5 Best Mobile Tracker Apps For 2021

A mobile tracker application monitors and tracks a mobile device remotely. The tracking apps are extremely handy for keeping tabs on your child’s mobile activity and keep them safe from the dangers lurk behind phone screens. 

 The spyware industry has grown very fast in the last few years due to increased security concerns. While this is good news for users, it has also made finding the right app very difficult. To help you in the selection, we went through hundreds of phone tracker reviews and picked the five best mobile monitoring applications for 2020.   


One of the leading mobile tracking applications in the market, mSpy runs discreetly and lets you log phone records. You get to know the calls your child makes or receives. It also monitors text messages and notifies you when your kids use specific keywords. You can create alerts for words of your choice.

Moreover, this app gives you access to the photo and video gallery on your child’s phone. You can also gain access and track all of their social media usages, including instant messages across various platforms such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.

Furthermore, mSpy has a GPS tracking feature that documents the location of your device, thus make you aware of your children’s place. You can also use it to block websites or applications you find unsuitable for your kids.

 Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy is another top-rated spyware tool that lets you keep your kids on track through their device monitoring.  It stores everything activity on the target device, and even logs information that gets deleted. Quite useful for child safety, it comes with basic and premium versions.

 Mobile Spy also tracks all text messages your kid sends and receives on a device. It records all calls made, allowing you to listen to the conversations of your children. In addition, you can monitor their social media activity to make sure no predators are targeting them.

The tracking app grants you access to your child’s gallery. Sift through their pictures and videos for the harmful content they may have received. Trace their web usage and block websites your kids should not use. This feature applies to apps, as well; you can block and uninstall applications remotely. 

 If you desire added functionality, opt for the premium version. It lets you record the background voice through the device’s microphone. Additionally, it allows you to view the screen in real-time and activate the camera whenever you feel the kids are in danger. You can also monitor your children’s location. 

In case you lose access to the phone at any time, use the SMS command function to receive information on it. 


Another excellent phone monitoring app, it is continuously improving with new updates and is also available for personal computers. The basic features include GPS tracking, social media monitoring, internet history logging, and call recording. 

 Besides, it can help you retrieve lost passwords and allows you to activate the target device’s microphone and camera remotely. 

 In addition to recording phone calls, it gives you realtime alerts on received calls and text messages. You can also choose to receive alerts for specific keywords and even delete messages that contain certain words.   


Cocospy comes with advanced GPS that allows for real-time location tracking to know the location of your kids. For this purpose, it uses the Wi-Fi and LTE networks along with the GPS. 

The app tracks all the activities, including messages, and allows screenshots of conversations. Moreover, it lets you trace internet history. Along with these regular spyware features, you can also monitor several built-in mobile applications such as to-do lists and calendars. It aids you in knowing your children’s plans and intercept before they do anything harmful. 

Cocospy is also available for businesses that want to monitor their employee’s activities.  


FamiSafe takes location tracking to a whole new level. Not only does it let you trace the current and past location of the device, but it also notifies you when it leaves its designated area. You can take advantage of this to know when your child enters a dangerous zone or leaves premises when they shouldn’t have. 

 This cellphone monitoring app authorizes you to control your kids’ screen time by setting smart schedules and watching their phone screens remotely. Use it to block applications and filter the content they can access on the internet. FamiSafe detects suspicious content and notifies you, as well. 

 Installing a phone tracker app is a must for parents in the present era. All the applications on our list are legit. However, despite being legal, there are still ways to use these apps illegally, so make sure you comply with the local law. 

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