5 Best European Football and Soccer Apps For Your Phone 

Football is a universal sport that transcends language, geographical location, and literacy boundaries. We don our teams’ jerseys proudly, forming friendships with complete strangers online and in real life, bound together by the sport. The Euro 2020 is ripe for all this activity, and we know many are preparing for the tournament. With tickets available online, an assortment of fan accessories already on sale, and many sites offering all the right tips for betting on Euro 2020, July now seems a bit far. We are excited for the action on the pitch and off the pitch; the frenzied passion – possibly anger when your team loses, and the animated fist pumps and celebratory dances that come with a win. 

Of course, the most important thing is the consideration of how you’ll follow the matches. Will you watch them live at the stadium or online? Will you have the TV remote to yourself, or will your phone be your best friend during the tournament? If your phone or iPad will do the magic for you, we have gathered some information on apps that will enhance the experience for you. 

The world is divided into two types of software users, iOS and Android. Some apps will work better on one and not the other, some that will work well on both. Let’s go into some detail.

Forza Football

Both iOS and Android users can follow the Euro 2020 on this app. There is consensus that it works well on both software services. You can choose which teams you want to follow and what notifications you want to receive. It features over 400 leagues complete with scores, updates, and schedules. The app also gives you the Pre-match line-ups with formations and player photos, analysis, and answers to the polls. Best advantage –  it is completely free! There are some ads though.


iOS users claim it works very well for them; the jury is still out on how it goes for Android users. The app provides news, fixtures, and results of the teams you have the choice to follow. The app allows you to select specific teams, leagues, and favorite players to get updates relevant to your interests. It also comes with a live match tracker, showing all the transfers, league tables, and some videos. For iOS users, it has a dedicated Apple Watch iOS app that makes it convenient to get updates on your wrist.

FIFA – Official News and Sports

This is the go-to app for all kinds of soccer-related news and updates. It brings all the breaking football news, exclusive videos and highlights, interviews, and more. The live scores section contains all the updates from two hundred national leagues from global football. It gives a more concentrated focus on news and events surrounding specific parts of the sport. The main advantage? It works very well on both Android and iOS.

BBC Sport –  News and Live Scores

This one is decent for iOS users and works spectacularly for Android users. This is because it supports Chromecast, allowing you to cast and watch the games on your TV through an Android TV Box or supported Android TV. The app not only gives you scores, updates, and analytical articles from renowned journalists, but you also get all the major sports news and updates. Additionally, there is also a live sports section to watch live football matches or catch up with on-demand highlights straight.


Yes, Twitter. We know. If you follow the pages relevant to the competition, you will receive all the information you need in bite sizes and in real-time. You can follow various league accounts and individual teams, players, and most sports blogs. Thus, you get scores and updates in one spot. You are able to interact with other fans as well.
The list above is not exhaustive; these are just the apps we recommend. There will be an official UEFA Euro 2020 app released in June; read more about it here. May the odds be with you, and the best app win!

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