Background checks for Technology companies

Hiring the correct candidate for your tech company is not an easy task. Also, it needs 100% accuracy in background checking. Every recruiter has his/her process of recruitment and background checks. 

As a recruiter or manager of your company, you need to know the specifics you should indulge in while checking a candidate’s background. In the technical field, you need to find a candidate whose abilities, personalities, and characteristics suit your companys values. 

Even though a candidate appears to be the best option for your company, you have to obtain more details about him/her. Here are some of most important factors that should be focused on when administering a background check.

Educational Qualifications

Many technology companies are very stern about their education requirements. That’s why lots of candidates embellish their resumes along with the education section. So, you should always check each candidates educational qualifications. 

Recruiters should contact respective schools, colleges, and universities to verify their degrees, diplomas, certificates, and attendance dates as per the given resumes of the candidates. 

You can also confirm the candidate’s attitude and conduct from the authorities of the college and universities. 

Through this background check, you can cancel a candidate’s candidature whenever you find any discrepant info. You will be able to identify the appropriate person if you get the authentic facts.  

Employment Verification

Employment Verification is a crucial step that is a must during a background check. The employment verification professionals should verify the previous employment information submitted by candidates. 

In this segment, you must check the points like dates of employment, salary, post, reasons for leaving, rehire status, performance, starting and ending pay rates, and many other things. With the help of this checking, you will be able to understand the nature of the candidate. 

You can determine whether the candidate satisfies your companys needs or not. After all the verification, if you find a good match, you can give him a deserving post according to his/her previously employed position. You can get more info about it if you search on the internet.

Global Monitor Check

The Global Monitor check is a database search that helps tech companies protect their work environment better. The GMC assists the companies to comply with the rules and regulations that prohibit dealing with prohibited business parties. It also checks industry-specific obligations.

The GMC also allows you to comply with the industries which may have access to highly sensitive proprietary data or technologies. This background check makes you able to find the right candidate for handling the responsibilities according to the regulations that are checked.

Criminal Records

Tech companies always inquire about a candidates criminal records if he/she has any. A clean record avails minimum liability of the employer if the employee commits any crime while working in the office. 

This is true even for companies that will hire any candidate with a DUI despite having a criminal record. You have to access the candidate’s criminal history and check the past arrests, charges, and incarcerations. But the process of background checks has restrictions. 

You need to get the consent of that candidate for doing the checking on criminal records. If you find the candidate unfit for your company, you have him/her copy the report that clarifies the reason for rejection.

Civil Misconduct

Records of Civil Misconducts are made separately other than Criminal Records. So recruiters of technical companies should get access to the Civil Misconduct data too. In various deep pre-employment screenings, the background checks of these data reveal reports of the civil offense of many candidates. 

The screening provides data that are reviewed in civil courts. The cases may involve vandalism, civil theft, sexual harassment, crimes against people and the state, etc. 

You can do background checks of civil misconduct by two types: federal level and county level. With the help of this background check, you can know about the character and habits of the candidates.  

Drug Screening

No employer wants a drug addict as an employee of his/her company. The habit may spread to other fellow employees, making it a bigger mess. So, recruiters run drug tests of the candidates before giving them the job. If he/she fails the test, then his application is liable to be canceled.

Now there are various kinds of ways to detect drug addiction for various drugs. If you want to achieve the best results, you can have your candidates go through a 10-panel urine test and DOT panel test. 

In these two tests, you will get the results for almost all kinds of drugs. If the candidate passes the test, then he/she is eligible to be your employee; otherwise, not.

Motor Vehicle Records

Motor Vehicle Records (MVR) gives details about a citizen’s vehicular experiences and driving history. The data can show you information regarding traffic violations, accidents, license suspension, license revocation, insurance lapses, and unanswered summons. 

You should know that the state conviction for drunk driving cases is not registered in criminal records, but they are enlisted in Motor Vehicle Records. So this makes the background check of vehicular records important. 

MVRs also disclose driving records, including commercial driver’s license status, details about the current driving license of the candidate, and a history of driving of about 3 to 7 years.

Reference Checks

Last but not least background check is Reference Check. But this is a much-overlooked step for recruiters. As a recruiter, you will find the reference giving subjective views of the candidate. But he/she will not give references to those persons which he/she trusts.

So, it is your necessary duty to verify the reference. This background check requires interviewing previous bosses of the previous office, former office colleagues, friends, and family members. 

They can give authentic insights into the candidate’s work ethics, reliability, loyalty, personality, and communicational abilities


The above-mentioned 8 background checking grounds are the most crucial fields. As the head of your office and hiring authority, you should be well aware of what kind of person you need in your office as an employee. Fixing the demand, find the best-fitted candidate, and hire them. If you verify the background of these eight sectors, you will find the best employee.

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