Best Grocery Shopping Apps for 2020

Shopping on the Internet is gradually migrating to smartphones and other gadgets. Almost every store creates its own mobile application to make remote shopping more accessible and easy. Let’s check what popular apps are used by shopaholics and then proceed to the items you could profitably buy online.

1)     MyDiscoCard

Over time, every customer accumulates a large number of plastic discount cards. Carrying a heavy and voluminous wallet with plastic cards is inconvenient, so this app comes to the rescue. Easily add your cards by entering their numbers or scanning a barcode. At the time of the next purchase, just show the e-card on the screen of your smartphone. The application will also notify about discounts and promotions of those stores whose discount cards are added.

2) Safeway Mobile App

A free application from a worldwide known retailer provides clients with multiple convenient features: shopping lists and recipes, sales, discounts, special deals, and other profitable offers, etc. Also, you can view on a new Safeway circular if you have not yet downloaded an app.

3) RetailMeNot

This is an online aggregator of the most relevant offers for economical shopping: coupons, discount cards, promotions, cashback options, etc. The database of more than 50,000 retailers, including grocery stores, is available for users. In addition, the app assists with ordinary shopping because it shows the best deals in stores and restaurants near you.

4)   Grocery Buddy

This is a true shopping buddy the main purpose of which is to prevent you from buying unnecessary goods, as well as to make up a shopping list. So, if you find any sales in your app, you can simply add all the promotional offers of your interest to the list in order to remember them.

5) Extreme Coupon Finder

If you are a well-known couponer whose main purpose is to find the best deals and save on your shopping – this app will be very helpful. It shares with users the latest coupons of the nearest stores as well as tells you about their internal policies. You can also share coupons with your friends and relatives by sending them by email or Facebook.

6) Rabato

This outstanding app provides the top-level shopping experience in 12 countries of the world, including the USA, Germany, France, and others. The Rabato app integrates promotional offers of various retailers and helps people to save on their regular purchases. 

Products That Are Profitable to Buy Online

Most of us prefer to do shopping at the supermarket because it is faster and more convenient. However, buying some items from the list is much more profitable on the Internet. Manufacturers and large online retailers offer many product lines up to 10% cheaper than real stores. There are at least 3 reasons for this:

  • E-commerce has lower overhead costs.
  • This market segment is aimed at a larger turnover.
  • Its participants are constantly working on customer loyalty, so they are ready to donate a part of the profit for the future sales volume.

So, what to order online?

  1. All kinds of snacks are better to order online from their manufacturers – most of them offer discounts to regular customers.
  2. Dietary products without GMOs, gluten, peanuts are often much cheaper if you buy them online. If you suffer from food allergies, you should spend time studying and comparing online prices for the necessary products.
  3. Coffee – look for your favorite brand online and you will most likely find opportunities for savings.
  4. Baby food is not cheap, but there is also the opportunity to reduce their costs by up to 15%, which is a significant reduction.
  5. Healthy drinks – manufacturers are increasingly moving to the Internet where it is much easier for them to educate potential customers about trends in healthy eating. As a result, discounts, promotions, and lower prices are proposed.

In order to use your budget as efficiently as possible, buy basic products at real stores and order the rest on the Internet. It is advisable to make a list of necessary goods in order to purchase them profitably, thereby saving on delivery. Do not neglect to use all the above tips and apps, as well as explore the opportunities for profitable shopping! 


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