Best Gaming Mouse For Fortnite 2019 – 2020 To Play Matches With Ease

Gamer mouse is a specialized computer mouse for those fans of video games or online games. Why are they special for gamers? Because these allow them to perform certain actions in each different game differently. Today we will tell you about the best gaming mouse for fortnite. So, let’s get started!

Minimum requirements of best gaming mouse for fortnite

For the development of the Fortnite game, the minimum standards that a mouse gamer should meet could be the following:

  • It must have a high performance in terms of the laser sensor so that it can provide good utility within the game.
  • That this can be configurable for the use that the player will lend to the mouse, where each button that has this can be adapted to the functions of the game and thus be able to act quickly in the game.
  • The gamers take their games very seriously, so they can spend hours in different games, so to avoid possible injuries to their hands, the mouse must be ergonomic, so that it adapts to the size of the owner’s hand, apart from that they must also be light and easy to handle.
  • Another feature to keep in mind is that some of the manufacturers of this mouse to play fortnite add a system of weights to the mouse, which allows the player to remove or add the weight of this to achieve more fluid and precise movements.
  • Last but not least, it is a question of looking for a gaming mouse that has a braided cable, since this avoids jerks that can break it, which extends the life of the mouse.

Buttons of best gaming mouse for fortnite

In the market, there are already many brands, sizes, and shapes of gaming mouses, but the best thing is to choose one that is adapted to the needs of the player. As for the size, we find the large, standard, and small, although the latter is not very easy to find. However, the size does not matter when adding the different buttons that the player can use.

The manufacturers of these Mouse can create them from two to perhaps twelve or more buttons for the most experienced and demanding players; It will always depend on the use that the gamer will give it.

Best gaming mouse for fortnite: Setting

The configuration will always depend on the player who is using the mouse to play Fortnite since these adapt to their owner; in this particular case, they can configure the use of their mouse according to the weapons that they most use, for example.

For this, players must know well the characteristics of both their mouse and their computer, since, for example, the amount of DPI that a mouse has can be properly configured with the different sizes of the monitors that exist.

So that more Inches the monitor has more DPI, the mouse will need (for this reason the indicated one must be chosen), and this should be added to the profile of each player (if you are a first-person or another player), the speed should also be increased gradually precision of our mouse to play Fortnite in a comfortable and stable way. After having set the speed it will take a while to get used to the mouse and then enjoy a good game.

There are other configuration tips that are instead of the physical type (of the environment), such as the fact of using the famous mouse pads to keep the mouse legs in good condition (which will always facilitate the movement of the mouse while it is used).

Other details of best gaming mouse for fortnite

This mouse to play Fortnite in a professional way has different characteristics depending on the one you choose for you, but most mouse usually has several of these characteristics in common, such as:

  • They tend to be visually striking, not only because of the number of buttons that differentiate them from a normal mouse, but their colors can become very bright and have multi-colored lights.
  • Most have the characteristic of adapting to the owner’s hand, as they are ergonomic, and their dimensions can be altered both in width and length.
  • As we already mentioned, its multiple buttons, we must add that there is a mouse with up to twenty buttons on the market, which can be configured according to their owner’s use.
  • They usually have a high precision of up to ten thousand points per inch, which depending on the mouse, can be modified.
  • They are made of quite light materials, but also very resistant. In the market, you will find some who have the characteristic of being non-slip.
  • Sometimes, these mouses allow different settings to be saved if they are used by several players, which is very helpful if shared, for example, with siblings or friends.
  • Finally, everyone should have the characteristic of modifying the response speed of the mouse with the different games or a specific game, as in the case of Fortnite.

The best gaming mouse for fortnite – Our recommendation

1. Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum 12000DPI RGB


This mouse has 12 buttons, which is ideal, although they are little separated, so it would not be the most comfortable, but it will always depend on the user’s taste.

This range is fully reliable, it has a really good sensor, and in itself, this type of mouse is designed for shooters. A fact of this mouse gamer model is that it is used by one of the best players in the world in Fortnite.

Its PMW3366 optical sensor is one of the most accurate on the market, its exclusive technology minimizes mouse acceleration and increases the reliability when pointing. It also allows you to change the DPI from 200 to 12000 DPI.

