Our Top Picks For The Best NFL Fantasy Football Mobile Apps

If you’re a fan of pro football, but a real, true diehard fan of NFL action, then you’re probably also a fan of playing fantasy football. In fantasy football, you basically get to live your best NFL-like experience of what it’s like to be a general manager and head coach of a team you yourself build from the ground up.

Some of the top Las Vegas NFL odds oddsmakers have even gotten into the whole fantasy football craze, offering the best odds and predictions of which players can cause the most impact for your team week in and week out.

Nowadays, thanks to technological advances, especially in the mobile device area, there’s a slew of apps all focused on making the fantasy football experience that much better and easier for football fans all around. With that said, here are our picks for the best NFL fantasy football-related mobile apps out right now.


Starting off the list we have to go for the most complete and up-to-date fantasy football-related apps out right now and a definite fan favorite, Sleeper. This app has come to the aid of football fans that have been looking for a mobile option in which to do their fantasy football dealings without having to deal with any unnecessary hassles, info or spam from other sources. This app has shown in the short period of time it has been up that it decided to put the fans’ wants and opinions first in order to deliver a top-performing product and service.

Their management of the player trading process and the fact that they have a built in voice chat function that allows users to talk, discuss, comment or just plain thrash talk with their league rivals makes this app a fan favorite. The way they stay on top of all stats, in game and league alerts and the fact that they offer users a website for use when not being able to use a phone only proves that Sleeper is definitely an app all football fantasy fans should have.

NFL Fantasy

We couldn’t really do this list without mentioning the NFL’s own fantasy football app, could we? Nah, we couldn’t, so that’s why we bring you NFL Fantasy. While it doesn’t have as many commodities as Sleeper offers, the NFL Fantasy app still offers a pretty good service all around. 

You can have a league that can hold as little as four players and as much as 20 players, it has some good options for in-game bonuses, and its alert systems for scores and other live game actions is pretty solid. One of their best features though is the fact that in it you can have some of the best game experts analyzing all the information and stats you may need to know about before making any picks, trades or moves.

With all this said though, be aware that while this app is free for general use, just like with almost every other app for mobile devices, if you want the really good stuff you’re going to have to pay. After paying a $9.99 charge fans are able to make use of some of their best traits like waiver wire searches, better draft rank tools, lineup optimization options and others. It’s a pretty sweet deal if you’re willing to pay.

ESPN Fantasy Football App

If there are anybody football fans should really thank for when thinking about the invention of fantasy football and all it has to offer, then ESPN takes the price hands down. Yes, the ESPN Fantasy Football app might not be the best in the market, but it’s a very solid option for people who are starting to get into the whole world of fantasy football and are looking for a no thrills app that is great at doing exactly what is asked from it. 

Their handling of news, information and stats is of course very good, I mean, it’s ESPN, what would you expect. Apart from that the app doesn’t necessarily offer fans many options or commodities to really play with, but still offers a pretty solid system.

Just one piece of advice, do not fall victim to their trade function, trust us when we tell you you’re better off without it. Until you see or hear that they’ve done some real work updating it and fixing its bugs, just let it live in the dark, forgotten parts of the app.

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