8 Best Biometric Door Lock To Secure Your Home Or Office – Ultimate Review & Buying Guide

The biometric door lock is a high-tech security device that allows you to use your fingerprint, PIN code and, often, a special key to improve the security of your home or business. It is a great solution if you dislike carrying the keys in your pocket all day. In this article, discover the best biometric devices available in the market.

Do you want to increase the security of your home or office? Then you need to modernize your locks with one of the best biometric door lock on the market. To help you, I have conducted a market study and have concluded that the best are the following.

Do you want the best security in your home or office, preventing unwanted people from entering? Then what you need to install are some of the best biometric door lock on the market. You’ll know every time when someone enters or leaves, as you’ll also have latest technology systems for opening the door.

The 8 best biometric door locks at cheap price

We spent 72 hours in research to review and find the best bargains and offers for this product. If you are looking to take advantage of the latest technology to protect your home or business, you may want to consider one of these biometric door locks.

Instead of using a key, they allow users to enter a building using a fingerprint, which makes them virtually spike proof. We have classified them here for ease of installation, sensitivity, and performance. Jump to the best Amazon biometric door lock.

1. Zkteco Biometric door lock

We want to start this catalog with a very interesting digital lock model because it can have up to four different ways to open, something that you will appreciate in quality and also in utility.

This lock is beautiful and safe. Once installed, for which you will not need the help of a locksmith. If you are a little handyman, the next step will be to add users so they can use it. It is a lock to which you can add as many users as you need, hence all family members have access to it.

The quality of the lock is very good and the brand continues to develop. Thanks to this, it launches updates that make the small bugs go off. Don’t forget that through the app you can open the door, although you still find the pin option more comfortable.

One of the opening methods is through an access code, which you can give only to the people you want. And changing code through the mobile application, every week you can use a new one to regulate who enters your office or home. It also has some cards that you can activate to open the door, making the process much more comfortable.

2. Samsung biometric door lock

digital lock from Samsung

Samsung is now famous for its smartphone products. However, it also has a wide range of household products, as with these biometric door lock that we have on this occasion and that, for their quality, we recommend to buy.

It has three different ways to enter, from two cards that you can store as credit cards, key chains or even stickers to place on the mobile and open with this device.

3. Tessa Assa Motorized biometric door lock

Motorized door lock

One of the best intelligent locks that you will find, with very simple operation and with enormous possibilities. You can create a virtual key for each person with which they can open the lock. And you can control everything through an application on the mobile.

The door closes automatically, so you will not have to be closing it yourself with the key. Quite the opposite, you just have to worry about opening it. It has no cables of any kind and is functional for many doors of different thicknesses.

4. Remock Lockey Invisible Smart Electronic Lock

Remock door lock

The vast majority of biometric door lock has the problem they look too big and sophisticated. When sometimes what you want is to have maximum discretion and that not everyone knows that you have one of these systems, preventing them from destroying it.

If you are tired of theft or are afraid that a thief can enter your home, this invisible lock version will help you enjoy greater security in your home. The thief will not have access to the lock by any means, so he cannot open the door. It is a great option as a second complementary lock.

With this invisible biometric door lock, you’ll not have problems of this type. Only those who have the key can enter and cannot force the door because they will not know where the lock is.

It has an energy-efficient system, through which the battery will take a long time to run out. Once it is complete, recharging is very simple, but always recharge it before it is over.

The remote controls are very simple to use and will not take up space in your pocket.

5. Codelocks 0155 SG Smart digital lock with a mechanical keyboard

codelocks digital door lock

For those who want to enjoy an intelligent lock, but paying very little for it, they will discover in this product what they were looking for, with a system that will work through a mechanical keyboard in which you can enter the key you want, to Just open the door this way.

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There are countless codes that you can enter for opening, which you will only give to those who live in your home or in the premises or office. So you will have great security, being able to modify the combination when you deem necessary.

6. Yale Smart Digital Lock

best biometric door lock - Yale

With an attractive and very modern design, this intelligent digital lock of the Yale brand gives us everything we need for security, whether it is installed in your home as if you do it in the office.

Because it has the possibility of introducing a PIN to enter, or even with proximity cards, which are very useful to control access to the place.

In addition to this, you will have an emergency key with which, in case of problems you can easily unlock the door.

It is interesting to know that, if someone makes an attempt to force the door, an alarm will come out of the same lock, causing the thief to flee.

7. ZK Teco Fingerprint Biometric door lock with mobile application

ZK teco biometric door lock

One of the best biometric door lock we have left for the end, with this model that will have up to 5 different ways to open the door, giving you the possibility to choose the one you like or work for your home.

You can create a password for visitors, making it disappear shortly, always controlling it by mobile, but you can also use an identification card, or in the worst case, the conventional system, a key.

With all these functions, you will not mind paying something else for it, having great opinions from buyers.

