An amazing way for car and music lovers to change their flat car sound system to an exciting and excellent one is by fitting subwoofers. They add great bass sound to the music while decreasing sound distortion.Best 15 Inch Subwoofers

A subwoofer is a large driver designed to play low frequencies. It produces sound that appears to come at once from all directions. It changes fluctuating electric audio signals to airwaves, which is perceived as sound by the ear (Source).

No matter the type of music you like, a subwoofer system will intensely improve the listening experience. The best 15-inch subwoofer adds presence, impact, and excitement that small subwoofers struggle to match.

There are many different ways to add this incredible system to your car. A subwoofer right for you depends on many different factors.

If you are looking for subwoofers to reproduce bass while remaining rather compact. Buying the shallow mount speakers cover the lower range of frequencies that others struggle to reproduce.

Comparing The Best 15 Inch Subwoofers

1. JL Audio 15W0V3-4 15 Inch SubwooferBest Overall

The JL Audio 15WOV3-4 offers excellent linearity, capability, and a performance that puts it at the top of its price range. It features a 2.5-inch diameter voice coil and an elevated frame cooling design that enhances power handling and reliability.

Moreover, it is best used with amplifier power in a 150W-500W scale. It is adjusted to operate in a 1.875 cu. ft. sealed enclosure or 2.75 cu. ft. ported enclosure. As such, it features a dual voice coil.

Now, in design, the subwoofer is surrounded by foam that makes it suitable for smooth music while keeping it well protected. To add to this, it makes the product lightweight, which is a crucial feature for any type of music enhancer.

Hence, it is a powerful subwoofer that handles 800 watts of power. It features an impedance of 4 ohms that makes it a decent yet affordable subwoofer, too.


  • Nominal impedance of 4 Ohm
  • Features elevated frame-cooling
  • DMA optimized motor system
  • Thermal power handling of 500Watts
  • Large foam surrounding material


  • Has fewer features

2. Skar Audio VXF-15 D2 SubwooferBest High-End Model

The Skar Audio VXF-15 was constructed to be the ultimate SPL subwoofer. It has an outstanding performance every car owner will love and it was manufactured to specifically include a super low FS to properly hit low notes required by SPL.

Additionally, it features a massive 300oz motor that enables it to handle extreme power for extended periods. Moreover, it boasts a power rating of 3,000 Watts and an RMS rating of 1,500 Watts.

Furthermore, it includes a three-inch high temperature copper voice coil. Meanwhile, under its stitched high roll foam, there is a four-layer spider that has stitched leads. Hence, this product not only performs excellently but also stands the test of time and makes you feel the music.


  • 15-inch dual 2 ohm SPL subwoofer
  • Peak power of 3,000 Watts
  • RMS power of 1,500 Watts
  • Three-inch high temperature copper voice coil
  • Has a black four-layer spider


  • Installing it can be quite difficult

3. SA-15 D2 Sundown 15 Inch SubwooferDeepest Bass

If you are looking for extreme power in your subwoofer, the SA-15 D2 Sundown is the subwoofer for you. There is no genre of music you will not enjoy using this music system.

It features a thick black aluminum voice coil for heat dissipation and maximum strength. Alongside that, it boasts a four-layer spider for maximum longevity. Consequently, thick flat tinsel lead wires are tied on the spider to prevent breakage.

Besides that, this product also has a high-efficiency air-flow management that is integrated into the motor for a maximum voice coil cooling. It also includes aluminum faraday rings that reduce inductive and inductance distortion.

Likewise, it is well designed to last for longer periods and still perform optimally. The speaker is constructed to reach out to a large area, too, with its high-quality and large magnet.

Finally, it includes a peak power rating of 1,200 Watts, an RMS rating of 600 Watts, and a two-year warranty.


  • High efficiency air-flow management
  • 15-inch dual 2-ohm series subwoofer
  • Spider-protected by thick flat tinsel lead wires
  • Has deep base for wider area coverage


  • Could use more power

4. Skar Audio EVL-15 D2 SubwooferExtreme Power Handling

The Skar Audio is a definition of low-end high quality sound reproduction. The engineering behind developing a subwoofer capable of accurately handling a high frequency range with authority makes this product unique.

The subwoofer is driven by a ferrite motor, which when merged with the high temperature and three-inch four-layered aluminum voice coil, allows for extreme power handling for longer times.

Meanwhile, the advanced airflow cooling design incorporated in the motor keeps the music system operating cool under extreme temperatures. Likewise, the suspension design of the product features the EVL’s single damper, signature red two-layered spider that connects to the coil with well-stitched lead wires.

Overall, all these features, in conjunction with a high-roll foam surrounding the subwoofer, ensures it offers you a riveting low-end bass response. Lastly, this subwoofer features a peak power rating of 2,500 Watts and RMS rating of 1,250.


