5 Best Google Chrome Extensions Every College Student Needs

Growing technologies are lending themselves to students’ lives in an ever-more helpful way. Tech companies are dedicating themselves to making the lives of students and workers easier by creating useful add-ons and browser extensions. With every passing day, there are more and more options for add-ons that will improve your ability to study and lend a helping hand to your education.

These chrome add ons are incredibly diverse in what they offer and are some of the best apps for college students. Here’s a list of 5 of the best college apps and extensions in chrome for your school laptop that will help you breeze through school!  

Google scholar button

A big part of college life is doing academic research and doing essay writing based on your research. There are a bunch of apps for college students that make doing this kind of research a whole lot easier. The Google scholar button is an extension for chrome that helps tailor your google searches to show academic research material.

Using the Google scholar extension button is just one way a student can use to help them write an important academic paper. Students can produce work that approaches the high quality of the academic works by using chrome extensions such as Google scholar to keep track of their essay writing and ensure their papers are plagiarism-free. This extension is one of the most useful apps for the research phase of writing a paper, but there are other add ons that can help with other stages of the process.


Grammarly has long been a favourite app for college students and professionals alike. This language and writing add on reviews of all of your written work, making sure you haven’t missed any mistakes in your proofreading. Personally, I recheck every piece of writing before submitting it, even if it’s a research paper I paid for. Using a grammar checker like Grammarly is a great way to make sure your writing sticks to a high standard and no stupid typo will let you down with your grades.

Grammarly also offers more than just proofreading. The extension can guide you in your writing, helping you to select words and phrases that make your writing flow best. This college app is a great way of improving your writing skills without any extra effort!

Evernote Web Clipper

With all the research you have to do as a student, it can sometimes be easy to lose track of materials. Should a teacher give you a topic to research, students should be able to organize all of the materials they need to make sense of the subject. Evernote Web Clipper is one chrome extension that helps out in this area.

The Web Clipper is designed to allow students to save articles and web pages for later reading. This means that you can save interesting links for later so as not to distract from your current reading. This way, you can guarantee that the scope of your research will be thorough and won’t suffer from simple forgetfulness!


Studying requires a level of focus that isn’t always easy to maintain. Especially with all the distractions that come as a consequence of doing your college research on the internet, sometimes students need a little extra help with keeping focused. StayFocused is one of the simplest, yet best chrome extensions for keeping students’ eyes on the assignment at hand.

StayFocused allows you to select certain distracting websites that will then be filtered out from your internet use. If you find yourself getting sucked away from your reading because of social media or watching videos, you can block this kind of content while you’re working. It’s a simple idea, but it definitely improves focus and the time efficiency of your study.


Momentum is a sleek chrome extension that tailors your homepage for maximum productivity. It greets you with a handy to-do list and useful information like weather updates when you open up your internet browser. You have the option of inputting your main task that you wish to focus on for the day, and the add on will remind you of this task as you surf the web. Even better, Momentum adds calming images and inspirational quotes to your landing page to help get you into a focused and productive mood.

Every student should make a point of using technology to help them improve the quality of their studies. No matter what area of study you struggle with, college apps and chrome browser extensions are sure to offer you a solution. And with so many options available, there’s an endless range of study apps for students to take advantage of. These are just five of the best ones out there waiting to help improve your study life!

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