8 Benefits of Business Process Automation

Many companies nowadays are looking for ways to get the most out of all available resources, improve their employees’ performance, and gain a competitive edge over competitors. Luckily, your business can achieve these goals with business process automation (BPA).

If you’re wondering why you need business process automation in your company, let’s talk about all of the benefits you can see from it.

Implementing governance

BPA has many benefits, but implementing governance is certainly one of the biggest ones. What makes automation so great is that for every process that’s completed, a trail of documents is generated. 

Therefore, it’s much easier to see when each process was carried out and by whom. This means that each project manager will be able to implement governance and make assigning tasks much easier and quicker, all from a single interface.

Reducing costs


With business process automation, you can greatly reduce the human workforce, seeing as how 45% of current paid activities can be automated. If a process doesn’t require any logical thinking, it can easily be automated, which will greatly improve efficiency and accuracy.

This way, you will reduce costs related to labor, but also maintenance and paperwork costs. Additionally, as employees are prone to human error, especially with dull and repetitive tasks, automated processes will save you the money you would spend rectifying those mistakes.

Furthermore, your employees will have more free time while your business has the same level of output, even if you reduce your human workforce. This way, you won’t have to focus on the quantity of the employees you hire, and you’ll only look at the quality.

However, some business owners aren’t sure about implementing BPA as it can be a costly investment at first. While it is true that you will have to spend a significant amount of money, especially if you want to automate multiple processes at the same time, it will certainly be a smart investment.

Business process automation can deliver up to 400% ROI, so even if you don’t have enough money to invest in multiple systems at once, automating even one system can be very beneficial.

Ensuring accuracy

The cornerstone of a productive department is accuracy and reliability, without which it’s almost impossible to avoid chaos and confusion. As we already mentioned, automation removes the risk of human error, but that’s not the only way it ensures complete accuracy.

With BPA, you can be sure that all prerequisite jobs are successfully completed, that nothing gets forgotten and that a job doesn’t run out of sequence.

Increasing accountability

For a company to run like a well-oiled machine, it needs to have multiple diverse systems in place. While this is a necessity, it can be hard to understand what is happening during every stage of the business process. With BPA, you won’t have to worry about that, as you will have a digital trail of everything.

For every process you decide to automate, you will have access to key metrics. This generates an organized visual platform where you and all of your employees will have a centralized view. As everybody’s actions will be on full display, accountability is ensured.

Increasing productivity

The average employee is productive for no more than 2 hours and 53 minutes per day. There are multiple reasons why employee productivity is so low, one of them being repetitive tasks.

The purpose of automation is to simplify recurring day-to-day activities while providing efficient and consistent results day after day. As all recurring tasks will be taken care of, your employees will have more time to direct their focus on more important business processes.

This way, you will increase productivity and give your team more time to implement innovative ideas that will increase business efficiency even further. Not only will your employees be more productive, but they’ll also be happier as they won’t have to put in extra hours just to do easily automated tasks.

Productivity can also be improved through the use of software tools. One of these tools is the IBM rule engine, which you can use to increase operational efficiency by creating business rules – specific but plain operations. With this kind of automation, you will be able to set clearly defined actions your system needs to take.

Improving customer relations

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay 

In the past few years, the dynamic between businesses and customers has drastically changed. Nowadays, people expect great service from a company they put their trust in, which means there is almost no room for mistakes when handling customer relations.

By implementing BPA, you will be able to provide your customers with a fast and accurate system that will assist them with any issue or query they might have. Not only will this improve relations, but it will also reduce costs, as you won’t have to spend as much money on a customer support team. Automated customer service software such as chatbots are able to offer uninterrupted and immediate assistance to anyone who contacts your company.

Improving communication and collaboration

Anyone who has ever assigned a task to an employee either manually or via telephone or email knows how easy it is for that information to be misunderstood or even forgotten. This is especially true if you’re working on complex projects where it’s imperative to ensure a proper flow of communication.

Luckily, this problem can easily be solved with automated communication that ensures all team members are always up to date and on the same page. You will be able to update your team members easily, set goals and deadlines, and keep track of all projects effortlessly.

Getting a deeper insight into your business processes

When you manage all of your business information computationally, it will be much easier for you to analyze important data and dig deeper into it. With automation, different aspects of your business will be much clearer to you.

Let’s say that you want to see the exact number of leads you’ve generated during a certain period. Even though this kind of analysis can be done manually, it’s going to be very complex, especially if you have a large organization.

With BPA, these kinds of analyses will be easier, and you will also have a chance to identify any problems your processes might be running into.

Final thoughts

Every company that’s forward-thinking and wants to stay one step ahead of its competition has already automated at least one business process in their company, if not more.

Every large enterprise has gotten where they are today by being smart about their processes and eliminating manual tasks wherever they could. If your business is still small, you can’t hope to grow and achieve success if all processes are performed manually.

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