5 Benefits of New Technology in Language Learning

Learning a foreign language in 2021 is a totally different experience compared to what it was even a few decades ago. It is partially because of the numerous helpful apps that make it easier to learn and access various instruction methods. The technology has allowed people to approach native speakers with the help of video conferencing and be among the first to use voice recognition software. The purpose here is that it helps one to practice pronunciation and have the tool correct you even without the presence of the teacher. Combining technology with the classic learning methods makes approaching a foreign language a more enjoyable and fulfilling experience. 

5 Benefits of New Technology in Language Learning 


Flexible Curriculum Options. 

One of the benefits of modern technology for language learning that is not often brought up in the media is flexibility, which becomes possible thanks to various CMS solutions that are cleverly integrated into each language-learning solution. The trick here is to combine more than one learning method and make the curriculum adjusted to a person’s needs.

Turning to courses offered at Coursera, Khan Academy, EdX, or LinkedIn Learning, people have an opportunity to shape their learning route according to what they need. It helps to eliminate disappointment and save some funds as it becomes clear as to what content is expected. Various flexible curriculum options also help those people that grew up in a multilingual environment to learn differently based on what they already know. It’s also a great way to control your schedule and resources when you cannot dedicate enough time to your studies! 


Integration of Helpful Language Mobile Apps. 

Since the majority of learners today are using classroom environments like Google Classroom or BlackBoard, the role of language learning apps cannot be underestimated. This is where modern technology truly stands out, as it can be installed as a helpful addition, serving as the online dictionary or a spell-checker. These are commonly used by exchange students or those who have to work with more than one language for outsourcing or other global purposes. Learning a foreign language also becomes more fun when you choose apps like DuoLingo and add gamification to your life. It takes away the element of anxiety and the fear of making a failure as you learn at your own pace, while technology helps you to keep things interesting. 

Exposure to Foreign Speakers. 

Those readers that belong to an older audience might remember that one of the best ways to learn a foreign language was following the cassette tape or an audio CD by reading the book and repeating the dialogues. These days, people have a great technological benefit of listening to numerous examples that are read by native speakers and include various subjects and themes that go beyond the textbooks and the simple dialogues. It helps engineers, fashion designers, architects, nurses, and entrepreneurs learn exactly what they need by gaining immediate exposure to foreign speakers based on subjects they would like to learn. Since technology has made it possible, many language schools have also turned to the audio and video approaches to language learning. 


AI-based Methodology. 

Regardless of what software you would choose for learning a foreign language, the chances are high that it will implement some kind of AI-based technology. For example, solutions like Memrise or the famous Duolingo will use visual analysis of the images and compare it to your pronunciation to determine how well you have understood the grammar rules. Among the top devices to learn foreign languages are interactive blackboards and even VR headsets that can help the younger learners experience the language differently. The use of touch-sensitive surfaces, surveys, video and audio playback, and interactive voice assistants is where AI-based technology has made learning way more fun. The best part, however, is that it implements grammar rules but takes on numerous roles of a teacher in terms of repeating things, controlling the learner’s progress, and offering helpful tips. It also brings even more control, as the AI-based assistant will automatically examine your failures. 


Online Courses & Foreign Multimedia Content.  

Another great benefit of technology is the affordability of online courses and accessibility of foreign language content that can be accessed by the means of social media, YouTube, and great visual apps like Quizlet. Combining online education, it is possible to work or travel without having to attend specific language courses. Many famous bloggers do so as they explore the world and share their inspiring reports.

For such cases, the basic language learning course online would be sufficient. Still, if you would like to study abroad, buy real estate, or attend a business conference in Germany, as an example, you would require professional German translation services that offer certified help. It is a must-have aspect for every legal document. It will also make your travels abroad much safer when you have all your papers translated by an expert, so you do not have to worry and can spend more time with your online language course! 


Challenges of Special Need Learners 



The technology has also made it possible for people with learning challenges like dyslexia and ADHD to focus on interactive education. One of the best examples to use for dyslexic students and those who find it hard to concentrate is HelloTalk. This free language-learning solution is totally different and represents a perfect example of what technology can provide even without a teacher.

It may be one of the safest options for language learners with autism or those who do not feel comfortable enough with a teacher. The purpose of such technology-based learning is to immerse oneself totally into a foreign country by sharing existing social skills and learning how to identify and hear the language. Since it does not have anything like progressive grading or the assignments that must be done on time, it takes away the pressure and allows anyone to learn a foreign language. 

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