Connection. Then go to ‘Make a selection of the connection you use’ i.e. whether it use WLAN or LAN>Custom.

Under Custom, the IP Address Settings should be set as ‘Automatic’. While the DHCP Host Name should be on ‘Do Not Specify’; the DNS Settings should be ‘Manual’. Also, the MTU Settings should be ‘Automatic’ and the Proxy Server should be ‘Do not Use’.

The settings should be saved and the game restarted.

Now, where the above fails, you may need to connect your PlayStation Network (PSN) ID to your EA account. This method has been known to remedy code 100. Also, rebooting PS4 in safe mode equally works as an alternative.

Where the problem still persists, then it is going to be down to EA/Respawn to fix the problem. Implicitly, by making recourse to the developer’s option. 

Solution 3:Fixing the Problem on a Personal Computer (PC). 

Because a PC is typically not a gaming device, the process to solve this may take a little longer. 

To do this, you need to access the Run dialog box (by clicking the Windows Home Key and R keys together). Then, open the command prompt, while the Run dialogue is still open>. 

Then type ‘cmd’ to open the command prompt>. Go back to the Run dialogue and type in ‘ncpa.cpl’ and click on, then wait for ‘Network connections’ to appear>. 

On network connections, head to the internet connection you operate on and right-click it>. Once the right-click menu opens, select properties>. 

After the properties’ menu opens, find Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and select properties.

This is towards the bottom right-hand side of the box>. There, select ‘Use the following DNS server addresses’. Then type in: Preferred DNS server: and Alternate DNS server:>. Select OK in the bottom right-hand corner>. 

Once the box disappears, restart your PC to effect the changes. 

Additionally, if you are on PC, you may need to ensure that the Windows Firewall is not blocking the server. To do this, you are to locate settings>firewall. Then select ‘Allow an app through firewall’ in this menu.

You will get a list of many apps. Scroll down and find where Apex Legends is, and then make sure there’s a tick-mark for both Public &Private networks. Then apply the changes.

What Causes This Error?

If you played the game since February 2019 (which was when the game was first released), then you would discover that the code is not unfamiliar. On most occasions, people encountered difficulty getting to the main battle royale lobby of the game.

Connectivity Issues 

The Apex Legends Code 100 usually appears when the game servers are experiencing connectivity issues. When this happens, you will receive a prompt that you are “unable to complete EA account sign in”.

The problem should have been fixable easily. However, due to the fact that the problem was one associated with the EA servers, it stiffens the process of resolution.

It is further saddening the error leaves you at the mercy of developers because the error indicates an issue server-side. However, there are possibilities that this issue may be fixed temporarily. It is the process to fix this issue that this post is hinged on. Before proceeding, it may be essential to highlight what the possible causes of the Apex Legends Code 100 are.  

The Player’s Path 

It is important to understand that the Apex Legends Code 100 error may occur not as a fault from the player’s path. But as a result of the developers. So, while you complain of an issue from your path, it may not be your doing.

Rather, your network connectivity issue, inappropriate booting, or loading may be a hindrance and causing the Apex legends code 100. Also, the servers on the company’s side may be down and be another cause.

Servers Are Down 

Regarding the company’s servers being down, the official Twitter account of Apex may be helpful in knowing the most recent directive issued. If this is not a cause, there are possibilities that you may need to troubleshoot your internet connection. 

Also, your source of internet connection may be faulty. While on some occasions, switching or turning off and on the connection may be a solution. The below attempts to address in a panoptical manner the best way to resolve the issue.



Having taken all the above into consideration and diligently followed all the instructions, if solving the issue still fails.

Then, you may need to wait for a final solution from the developers. It is believed that Respawn and EA are working on this already while taking into account the feedback of players.

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