Also, you can balance the weight and adapt it to your preference according to the case, since it comes with an adjustment system that contains five weights of 3.6 g. You can use the ones you want in the positions you choose. It has an adjustable RGB lighting that allows you to select up to 16.8 million colors. It has 11 programmable buttons to perform the commands you prefer.

2. Razer Naga Trinity

Razer Naga Trinity

This mouse model has many buttons, which are great to use in Fortnite, as it has three to make constructions and the others to change weapons quickly (which can also work with other games).

The arrangement of the keys is ideal, as it is quite comfortable and easy to manipulate; however, this mouse was designed for Mobas and not for shooters in general.

Among its features are its 5G optical sensor of 16000 dpi and its 3 interchangeable side plates.

It gives you great skill because it has a 5G optical sensor, the most advanced on the market, and 16,000 dpi. This gives you greater speed and accuracy. For this reason, the Razer Naga Trinity mouse could be the ideal mouse to play Fortnite.

In addition, you can configure the mouse as you prefer, since it has side plates for configurations of 2, 7 and up to 12 buttons. These buttons are made to stand out, and that way, there is no margin of error for you when playing.

The more buttons you have at your fingertips, the greater your advantage in the game. That’s why thanks to the 19 programmable buttons, you can have a range of commands, all designed to ensure your comfort.

3. MM4 gaming mouse

MM4 gaming mouse

This is another great tech mouse designed for gamers. It has 19 Omron mechanical buttons of the highest quality, RGB lighting in 6 different colors, adjustable weight, and twisted cable with USB connector. This mouse offers you total control in Fortnite.

Thanks to its 3 × 4 side keypad and soft relief buttons, it provides you with all the functions you need in one hand without making a mistake. Likewise, the mouse reaches 16400 DPI and has an Avago laser sensor, which allows great movement sensitivity when playing. Finally, with the change of speed, on-the-fly is achieved to increase the control and precision of movement.

4. SCIMITAR PRO RGB MOBA / MMO optical gaming mouse

MM4 gaming mouse

The SCIMITAR PRO RGB mouse greatly improves the game in Fortnite thanks to its 16,000 dpi custom optical sensor. The position of its buttons is adjustable up to 8 mm and can be locked with a control system that puts all your keys at your fingertips.

It has a total of 17 programmable buttons, of which 12 are textured keys that provide comfort to the grip to provide a constant tactile response and exact control.

Also, the mouse weighs 147 grams so that it will offer a very good compromise between agility and movement accuracy.

5. Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition

This mouse model has 16000 DPI and has the fastest sensor in the entire market, so it allows you to shoot enemies and finish them with excellent marksmanship, which is essential in any mouse to play Fortnite, despite this, It only has 9 buttons. However, it is ideal for this game because of its special sensitivity and immediate adjustment.

6. Mouse Gaming Steel Series Rival 300 CS: GO

This mouse is really modern, possessing an impressive design that adapts to the

MM4 gaming mouse

hand of its owner, is really light and very comfortable, although it only has 6 buttons. It has a DPI with possibilities of 50 to 6500, having one of the best precisions that the market offers, being really necessary for any mouse to play Fortnite.

It has a great special edition design that gives you advanced features, including an optical sensor with zero accelerations and ergonomics ideal for comfort. The ergonomic button position, click sizes, and movements produce an ideal feeling of naturalness to play Fortnite professionally with your mouse.

In addition, this mouse has a high level of customization that includes response time, adjustable buttons, dual lighting zones, and a 3D printing plate. It has only 6 programmable buttons, its connection is via USB, and the length of its cable is 2 m.

7. Mad Catz RAT 5

Mad Catz RAT 5

The Mad Catz RAT 5 is designed to fit the gamer’s needs. It is ergonomic since it has an adjustable length to fit the shape of your hand and the way you grab the mouse. It has a set of 5 pieces of 6 grams to adapt its weight to taste. You can use the ST Programming software to configure the DPI sensitivity of the mouse quickly at every moment of the game, although it only has 5 programmable buttons to create combos.

Our top ends in this way, and it will always be at your disposal to choose the mouse with which you feel most comfortable, remember that Fortnite is a game that requires skill and a lot of practice, so choose well and throw yourself into the adventure of playing and of transmitting your games on Twitch.

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