5 Best Hidden iPhone Keyloggers in 2020

If you’re not aware of the power of the iPhone keylogger then you’re missing the benefits of century’s most advanced invention. 

An iPhone keylogger has capabilities that are beyond the common man’s thinking ability. For instance, it can record almost every keystroke made on the targeted iPhone and update you about tons of things.

Passwords and OTPs can be easily tracked. But, you’ll be able to keep tabs on all these benefits only if you’re using the right kind of iPhone keylogger. The market is currently flooded with many options in this section but not every option is trustworthy. 

Your time is crucial and we don’t want you to waste it on choosing the iPhone keylogger. Hence, we did the job for you. 

#1 – Spyine

Advanced, cost-effective, and feature-rich are the words that come in our mind once we take the name of Spyine

This iPhone keylogger is far ahead of any other option in this category in many senses. This is probably why millions of people across the globe have shown trust in it. 

In fact, many leading media houses like Tom’s Guide and PCMag have advocated it tons of times and claimed keystroke logger on iPhone with Spyine is fantastic. 

Here some of the key features and qualities of Spyine that make it gain an edge over the rest of the options. 

Spyine works without jailbreaking 

Now, this is something very huge and impressive as using an iPhone keylogger that uses jailbreak is nothing but a headache. Its core technology no longer relies upon jailbreak which means there is no traditional risk to haunt you.  


It’s a piece of cake 

Keylogger deployment can be very tedious in some cases. It’s not surprising that people will go and hire a professional hacker for this job to get accomplished.

But, this is not the case with Spyine. It’s very easy to use. There is no time-taking installation and set-up to consume your time. 

No special requirement 

You don’t have to own any special tools or skills to get started with Spyine. You can use your regular device and browser to access its dashboard. As no hardware/software set-up is involved, you don’t have to be a hacking expert. 


Flawless performance 

Its keylogger works so perfectly that no one will be able to mark its presence and catch you red-handed. It doesn’t make tapping sound in the background, doesn’t degrade the performance of the targeted device, and doesn’t make the targeted device boil up. 


Spyine is a cost-effective tool 

Spyine’s keylogger is the world’s most advanced and cost-effective tool. You can utilize its impressive spying assistance at a mere cost of $10 per month. 

At this cost, you can use its keylogger to track keystroke movements for around 35 phone activities. No other keylogger has the ability to work at such an extensive level at such an affordable cost.  


Reliable keystroke tracking 

Spyine’s keylogger has the ability to capture real-time data with zero error. 

As every entry comes with a timestamp, you can verify the data validity anytime. Accessing data is also very easy. There is no need to access the targeting iPhone for this. It will accomplish the task remotely. 

#2 – Neatspy 

Neatspy is a blessing in disguise for all those who haven’t tried their hands on iPhone spying before but have to do it now. The iPhone keylogger of Neatspy is so easy to use that first time experience will also be without any fuss and hassle.

To help you out a little more, there is a live demo on the official site. 

A flawless performance is what you can expect from Neatspy’s keylogger. Unlike some of the faulty keyloggers, it doesn’t make things suspicious and let others catch you in the act. The target won’t listen to the irritating tapping sound on the background. 

Using this keylogger is very easy. if you know how to login on a website then you can easily use it. It’s because no tedious download and set-up are eating your head and its dashboard is 100% web-based.


#3 – ClickFree 

With ClickFree, you can be tension free as it works without jailbreak. The jailbreak-free keylogging prevents risks like OS damage and data-stealing during the process and makes the keylogging entirely safe. 

As long as ClickFree is into action, nothing can bother you. Be it the immediate data delivery or real-time monitoring, it excels at every front. To make this happen, its developers have used the world’s most advanced AI and human acumen. 

There are things, like tracking a password and OTP, which seem next to impossible. But ClickFree has the ability to pull them off. Every detail captured will be in real-time. The attached timestamps make things far easier. 

#4 – Minspy 

Minspy is a very famed iPhone hacking app that has gained popularity across the globe. 

Its iPhone keylogger has been praised by many media outlets for its flawless performance. What made the whole world prefer Minspy over thousands of other keyloggers are its jailbreak-free operations. 

Minspy’s iPhone keylogger can track the keystrokes happening at multiple platforms. For instance, keystrokes made on WhatsApp, Facebook, and even in net banking can also be traced down. Hence, nothing will be out of sight. You will be able to keep tabs on many things. 

#5 – Spyic 

If you are looking for a pocket-friendly iPhone keylogger then you must consider Spyic as its assistance costs only $10 for the whole month. Packed with features, this iPhone keylogger can help you with tons of things such as password tracking and text monitoring. 

Spyic’s keylogger can be brought into action using any regular device and browser. There are no special tools and software required to support its operations. This also explains its cost-effectiveness. 

Concluding words 

iPhone keylogger plays a very crucial role when you have to do iPhone spying. By keeping tabs on every keystroke, can give a detailed insight of activities happening on the targeted iPhone. 

We picked the top five iPhone keyloggers that are easy-to-use, risk-free, and dependable from the rest of the options available in the market. 

All these are perfect in their way but we were stunned seeing the way Spyine has simplified and leveraged the performance of its keylogger. It is truly an exceptional choice. 

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