Best Mobile Apps to Boost Your Productivity

People often confuse productivity with the state of being active. It is good and useful to be active, but in order to achieve truly significant results, this is not enough. Why? Because activity is exclusively about quantity, in order to do: “How much?” – “A lot!”. But productivity is about quality. Below is an overview of some useful applications to increase your personal effectiveness, which will allow you not only to have time to do more of everything, but also to live better and more consciously.

  1. Clean Email 

If you deal with the email correspondence (you, probably, do, as most of us), then it’s difficult to work with all email accounts and overflow of the messages without email organizers. This type of software was made for email management almost without our participation. With the apps, like Clean Email you can sort the incoming messages into the bundles, which are useful exactly for you, unsubscribe from emails and newsletters in a few clicks, etc. As a result you open your email account and do not have to check all folders to find the needed message, because your inbox is clean and organized.

  1. Pocket

Pocket is indispensable when you need to save an important article on a topic that interests you. Any online information can be bookmarked (“pockets”) by category and tag. In order for all ideas to receive an “address” and so that later you do not have to painfully remember where you saw it, download this application and join 10 million users. It will surely help you out in those moments when there is more information than time. And soon as you will need the information, you will have it in one place.

  1. Echo

If you don’t like to write emails and text messages to communicate with your colleagues and friends, you can use a voice messenger like Echo to save time for other important tasks. It is as easy as clicking the button and recording a voice message that will be sent in a second to your counterpart. Don’t waste more time on typing long messages, use audio chat apps instead.  

  1. Todoist

Todoist is a task planner that will not let you down under any circumstances, as it has the function of editing the schedule, and also organizes all the cards with tasks by priority, which will not allow you to fall out of the schedule. For all completed tasks, the application adds a plus to your karma, assesses your productivity, has a very user-friendly interface, and allows you to share information about your tasks and projects with other people.

  1. Trello

Trello is a tool for managing projects without headaches. This app won its users over to the fact that creating boards with complete information on a project is similar in simplicity to gluing a sticker with the task “buy milk” on the refrigerator (add to the plus that you do not have to deal with all sorts of sticky pieces of paper). You can easily transfer (drag and drop) tasks to other days, mark the project status with a color marker and much more. This application is convenient for students who want to monitor their learning progress, freelancers who can record project progress or create a library of resources. Boards and tasks can be deleted. With this application you really can manage your time efficiently. In this application, even the smallest details are carefully thought out, which will save you a lot of time.

  1. 1Password

I know that I invariably dishearten people more than anything. This is the need to remember the passwords for social networks, mail or account on some service that is used from time to time. Here comes 1Password. It is one of the best password managers out there. You can create strong and secure passwords for all online accounts you use, fill in usernames and passwords, access your data from all your mobile devices and computers, and share passwords (great for teamwork). This app saves your passwords securely and works great, saving your nerves and storage in the memory.

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