Are Behind The Neck Headphones a Good Idea?

Behind the neck headphones are Bluetooth enabled earbuds attached to a plastic band with a silicone grip. This allows you to wear the device on the back of your neck. Unlike over the ear headphones or in-ear headphones, they are less visible when you are facing forward. Also, because they are Bluetooth enabled, you don’t have to connect them physically to your device.

There are several reasons someone might prefer behind the neck headphones over traditional models. They are more discreet, offer more mobility, and are more secure while in use. They are also less imposing. Since they sit at the back of your head, you don’t have to worry about cords dangling in front of you.

This makes them ideal to wear while moving around or doing physical activity. While traditional models are still functional, behind the neck headphones are more secure. They’re also less likely to get tangled up.

How Much Do Behind The Neck Headphones Cost?

For headphones, their price depends on how current their technology is, and how their features compare to similar models. The market is competitive, so you should be able to find what you want, at a fair price point.

The neckband style was first introduced to the market only a few years ago. An article dating back to just 2015 (source)  seemed to be perplexed by this “new technology”, but recognized its usefulness.

Although the technology is new, there are a lot of options for styles and different features. The distinguishing factors that help influence price variables are usually brands, features, and popularity.

On average, the price range for this product is between $20-$50.  Special features that can affect the price are audio delivery quality, noise reduction, and cancellation capabilities, sweat-proof material, incoming call alert vibration, and more.

Lower end products tend to sacrifice on some of the features, giving the device less call functionality or control options. They focus on one aspect, either music or hands-free conversation, and market their product accordingly.

Do Neckband Headphones Come with a Mic?

Another special feature that may be offered in certain models is a microphone. As these are Bluetooth enabled headphones, they will most often be connected to a smartphone.

This increases the likelihood that you’ll get a call while using them. During a situation like this, you would be able to take the call without reaching for your phone or disabling the headphones.

The device will automatically interrupt your podcast or music, and alert you that you have a call. From there, most devices will allow you to hit a button that answers the call without you having to touch your phone. It’s a very convenient, hands-free feature.

Besides taking calls when you’re hands aren’t available, you may need a neckband with a microphone for other reasons.  They can also be used as gaming headsets, or for conference calls. You can also use them for driving, although you may need to check your area’s laws about headphones.

If you like this feature, it is offered with some models; however, it is not the standard. Luckily there are models on both ends of the average price range that you can find with a mic.

Factors to Consider Before Buying

As you shop for your ideal headphones, here are some important factors to consider:

Your Priorities

Before you buy, you need to think about how you’ll use the device. If it’s primarily for exercise, then you’ll want to look at a device that focuses more on the music aspect. This means getting one that has better auido quality. For hands-free calls and similar aspect, you want one that has a lot of call functionality, including a microphone.


If you’re going to be running or exercising with your headphones often, getting something sweat proof is a must. You also want something that can withstand being bumped around and still be secure. Look for an option that is designed with exercise and recreation in mind.

Noise Cancellation

Noise cancellation is great for indoor exercise, but it may not be ideal for people who run outside. In general, exercising outdoors means being aware of vehicles, cyclists, and other pedestrians. Keep that in mind and be careful when using noise cancelling headphones.

Easy Functionality

You’ll want to get a device that has a lot of control options. It’s more convenient to have a device that can change the song or the volume directly. You may also want something that makes it easy to answer or ignore calls. Since the goal is to be hands free, look for a device that really allows you to leave your phone alone.


Wearing anything around your neck has the potential to get uncomfortable or annoying. When shopping for these headphones, get something that’s lightweight, so that you don’t have to constantly feel its presence. You’ll also want something that’s balanced properly so that you don’t have to always adjust its position. Having portions that are padded with a soft material like silicon can also help keep you comfortable.

What is the Best Pair of Neckband Headphones for Running?

The best neckband headphones for running are headphones that never fall out. The price of this model is mid-range, and it offers many features and extras. They’re also perfect to use for running, including outdoors or on a treadmill.

First of all, it comes with a carrying case which makes it easy to store. The neckband is also foldable. This makes it easy to bring in your gym bag, pocket, or purse.

Another important feature is the long battery life. It lasts up to 18 hours, so you don’t have to worry about stopping in the middle of your workout because of dead batteries.

Of course, if we are talking about intense physical activity, the sweatproof design is essential as well.  You might also be worried about these coming loose or not being loud enough to hear during your workouts. Luckily, they are made to stay secure, and have good audio quality.

With features offering convenience and great functionality, this model is the best option if you need hands-free headphones for running. Some of those behind the neck headphones are great for gaming.

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