How to Beat Insomnia Caused by Too Much Screen Time?

The constant use of electronic devices like mobile phones and laptops is destroying the youth and is resulting in bad health conditions and brain stimulation. The increase in screen usage while checking social media, watching movies, and playing games for entertainment automatically increases our exposure to the blue light emitting from the screens. As a result, certain disruptions occur in our circadian cycle or we can call it our sleep-wake cycle.

According to the natural process, we are supposed to get sleep at night, in the dark, which helps to produce melatonin hormones that keep our circadian cycle working naturally.

However, the blue light-emitting from our phones and other screens works as the UV light of the sun and creates confusion in our system, and does not allow us to sleep, resulting in loss of melatonin hormones that help a person relax and reduce stress. Unfortunately, insomnia makes us feel tired and dizzy during the day, thus decreasing our efficiency, productivity, and routine at work or studies. In order to counter these effects on yourself or your family, you can refer to this guide.

Set Time Limits

The most significant reason why we can’t sleep on time is that we lose track of time while engaging ourselves in unproductive activities on the electronics. Using social media, watching Netflix, playing games, and listening to songs at night while laying on the bed not only passes our valuable time but also drives our sleep away due to the exposure of blue light emitting from the screens. Therefore, it’s always better to set certain time limits when using gadgets. For that, setting a time limit before going to bed helps you sleep at night without any disruption. If you fear you won’t remember the rule of not using screens at night, you can make reminders using alarms, write them on sticky notes, and inform your family to help you keep track of time limits.

Understand the Effects on Health

The increased rate of screen time is not only harmful to our sleep cycle but also increases the chances of cancer, obesity, heart diseases, and diabetes. Even studies prove the idea that exposing yourself to screens at night can mislead the circadian rhythm in your body and increase the risks of certain diseases. If you will understand the risks of exposure to night screen time, you will get motivated to follow a routine plan of preventing them by sleeping on time.

Create a Comfortable Mindset and Environment

Increased stress levels and an unhealthy environment are other aspects that create a barrier to your regular sleep routine. In order to help you relax, there are health institutions that highlight the importance of CBD oils that are composed of natural plants. Using a CBD aid for getting proper sleep takes little time to show its effects, however, according to the people behind CFAH, it can help people in the long term by helping them to relax and get a proper sleeping pattern. Additionally, to create a peaceful environment, get a comfortable mattress and pillow set and arrange the setting of your room in a way that helps you relax. For instance, you can add minimalist furniture and add pastel-colored themes to the room since the environment where you sleep helps you relax and have a proper sleep.

Leave Electronic Devices Out of Your Bedroom

Having different distractions placed in your room is also another factor that keeps you busy and thus observing disruptive sleeping patterns. For instance, social media has now created waves of influence on people of all age groups and most people have developed an addiction to checking phones and social media before sleeping. As a result, they get into different activities and sleep late. Even if people want to avoid using screens, they are not able to follow their lead since they are conditioned to using and checking stuff online. For this reason, it’s necessary to keep all the electronic devices outside of your bedroom to avoid disruptions and develop proper sleep timings.

Install Blue Light Removers in Devices

Exposure to blue light emitted from electronic devices is dangerous especially at night since it emits non-visible rays that are extremely harmful to human health. For this reason, many advanced apps have been introduced that help block the emission of blue light emitting from these devices. However, it doesn’t totally eliminate health, rather it decreases the harmful effects that blue light was causing. Therefore, it’s better to install blue light removers on all your device’s screens.

Have a Consistent Sleep Routine

Another important way to decrease the symptoms of insomnia is to maintain a consistent sleeping routine. Monitoring your sleeping pattern can help you gain consciousness of the time of your sleep. You must sleep on all days at the same time so that your circadian rhythm continues to function properly. Even on weekends, make a habit of sleeping on time.

Have an Exercise Routine

The most natural way to prevent insomnia is to have a daily exercise routine. Practicing any type of exercise for at least 10 minutes a day can create a positive impact on sleeping patterns and improve the quality of your sleep, mainly because exercise causes exertion and makes you tired after a workout or a warmup. As a result, you will mostly want to lay down in bed to rest, thus you can easily relax and sleep without any disruptions at night.

Keeping your sleeping pattern consistent and making a habit of not using screens at night can greatly help in preventing insomnia. This sleeping condition is a product of an unhealthy routine and trying to sleep late. However, you should understand that if you will not take care of your routine and continue to use screens late at night, your circadian rhythm may be dysfunctional, losing the ability to create melatonin hormones that help people to relax and be able to sleep. The biggest mistake you make is to think that you can replace morning sleep with a night sleep routine. Doing so, not only your health is at stake but you also develop serious symptoms of insomnia that negatively impact your living patterns.

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