Best Applications for Cloud Storage with Guaranteed Security

Over time, we have seen the emergence of technology at a rapid pace. In the past, people used to rely heavily on hard disks to store data. However, moving here and there was not possible because of its bulkiness. The times passed on and pen drive came into existence. Although the storage capacity was not as much as hard disks, it was mobile, and carrying a few gigabits of data was not an issue.

Fast forward, the time has come where individuals and companies are relying heavily on cloud storage. Accessing files and keeping them safe from being corrupt or trashed is no longer difficult. One of the benefits of cloud storage is that anyone can access the files on any device, providing a strong and reliable internet connection.

If you are now thinking of storing all your data on the cloud, you need to subscribe to a reliable connection. Not only do you need to have downloading speed, but uploading speed will be equally important. Regardless of what area you live in, make sure to check Spectrum in your area. The reason is that it is offering high-speed downloads and the best customer support. For any queries, problems, or assistance, you can dial número de teléfono de spectrum.

Now let’s move on to some of the best apps for cloud storage you can install on your mobile.

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive is one place to keep your files, documents, and pictures secured and protected. Whether you are using iPhone, laptop, or Android smartphone, you can sync your data by just signing in to Microsoft OneDrive. The app also allows you to take backup of your phone’s storage including videos, pictures, and any important documents. The app allows 5GB free cloud storage, which can be upgraded to 1TB storage if you pay for a subscription.

Whether you are a freelancer or a remote worker, make sure to utilize Microsoft OneDrive in your work. Share files with your clients and boss without any hassle. Rest assured, Microsoft OneDrive is completely protected and keeps your file safe and secured without needing anything extra.


Dropbox is also one of the best cloud storage apps. It allows you to upload and transfer files on the cloud and share them with a link to anyone you want. Dropbox also synchronizes all your photos, videos, documents, and important files across all platforms without restricting device usage.

Dropbox automatically upload pictures and videos from your phone’s camera and add them to cloud storage. Share your unforgettable memories with your family and friends without giving them any pen drive, external hard disk, or other storage devices.


Mega is also one of the best user-controlled cloud storage apps. It can be accessed through dedicated apps and web browsers. The cloud storage app encrypts all your data to keep it safe and secure from any vulnerable attacks and viruses.

Mega is super easy to use and allows you to upload files from any device including a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Whether you want to search for a file, stream a video, share it with your friends, rename it or delete it, all you need to do is search for it and bang. Sharing folders and files in real-time is easy with Mega, as you only need to copy the link of the file and share it with the respective person.


Most of the cloud storage services offer limited storage on free plans. But Degoo is different as it allows you to use its cloud platform to store files and documents up to 100GB. It is a great choice for agencies who want to have a backup of large files and can’t trust any unreliable or insecure cloud storage.

Whether you want to store your child’s memories in a cloud or share files with your clients, you are covered by Degoo. The best feature in Degoo is designed for music and video streamers. The app allows you to stream videos and audio without downloading or waiting. You can also earn extra storage by watching sponsored ads or upgrading to a Pro account.

Summing Up

Cloud storage is the future as most companies and individuals require easy access to files from anywhere. Consider the aforementioned apps for storing your personal and private data.

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