Best Folding Keyboard For Traveling Entrepreneurs

Folding Keyboard Which is better in 2020 A folding keyboard is a must for any traveling entrepreneur, which works at different places. The need to carry the keyboard with you.

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Connected to a computer, tablet or even mobile phone, the folding keyboard is easy to carry and even easier to use, with different features and ergonomic designs. Discover these and other points in the Guide below, such as the advantages and disadvantages, and invaluable tips for buying the right model.

Wireless & Bluetooth A Must

  • Most absolute folding keyboard models have wireless connection via bluetooth.
  • Compatibility varies between models, but many can connect to phones, tablets, and computers / notebooks.
  • Its price ranges from $ 70 to $ 700, depending on its brand, the quality of its components, its connectivity, its compatibility and bending mechanism.

What is The Best Folding Keyboard?

We have gathered below the best models of folding keyboard on the market. We list each item based on its functionality, practicality, portability, and of course, cost-effectiveness.

1. Samsung AOSO875

The Samsung model may look simple with its basic packaging and discreet look, but it is a complete and very efficient equipment.

Starting with its built-in touchpad, for example, its battery, caps lock and connection indicator lights, which incidentally is compatible with smartphones, tablets and any other device with bluetooth connection. With less than 300g and keys in the US standard, it is equally portable and practical.

User Preferred

iClever Folding Keyboard

The iClever folding keyboard elegantly combines functionality, practicality and portability. Weighing less than 180g and measuring, folded, 14.5 cm, it can be carried easily in a pocket.

Connects to iOS, Windows, and Android with its 10-meter Broadcom Bluetooth connection, and goes into standby mode automatically when closed..

A cost-effective folding keyboard

Anker’s Folding Keyboard

Anker’s folding keyboard is one of the lightest on the market, weighing less than 170 g. Portability is increased with a fast-folding mechanism and a distinctive key design such as shift and delete.

Connects to anything operating with bluetooth within ten meters, including macOS. The battery is rechargeable and long lasting, powered by smart battery saving mode.

Buying Guide

With the multiplication of screens in our daily lives, we are always typing, in emails, chats or posts on social networks. And either out of necessity, practicality, or even comfort, you can’t always squeeze your fingers on the phone screen or sit in front of the computer.

The folding keyboard is a grateful solution to all these issues, while being portable, wireless and easy to use. In the Buying Guide below, we’ll show you a little about how it works, its benefits and even disadvantages, all to help you find your ideal model.

The multiplication (and miniaturization) of screens in our lives has increased the demand for practical typing solutions such as the folding keyboard. (Source: Christina Morillo /

How does the folding keyboard work?

The folding keyboard has two foundations, marketable and ergonomically speaking: practicality and portability. The two points are interdependent and dialogue with the basic functionality of the product.

One of them is the bluetooth connection, a radio frequency connection that replaces the cables, which is present on most absolute models, and which requires no installation. Just activate, via button, the bluetooth of your keyboard and also of your device and connect them. Simple. Practical.

It is divided into two or three panels, each with its own key group.

Portability is linked exactly to its great appeal, the folding. Basically, the folding keyboard is divided into two or three panels (plates), each with its own group of keys, which communicate simultaneously with the device, and are separated by magnetic “hinges”, which preserve the plates and keep them “glued together”. ”When folded.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the folding keyboard?

Although the folding keyboard solves all sorts of everyday and professional issues, it is not immune to fluctuations, that is, it has both advantages and disadvantages.

Among the advantages, the first is the most obvious, which is its practicality. Open, connect and use, simple as that. Another advantage is its portability – not simple portability, but a device that literally fits in your pocket.

One of the advantages of the folding keyboard is the comfort it can provide due to its ergonomics. (Source: fancycrave1 /

Another good advantage is the comfort it can provide, due to its ergonomics and especially when it is possible to choose where to type. When, however, this place is improvised and the usage time is too long, the discomfort may speak louder.

Other disadvantages of the folding keyboard are the adaptations needed to provide this portability and practicality. The battery is one of them, which although long lasting, needs to be recharged, a setback, compared to a common keyboard, for example.


  • Practicality
  • Fits in the pocket
  • Use in comfortable locations


  • Long typing discomfort
  • Drums

Folding keyboard or flexible keyboard?

A popular “variety” of the folding keyboard, which is more competitive, is the flexible keyboard. Both are from the portable keyboard segment, but there are fundamental differences.

This is because the conductive material and casing make the soft keyboard a “soft” model, which, while representing greater strength, results in less portability, because it has to be rolled up, and because it has to be used on a flat surface.

Folding keyboard Flexible keyboard
Design Key boards and magnetic folding Flexible conductive material and coating
Connection Bluetooth, USB Bluetooth, USB
Use Any surface Flat surfaces

How much does the folding keyboard cost?

The folding keyboard has a big price difference between models, from $ 70 to $ 700. There are many variable components, after all, from material to compatibility, design within range of Bluetooth, plus typing and connectivity features.

Where to buy the folding keyboard?

The folding keyboard is not that common in the gadget market. In physical stores, it is worth going after the big chains and licensed establishments of Samsung and Microsoft, the main manufacturers of the product.

If you want more certainty, though, online stores like Amazon and Mercado Livre have many models, and for various prices.

Buyers’ Guide: How To Choose?

Let’s now go to our exclusive list of purchase criteria. Your items are characteristic elements of the folding keyboard that deserve your attention and can help you choose the ideal model.

  • Compatibility
  • Connectivity
  • Drums
  • Size
  • Touchpad

We will, of course, talk about each of these items so that your choice is very well founded, and your purchase the best possible.


An easy criterion. The more devices your folding keyboard can connect, the more useful it will be. So look for models that support the largest number of operating systems – Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, etc. – but mostly with the devices you want to connect your keyboard with . More handsets compatible with its folding keyboard mean greater utility. (Source: Mateusz Dach /


Another very simple criterion is the connectivity of your folding keyboard. Ideally it should be via bluetooth, and if possible you have the option of USB, to have an alternative if you have difficulty connecting to any device. Also worthy of attention is the bluetooth range, which keeps your connection at least 10 meters radius, and the bigger the better.


Like all good portable electronic equipment, the battery is an essential criterion. A good battery makes your keyboard more practical, as you waste less time recharging it, and it is also more cost effective. Also keep an eye on battery-saving systems, whether the model is folded or when it is idle for a while. Battery life is indicated in mAh, and the higher the value, the longer it will last.


Size is another easy point to note. As it is a portable product, the smaller the better. But beware! Note both its size when folded and also when opened.


If possible, choose a folding keyboard with a touchpad, which is the kind of mouse that goes into the notebook. They are not present in most models, but significantly change the experience of use.

Have you ever imagined typing on your folding keyboard and having to go to your device to move the cursor or click on apps? Not practical, is it?

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