8. Kenrod Invisible Biometric door lock

best biometric door lock

They have shown it that invisible locks are one of the safest because the thief has no means to manipulate them. But after the latest studies, they have shown it that this is one of the safest models on the market right now.

It is very easy to handle and has a battery system that offers great autonomy. To get the idea, the lock can last several months without having to load, although the time will depend on the use.

They sell this lock with 3 RC LOCK controls. Perfect for many families, although you can request more controls if you need them.

The best biometric door lock: features and advantages

It is a computerized locking system that allows you to open the door using a fingerprint, a hand contour fingerprint, a retina fingerprint, a PIN code or a special key.

This device uses an optical or thermal scanner to read and store your fingerprints and those of other allowed users to access your home or business. The opening of the device is usually a one or two-step process, depending on the type of lock used.

First, press the scanner with your finger or hand and the scanner will identify its unique characteristics. Then type an authentication code on a keyboard to open the lock.

This is hard to imagine because we considered biometric door locks fictional objects, but they are becoming effective security solutions for people and businesses today.

One of the main advantages is that unable to reproduce fingerprints, users enjoy an additional layer of security against thieves who have become increasingly sophisticated.

Another advantage of the biometric door lock is that for users who are often locked outside their home, whether by a security-conscious spouse or simply by their own negligence, these locks allow you to simply use your fingerprint to open the door.

You don’t have to worry about carrying a key. Keyless access systems are an interesting way to protect your home or business from theft and ensure that you can still have keyless access to your building, which is very convenient for people who manage multiple properties.

However, carefully review the product specifications before purchase to ensure that the fingerprint lock meets all your expectations.

How to choose the best biometric door lock

Here are some useful tips to help you choose the door lock you need.

Protection and security

It is important that you seek a higher level of security. Since wicked people threaten your security, you want a reliable lock difficult to handle or bypass. Although most biometric security locks are difficult to handle or manipulate, some systems are not as sophisticated as others.

Whether you need to protect data, properties or people with these closures, look for effective devices that enjoy better user feedback.

Lock type

Biometrics is the recognition of human characteristics that are unique, which may include facial recognition, retinal scanners, palm prints, fingerprints, voice recognition, and more. The most popular option is the biometric fingerprint lock, which requires only one fingerprint to access it.

The fingerprint options are also the cheapest, which makes them ideal for any business. If you need even more stringent security, you can consider devices that work with a type of biometrics other than fingerprints.

Ease of installation and use

Always consider ease of installation and use when choosing biometric security locks. If you simply need a better biometric door lock for your home, choose a lock that you can easily install and implement for your family members.

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For a simple closet lock, the locks should be easy to install in your closets. Keep in mind that if you are installing locks for a large company, installation and implementation can be more difficult. Consider the options that offer you the easiest way to implement these biometric systems.

Remember that it is not only necessary to install the locks, but also to collect and store the biometric data of all the employees of your company.


You should also consider the price to choose reliable biometric door locks that fit your budget. Take the time to consider your options and avoid buying the first biometric door lock you will find in your search.

As you take the time to compare the prices of locks, you can find a high-quality device at a competitive price. Although price comparison may take some time, it can really be worth it and help you save money.

Additional tips to buy the best biometric door lock

A biometric door lock is the best way to protect your home or establishment, as there are many intruders who can get in by manipulating conventional locks.

Among all that we can find in the market, such as automatic door locks, we must always take into account all the details to provide maximum security to what we most want, whether our belongings, our family or business.

Therefore, in this section of the guide, we want to prevent you and do with our advice, that you can buy and inform you about the best biometric door lock, so that, when you buy one of them, you can have the guarantee that will be as you have wanted.

One point that should be commented on is regarding the dimensions of the door where you will install your lock. This is an important factor, since, if you do not know the thickness of it or the shape, you may not be able to install or mount it comfortably, having to do more work than necessary.

Therefore, the first thing you have to do is measure the door, to know its thickness, and then, check each of the products we have selected, which is the one that best suits your door.

Usually, these models of intelligent locks usually have universal dimensions, so we can use them on any door, but it never hurts to take a look to not get any surprises and, above all, to not have to change it without using it.

Digital biometric door lock

best biometric door lock

As you have seen, there are different functions or features that you have to look at in these devices, and they are, for example, the number of closures you will have to protect what you want most. In the most basic cases, you will have a mechanical keyboard in which you will only have to enter a numerical key to open the door.

However, there are currently many more models, such as the one used with the fingerprint, must have previously the registration of each of the users of that place or of the house, so, no matter how much a person tries to enter, he cannot do so.

There are also the identification cards that work when they approach the lock, such as magnetic keys, well known because some garages have this system.

Another of the most advanced systems of a biometric door lock is mobile applications. With them, and connecting them to the lock, you can change the keys or passwords that the door has, and provide a key that will only work for a while.

For example, for visits by family members that you want to enter your home without you have to be present.

