How To Solve Apex Legends Out Of Sync With Server

Apex Legends is popular online battle royale multiplayer game where squads of three players use ‘Legends’ (which are pre-made characters with distinctive abilities) to battle each other to the death. Apex Legends has rapidly risen in popularity over the last few years. So, as you would expect, more and more problem reports are coming in as the game is played on an ever-widening base of installed hardware.

In this article, we will go over all the reasons why this may happen, and we will discuss some of the most effective solutions.

What Is the Apex Legends Out Of Sync With Server?

Apex Legends Out of Sync error hinders the users from using certain important features. It prevents players from maximizing the adrenaline-pumping action of Apex Legends. On the outside, this error might seem like only developers could fix and the players are left in the dark on fixing it.

However, there a process made available that can maximize and remedy the out of sync with a server error. To fix these issues check the next section.

How To Fix The Apex Legends Out Of Sync With Server?

For you to fix the Apex Legends out of sync with the server error message, You’ll need to do the following:

Find your way to the settings tab
Next, try launching the battle royale game.
Here you’ll find the video section, so scroll downwards to the texture streaming budget setting.
Turn off the texture streaming budget setting.
Now you can try reloading the Apex Legends software.

 In all, to fix the out-of-sync error you’ll hardly require any special skill. So, with this process completed your server should be properly synced. 

Furthermore, sometimes fixing this error yourself might lead to the birth of another issue. Among these issues might be a lagging interface. But, not all users have faced this so unless you are facing it, then you wouldn’t need this information. So, check the next section to learn how to fix this.

How Do I Fix Lagging In Apex Legends?

After fixing the out of Sync error, your system may begin to lag. So, this section is here to show you how to fix this issue.

Solution 1- Meet The Minimum System Requirements

If your device doesn’t meet the minimum system requirements for Apex Legends, you should expect it to lag. So, check that your device log on to their official site

Solution 2- Install The Current Patch

Since many technical problems can be settled by restarting. It wouldn’t hurt to reboot your device and your game. However, this will be sufficient to fix your issue. Game developers always keep dropping patches to improve their games and fix any issues.

So, you could check for updates of your game. Next, install the current patch to keep it updated. This can fix an issue like out of sync error and Apex Legends lagging.

Solution 3- Update Your Device’s Drivers

The missing or outdated device drivers in your computer can result in game lag issues, especially your graphics card driver for FPS drops, or network card driver for the Internet lagging.

To eliminate it as the cause for your problem, you should verify that your drivers are up to date, and update those that aren’t. You can update your device either manually or automatically.

Manually update drivers:  Head on to the device manufacturer’s website. Then search for your driver’s latest update to help you manually download and install it on your computer.

Automatically update drivers: If you don’t have the time or patience, you can do it automatically with external software. The software would have a specific installation process.

Solution 4- Disable Your Full-screen Optimizations

The Fullscreen Optimization feature helps the operating system on your computer. It optimizes the performance of games when they’re launched in full-screen mode.  

You can disable it to fix the lags using the following steps:

Open the file location in your computer where Apex Legends has been saved. 
Click on the Apex Legends.exe and select Properties.
Select the Compatibility tab, then proceed to check the box next to Disable full-screen optimizations. Now you can click on Apply.
Save the changes and reboot your computer.
Open Apex Legends and see if it stops lagging or stuttering.

Let’s check out the next solution if this doesn’t solve it for you.

Solution 5- Disable The Game DVR In Your Computer

Windows devices automatically activate DVR in Xbox app, but sometimes it may not be compatible. So try to disable DVR in Xbox to fix issues like FPS drops or game lags. Note, this is done based on the version.

Using Windows 10 Build 14393 And Earlier

Find Xbox from the search box on your desktop, and open it.
Then log in to your Microsoft account if it’s the first time you open it. 
Select the Gear button placed by the left to open Settings.
Select the Game DVR tab, and turn it off.
Reload your computer and launch Apex Legends to check for lagging.

Using Window 10 Later Than Build 14393

On your keyboard, click on the Windows logo key to open Settings.
Check the Gaming section.
Tap the Game DVR on the left, and make sure to turn off Record in the background while playing a game.
Reload your device and launch Apex Legends and check if it works.

Note: If you don’t use Xbox on your computer, then try uninstalling the application to run your game properly. With all this, the lagging should have been eliminated.


Your Apex Legends is quite a strongly optimized interface on the X-box that have a large number of subscribers. Nevertheless, your gaming process experience could be interrupted by a few errors or technical issues.

The out-of-sync is the most popular of them all. So, to fix the out-of-sync error doesn’t need to be a bother anymore as I have brought you help.

The quick and user-friendly process should get your Xbox game back into action. Also on the side, I included how to fix lagging issues that might have been initiated during the process or not.

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