Apple Unveils New iMac [Completely Redesigned]

When Apple unveils a new model of an iPhone or a Mac, you generally get one of two things. Either you get what amounts to a disappointing cosmetic upgrade with a few new whistles and bells, or you get a radical redesign that all but reinvents the machine. Thankfully, the all-new iMac, revealed in the latest Apple Event video on 20th April definitely falls into the latter category, with dramatic new designs and performance levels based around the ground-breaking new Apple M1 chip.

The M1 chip changes everything

Very much the future of all Apple machines, the new M1 chip has already been seen in the MacBook and the Mac Mini. Dubbed a ‘system on a chip’, the M1 unifies the CPU, GPU, and other functions into a single, high-performance chip. Unified Memory Architecture (UMA) also combines memory into a single pool, allowing all elements of the processor to access the same data without having to copy it, delivering impressive performance improvements of around 85% in the CPU and 2x faster graphics.

More importantly, the M1 chip is also highly energy-efficient compared to the previous setup, requiring less space and less cooling than its predecessor. This reduces the need to bulky, noisy cooling units, with just two small, 10dB fans required to cool the system. The result is a ridiculously slim profile for the new iMac, at just 11.5mm thick.

A complete upgrade

Apple have also upgraded pretty much everything else on the new iMac to match their new chip performance. This includes a 1080p facetime HD camera and a brand new six-speaker sound system, both of which they claim to be the best ever in a Mac. The industry-leading retina display has also had an overhaul, with a 24” display now fitting in a machine not much larger than the old 21½’ screen. With 11.3 million pixels, the 4.5K display is clearer and sharper than ever.

The Mac is also designed to work in harmony with your other Apple technology, with apps such as social media, online betting and shopping now able to move effortlessly from one device to the other. Open WhatsApp on your phone and send your conversation easily to your Mac. Start a wager with the Unibet mobile app on your train home, and you can move it to your Mac the minute you get back. This integration brings all your Apple devices together in one easy-to-manage lifestyle.

Upgraded accessories

Even the accessories and peripherals have been upgraded on the new iMac, with a new keyboard and new power cable being the highlights. The keyboard moves with the times, including an emoji key along with a Touch ID button for logging on. This will help improve security on your Mac as well as making it easier to switch users at the touch of a button.

The new power cable incorporates the handy magnetic connection that is so useful on the MacBook, and it comes with the option of an integrated ethernet port on the power unit to reduce the number of cables on your desk. Both the keyboard and the power cable are color-matched to the seven striking new colors available for the iMac.

Three price points

The new 24” iMacs will be available at three price points. The entry-level machine comes in at $1299, with a mid-range machine, including extra ports and gigabit ethernet and magic keyboard with touch ID starting at $1499. The top of the range machine doubles the SSD to 516GB and includes a host of other extras for $1699. A new 27” iMac, using the same M1 technology, is expected later in the year.

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