It is very important that you have other security systems, to prevent the door from being disabled, such as emergency keys, or the possibility of charging the mobile phone elsewhere so it can be reused, or that only the device can use it.

In the same way, there are models that have alarms that, with an attempt to force the lock, will sound the alarm and prevent theft.

Fortify your strength with high-tech security

Any of these situations compromises the sense of ease and security. The higher the resolution of an optical scanner, the higher its level of analysis.

Most of us can probably relate to the inconvenience of accidentally leaving house keys somewhere, leaving the house without remembering to take them in the first place, or simply having to fiddle with them while carrying grocery bags on the way to the home.

Any of these situations compromises the sense of ease and security. It is an exaggeration to affirm that any type of security is completely infallible since each option carries with it its own set of advantages and.

However, biometric recognition is one of the most technologically advanced options to consider when considering the safety of your home, family and possessions.

While one involves the use of a metal key and an internal vessel closure mechanism, the biometric closure is a battery-powered security option that allows access through scanning, identification, analysis, and recall of a person’s unique body features, namely one.

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The fingerprint is the main form of identification that the lock uses to distinguish it from other unauthorized fingerprints. When the lock scans it for the first time, it becomes a numerical algorithm and is stored in the device’s internal database.

When a user tries to open the door, his fingerprint is scanned and compared with the data already stored in the biometric system. A match results in a successful entry, while a mismatch denies access completely.

The Scanner

Biometric door locks use many of the same types of scanning technologies like mobile devices, including optical, capacitive, and ultrasonic.

By incorporating an array of LEDs to capture a photo of a fingerprint, the optical scanner uses algorithms combined with areas of light and darkness in a captured image to recognize surface patterns on the skin. The higher the resolution of an optical scanner, the higher its level of analysis.

The scanner also generates an image of the ridges of a finger but does so using an electric current composed of capacitive circuits that create an electronic mold of a fingerprint. This gives the scanner more details about the nuances of fingerprints for comparison, which makes it a more sophisticated option than its optical counterpart.

The ultrasonic scanner provides the highest level of security possible through the use of its transmitter, receiver, and high-frequency sound waves. This scanner generates and transmits an ultrasonic pulse against a finger to penetrate the outer layers of the skin.

The skin absorbs a part of this pulse, while the rest bounces off an internal sensor. The sensor calculates the intensity of this ultrasonic return pulse at different points along with the scanner.

The more time the scanner spends capturing this data, the greater the depth range that is analyzed, resulting in a very detailed three-dimensional reproduction of a person’s fingerprint for identification.

Consideration of ease of use, options and security

Besides eliminating the worry of missing keys, biometric door locks offer several additional advantages. They are significantly more difficult to compromise than manual locks because they require a specific form of identification unique to the owner, which makes them an important addition to a home security system in areas with high crime rates.

We must take the general construction of the biometric door lock into account, especially when planning to install the device outdoors.

Biometric closure systems are easy to use since they do not require complex programming to work, so finding a solution with a simple configuration should not be difficult. Unlike its traditional counterparts, the biometric system automatically closes its corresponding door, eliminating the possibility of forgetting to close the main door when leaving the house.

The biometric door lock on your door should give you the option of using your scanner or an onboard numeric keypad to access your home. Keyboard functionality provides an alternative if the fingerprint scanner does not work properly, allowing the device to be used as an input system.

Consider the number of people who will enter your home when you invest in a lock. Most biometric door locks store up to 120 unique fingerprints in memory, which is useful in situations where several family members or trusted friends constantly come and go.

Also, consider the battery power of the lock and consider which option will work best for expected pedestrian traffic. The manufacturer must design it with durable materials that can withstand both handling and the weather.

A brief history of biometric door locks

The concept of biometric recognition dates back thousands of years, beginning with evidence of cave walls adorned with paintings of the first human civilizations. Handprints that were considered a sign of their creators surrounded these paintings. There is also evidence that they have used fingerprints as identifiers as early as 500 BC to perform and register.

The concept of biometric recognition dates back thousands of years, beginning with evidence of cave walls adorned with paintings of the first human civilizations.

Practical considerations for the use of the fingerprint as a forensic tool did not evolve until the mid-nineteenth century. British surgeon Dr. Henry Faulds used his fingerprint studies found in prehistoric pottery to devise a form of biometric identification and classification of artifacts.

In 1880, Faulds sent his investigation to a sick man. Although Darwin could not help directly, he sent Fauld’s data to his cousin, Francis Galton. That same year, Faulds published the first article on forensic fingerprinting as a means of personal identification.

In the decades following the rapid growth of cities during the city, the need arose for a formal system of classification of identities from the perspective of criminal justice. By 1903, the New York state penitentiary system began using fingerprints in the United States to identify inmates.

Modern biometric identification systems have a relatively short history that extends over the last decades after advances in computer engineering during the past. Since then, the popularity of this technology has grown to include systems capable of securing doors and even mobile devices.

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