The Best Child Tracker App For Families [Must Read]

Toddlers use smartphones or tablets to communicate with their friends or near and dear ones. Additionally, more schools are integrating the use of smart technology to teach their students. In that way, parents also have to allow their children to use high-tech devices. At times, the parents give a cellphone to their kids to be in touch with them when they are away from home. But the challenge they face is when the device is misused. In this regard, a suitable platform like the FamiSafe parental control app can help in tracking your children. 

The common ways to track your children 

Keeping an eye on the social media handles of what your child is doing becomes necessary. As a result, you can stop them if they are doing anything wrong. The common ways to track children are:

1.Location path

The location tracker will allow you to know where your child is as it provides updated information. The parents will know where their children are without asking them. In case there is any problem, they can directly visit the place for their rescue. 

2.GPS tracker app 

The inbuilt tracker app can provide the details of your children at any point in time. They can view the location history with time, date, longitude, and latitude. Accessing the details of your kids either on the Satellite view or Map view is easy with a GPS tracker. 

3.Using FamiSafe

FamiSafe is a kid tracker app through which you can not only track your kids but also stop them from doing any inappropriate activity. The app has specific features, allowing you to create a barrier when you do not want your kids to access that site. 

From here, it is understood that by using a family tracking app, you can have more things under control. Considering that, here are a few features of the platform. 

The Useful Features

1.Geofence setting 

The feature permits you to create imaginary fencing prohibiting your children from visiting the site. It is used when you do not want your kid to cross a particular area. Even after providing a fence, if your child crosses it, you will receive a notification. 

2.Real-time location tracking 

Are you worried about where your child is going? With a versatile tracker app, tracking the child’s location is a cakewalk. Not only that, but you can also know how much battery they are left with. In case it is low, you can call them up and ask them to return home. 

3.Location tracking and checking 

The brilliant app will help in tracking and checking the location of your children. Suppose you were busy the entire day and could not check the track history of your child. You can proceed to the location checking button and have a piece of updated information. 

How to use it? 

  • After knowing the exclusive features of the FamiSafe free tracking app, if you are interested to use it, here is the process. First of all, proceed to the website and fill in the details to complete the registration process.
  • After that, download the app on your kid’s phone and yours, like Fire OS, Android, IOS, Mac devices, or Windows. 
  • Wait for the setup process on both the phones and view and make the necessary restriction on your child’s phone by viewing it on your app. 

The other features

1.Free updates

Once you have made the payment, you will receive free updates till you stop using it. It indicates that there is no extra cost that you have to pay for updating. 

2.Suspicious image detection 

At times, kids might download inappropriate images from the internet, which can be harmful to them. The software understands your concern, so it comes with the suspicious photo feature. If your child is downloading any such image, you will soon get a notification, a great aspect. In that way, you can relax instead of worrying about them every time. 

3.The download button

For various platforms, the downloading platform is different, and they are:

  •       For Google Play: Click here to download the app from Google Play.  
  •       App Store: Apple users download it from the Apple store. 
  •       Amazon Store: Amazon store users can get the product from here. 

4.The pricing structure

The pricing structure is based on the medium you choose to use. Depending on the plan and subscription period you select, the price can vary. A trial period is also given to users, which you can use to know how excellent the free tracking app is. 

Use FamiSafe 

After knowing every aspect of the popular app, visit the platform and download it. Additionally, it is an inexpensive product, making the device apt to opt for. By using the app, you will have present updates about your children, like where they are or where they are going.

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