Best Features of Elmedia Video Player For Mac

Elmedia video player for Mac – best choice,, popular among its user base as the one-stop-shop solution for playing MKV files on Mac. Audio and video customization, wireless streaming, fine-tuned options as well as video downloads are all available. The Elmedia is a video player that not only plays and edits videos but also helps and enhances your Mac’s viewing experience. It has a global user base of over 2 million people.

The Elmedia Player also has the option of streaming audio from your mobile device, and it also enables you to cast video or audio from your mobile device wirelessly. With an open online video feature built into the Elmedia player, you can watch videos without ads on streaming sites like Youtube and Dailymotion. The Elmedia is the best video player for Mac, and it supports FLV, AVI, SWF, MP4, WMV, MOV, MP3, DAT, FLAC, M4V, MPG, DivX, and MKV, among other audio and video formats.

You can also watch your video on multiple monitors with the Elmedia Player. Choose the monitor on which you want to watch the video. You can change the brightness, sharpness and even reduce background-free noise on a video. The Elmedia is the best multimedia player for Mac, and it can play any audio or video file format. Eltima Software is the company that makes it. With an open online video feature built into the Elmedia player, you can watch videos without ads on streaming sites like Youtube and Dailymotion.

Features Of Elmedia Player

Subtitle Integration

The Elmedia Player’s subtitle support and integration are fully customizable. Subtitles, for example, can be loaded automatically or manually, and their look and feel can be tailored to your preferences. Since MKV supports embedded subtitle tracks and multiple languages, you can start watching it right away on your Mac. There’s no need to convert anything or depend on third-party data.

Supports MKV File

This Mac MKV player was designed to give you the complete experience possible. The Elmedia Player ensures that almost every video or audio format, including MKV, WMV, AVI, MOV, FLV, DAT, MP3, M4V, and a slew of others, can be played, offering you a wide variety of choices. Because of the hardware-accelerated decoding capabilities, you can never experience lag or poor video quality.

Open Online Feature

You will be able to stream videos from Venmo, YouTube, and Dailymotion directly on the app without any advertising, thanks to the open online video feature. And make your playlist so you can save videos to any external storage device by downloading them from the internet. To download a video, use the window mode to locate it and then press the download button.

Two Modes for the Elmedia Player

You get to choose between two options, i.e., the Elmedia (free) and Elmedia pro. The Elmedia (free) allows you to play videos in MP3, FLV, Avi, SWF, MP4, and other formats. You can also stream videos on YouTube without skipping ads completely and using the open online video feature. The free model allows you to use the in-built web browser and subtitle search.

The Elmedia pro edition includes many of the functionality of the free version and many additional features such as the option to use Chromecast to watch videos and allow you to mirror DLNA devices on your SmartTV as the ability to stream to Apple TV. You may also take snapshots of the screen while the video is being played. Using the advanced audio equalizer, you can also tweak the audio settings and use the playback enhancement feature to a better experience.


The Elmedia is one of the go-to media players for Mac that offers a complete set of software features. These features improve the quality of your video viewing experience and assist you with any video issue, such as synchronizing audio or subtitles and editing your video subtitles. The Elmedia players also have a great feature that allows you to watch videos without advertising on different platforms. You can easily download Elmedia player by just visiting this website

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