  • Well-protected by a high-roll foam
  • Consistent high-quality sound production
  • Voice coil cooling system enhances durability
  • Peak power rating of 2,500 Watts
  • RMS rating of 1,250 Watts
  • Spider is with loop-stitched lead wires


  • Quite expensive

5. Rockford Fosgate P3D2-15 15 Inch SubwooferMost Affordable

Rockford Fosgate P3D2-15 assures you high quality. It delivers a 1,200 Watts of peak power handling and 600 Watts of RMS power. Its power handing conforms to CEA-2031 industry standards, which means that your subwoofer has the capability of handling power under continuous demand.

Additionally, it has a unique flex-fit frame that uses slots instead of single screw-sized holes. This allows for slight adjustment of the subwoofer when it is mounted. Likewise, it includes a 2.50-inch aluminum voice coil and dual 2 ohms impedance.

Consequently, its multipoint stitched tinsel lead wire method spreads strain and stress over a wider area improving performance and reliability. These stitched lead wires can withstand extreme duty cycle, high current, and fatigue.


  • Features anodized aluminum cone and a dust cap
  • High-temp voice coil with a spun-laced collar
  • Has a soft touch rubber for greater grip
  • Stamp-cast basket with an integrated spider venting
  • Nickel-plated custom 10-AWG terminals
  • Peak power rating of 1,200 Watts
  • RMS power rating of 600 Watts


  • Not quite loud

Factors to Consider Before Buying

Buying a subwoofer when there are so many types in the market definitely is confusing. In order to get the best 15-inch subwoofer, there are important aspects you should focus on.


Power is the most important aspect to be looked into when buying the best 15-inch subwoofer. For a music system, lesser power means lesser fun. Hence, always look for higher power levels.

There are two types of power handling: RMS power and Peak power. The RMS power rating indicates continuous power output. It is powerful than peak power. Thus, subwoofers with RMS power of 800 or more will make a great buy.


Sensitivity goes together with the power so as to achieve high output. It is measured in decibels. A subwoofer with a higher sensitivity rating needs less power to offer same amount of sound when compared to one with a lower sensitivity rating.


The main purpose of frequency is to catch the lowest and highest range of sound, but with perfection and accuracy. A higher range is more capable of attracting the correct sound. Meanwhile, low range frequency subwoofers ensure you enjoy the low bass notes to the fullest.

Voice Coils

There is variation between different subwoofers when it comes to coils. More than two voice coils can be included in a speaker. However, dual voice coils subwoofers is a good choice for car audio enthusiasts.

These utilize two separate voice coils: Each of them has a separate connection, mounted on one cylinder and connected to one cone.


The area in which the subwoofer is packed affects sound quality. Subwoofers are normally packed in a box. Sealed boxes produce the most accurate and deep sounds. However, if you are searching for more volume, the ported and bandpass enclosure types are the best choices for you.

Nominal Impedance (Ohms)

This is the measure of resistance within the flow of alternating current. Sound systems with fewer Ohms are more effective as there is less resistance. Impedance may be optimized for subwoofers with dual voice coils.


It would be a loss if you acquire a subwoofer without comprehending its controlling. Some of them come with a remote while others do not. If you want one that is easy to control, ensure you get a model that comes with a remote.


If you have a modified sound system before buying a subwoofer, it is important to know whether the subwoofer you buy will suit your system or not. Buying an expensive model does not necessarily mean that it is capable of supporting and performing well while working with other parts.


This is the circuit that prevents the entire sound system from receiving a wrong frequency. As you know, a sound system has various parts and all of them have different functions and different frequency-receiving abilities. Thus, the crossover makes sure all parts receive the required frequency.

Custom Sound

Subwoofers that feature pre-set modes are the best as they are capable of customizing the subwoofer’s bass response depending on the type of music you are listening to. Moreover, the high-end models feature a built-in microphone that takes the sound sample and adjusts the sound to suit your space.

Are you looking for a full, quality sound for your vehicle audio system? Consider adding the best under seat subwoofers. It will give you some of the basses that’s been missing. They’re designed for smaller, enclosed spaces.

Front-Facing Versus Down-Facing

A front-facing subwoofer has a speaker that is placed in such a way that its sound radiates from the front or side of the subwoofer enclosure. The down-facing subwoofer, on the other hand, has a speaker that radiates its bass downwards. None is better than the other. Your choice depends on your preferred style.

Available Space

Before you buy a given model, you should first ensure that it will fit in your car. This depends on the volume of the enclosure in which it is housed and how big your car is. Most manufacturers specify configuration and volume of the box that should be used in housing their subwoofers.

Ready To Buy The Best 15 Inch Subwoofers?

One thing you should remember while buying the best 15-inch subwoofer is that there is always a model that will suit every level of buyers.

Subwoofers are meant for enhancing speaker quality, so most of them fall into the luxurious category. In addition to this, doing good research will help you save money and buy the best type. The purpose of the above guideline is to help you spend the money you have saved correctly.

If you are looking for more compact and able to produce crisp and solid audio, consider buying 4×6 speakers.