The Best Mac Apps for Students

The number of Mac applications for students is whopping. You can find tons of programs and services designed to suit the needs of learners. But which one might be really useful for you? What apps are most widely used by students? In this post, we’ve prepared a list of the hottest Mac applications that can make your studies more effective. 


There is nothing new that students are required to create dozens of essays, reports, and other types of academic papers. The truth is that many students don’t complete these assignments by themselves. Many of them are constantly searching the answers to the question “Who can do my homework cheap?” They start using writing services and get their papers done in no time. You can ask “Who can pay someone to do my math homework, too. However, you might still need to add some modifications to your academic paper. 


When it comes to Windows systems, you can easily use MS Office or Libre Office. But is there any analog for Mac? Sure! Manuscripts is exactly what you need to create brilliant essays. This is a traditional word processor, so you will definitely find it extremely easy-to-use. Feel free to create astonishing essays, add annotations, references, footnotes, as well as edit your text on the fly. The app has tons of features for making your learning process as smooth as possible. 

MacFly Pro

Doing research, creating assignments, and sharing files with others are the most common activities of young Mac users. When you use your device regularly, you might forget about tons of useless files, like drafts, copies, and discarded apps. All these unnecessary files should be removed not to overload your device. MacFly is here to help. It can automatically remove duplicated files and free your disk capacity in the most effective way.


This app was developed for those who are feeling constantly distracted by noisy neighbors or other irritating sounds. Noizio is developed to help students concentrate and forget about noisy environments. It can block all types of distractions in a single click, offering pleasant effects of the campfire, thunderstorms, space, and other options. Noizio can make your educational process much more comfortable and productive in no time. Staying concentrated when doing the research or writing essays is exactly what a common student needs. 


This app is a handy analog of the world-famous Microsoft Excel. In case you need to create complicated tables or diagrams, this app is right what you need. Most students use Numbers for creating reports and composing tables and diagrams of any level of difficulty. Moreover, doing calculations and adding graphs can be made in just a few clicks. Numbers is available for free for all Mac users. 


Many students fail to store important information in the most convenient way. They save text notes, use desktop stickers, and reminders not to forget about necessary things. However, these solutions are often not working for many learners. Evernote is an excellent app that can store tons of various types of files in a single place. For example, you can place various notes, voice messages, doodles, and even web pages to Evernote and get easy access to all this stuff in a handy way. In other words, this app is like a big box, where you can put everything you need for your studies or communication. 


Still wondering, which app to choose for scanning and performing optical character recognition? Tired of tons of PDF documents that can be hardly edited? Prizmo is a brilliant solution to this common issue. It can recognize texts written in over 20 languages, edit texts, and even download your documents to iCloud. The app makes it easy to convert photocopies, printed and scanned documents, as well as screenshots into text files. By the way, these are not the only useful functions provided by Prizmo. 

Be Focused

Do you fail to stay concentrated for a long time? Many students are constantly distracted by social media, alerts in messengers, and other activities. However, completing assignments on time usually requires having a strong self-discipline. Be Focused is an excellent app that will help you find a perfect balance between studies and short breaks. You can set daily, weekly or monthly goals, learn the rules of time management, and make your learning process much more productive. All the functions are available in a fun and entertaining interface, making your user experience absolutely positive. 


This handy app is often underestimated. However, we believe it is incredibly user-friendly and useful for young learners. Alfred might look like a world-known Siri from the first glance. However, Alfred is much more powerful and convenient. Just press a special shortcut on your keyboard, type the needed app or file, and wait for the app to find it. This is the fastest way to get the location of any file on your Mac. In case your device is loaded with tons of information, Alfred might appear to be really time-saving. 


Mate, also known as Instant Translate, is a handy analog of Google Translate. This app can help you translate phrases and sentences in a blink of an eye, as well as store translations. The app can handle translations in over 100 languages and is considered to be even more convenient than most of its analogs. It is an accurate and precise way to translate separate words or phrases as well as big text paragraphs. 


Most students are loaded with tons of assignments and might lack time for taking care of budgeting. However, it is important to pay the bills on time and keep in touch with your budget limitations. MoneyWiz is a handy way of managing personal finances. The app can send you reminders about making regular payments, help you plan a monthly budget, and even make smart predictions for the possible expenses in the nearest future. 

All in all, there are plenty of apps available for young Mac users. You can easily try different applications and tools to choose the ones that perfectly fit your needs and expectations. 


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