Best Over Ear Headphones For Working Out [Top 5]

Best Over Ear Headphones For Working OutThe headphones are a good solution for daily situations of all kinds: they help you not to disturb the neighbors; they accompany you when you go out running; they offer you complete immersion when you watch a movie, or they make you more bearable the way to work.

But all this is possible only and only when you have good quality Over-Ear headphones. Although there are good options at a reasonable price, in this list you will only find in the ear headphones that really offer you an unforgettable experience.

As you will see, we have first listed the items you want to have in mind before making the purchase. They are not affordable for all budgets, so you’ll want to make sure that the device you buy fits your needs. For more info check Trustorereview

Keys to keep in mind before buying a headset

Headphone or headset, no matter what you call them, the important thing is that you want them to sound good; the problem is that the definition of “good sound” is very subjective and what for you is an excellent sound for another is not.

That’s why we’ve prepared this guide to buy the best headphones or headset. With it, you can have a more clear how to choose your headphones Over-Ear at the best price.

1. How much are you willing to pay for an Over-Ear headphone?

Although we have already warned you that in this list you will not find the cheapest headphones on the market, you may also want to buy those that, at a better price, also have an excellent price-quality ratio.

In this article, we have included devices that go up to $100. Among the various options that we offer, there are some that are definitely available to a few – more than $500 -, but others that, without being cheap, can be a good birthday gift.

2. What kind of headphones do you need?

We can classify the wide variety of headphones that exist in the market into three main categories taking into account their physical characteristics and the experience they offer the user.

Supra-aural headphones. These headphones are placed above the ears and held in the head using an on ear. They are usually smaller than circumaural and do not offer such a good sound quality.

Circumaural headphones. Similar to supra-aural, Circularly or over-ear headphones differ from the previous ones because they are larger and cover the ears completely, which allows them to have better sound quality.

3. With cable or without cable

You can buy Over-Ear type headset with a cable or without cable. The wireless ones work mainly through Bluetooth technology. If you have good headphones with cable, this guarantees the transmission of audio without interference, so if you are looking for good sound, it is better to choose them with cable.

Now, if you are looking for comfort, wireless headphones are more comfortable, for example, you can watch that movie or listen to your favorite music lying on your bed. There are wireless headphones with impressive sound quality.

4. Impedance

Defining these terms without going into technicalities is difficult; we can say that the impedance is the resistance to passage the electric current. We measure it in Ohms, and those who know recommend that a headset type have a measurement of about 32 ohms.

The lower the impedance level, the more volume we will have, but it is important to consider that the higher the impedance the headphones have, the higher the voltage will need to work.

If you will use your headphones mainly with mobile devices, keep in mind that they usually have a low output impedance and use a low voltage, so the headphones should have a low impedance, between 16 and 32 ohms.

Now, if you will use them with equipment with good output impedance, you could buy headphones like those used by DJs with an impedance between 200 and 300 Ohms.

5. Frequency range

The frequency ranges together with the impedance makes a good sound. Most headphones cover a wide range; the human ear can perceive sounds in a range that goes from 20 to 20 000 Hz, so in what refers to the headphones, the higher the range of frequencies that cover, the more likely you are to hear both bass and sharp with perfect quality.

If besides having a wide frequency range, there is a low harmonic distortion, it guarantees a good listening experience.

6. Sound pressure level

We define this characteristic as the intensity of sound that in a certain way generates acoustic pressure in our ear. We measure the parameter in decibels (dB) and ranges from 0 to 140, with 0 dB the threshold of hearing and 140 dB the threshold of pain.

Experts say that an acoustic pressure level between 94-100 dB can be present in audio with good sound.

There are many other characteristics that can determine if a headset or headset is ideal or not; It is also important that you let yourself be guided by the recommendations or opinions of experts or users who have experienced.

7. What other electronic devices do I have?

We are not going to cheat: anybody wants to buy a device and spend a kidney on it and then come home and realize that it is not entirely compatible with the other electronic devices that you usually use.

That’s why it’s worth looking first at the compatibility of the headphones you’ll find on this list. You will see that they are with most smartphones, tablets, and computers, but it is worth checking beforehand.

What are the best Over-Ear headphones?

Nowadays, audio broadcast devices are almost as important as multimedia players themselves. For this, there is a wide variety of options, which offer extensive ranges of sound quality, depending on your needs and tastes.

The important thing is that the experience of listening to music videos and video games is comfortable and pleasant for you. You must take into account the quality of the sound, the type of headphones you want or if you want a wireless or wired equipment.

There’s nothing like finding yourself with music, and that’s why headset headphones are one of the most requested models in the world.

A headset should be able to transmit, in a comfortable way, what you want to hear, so we assume that, with such variety, it is difficult to decide for one of them and, for that reason, we provide you with a list, where you will find the best quality Over-Ear headphones at a reasonable price, according to the opinion of expert and happy consumers.

1. Bose QuietComfort 35 II

The best headphones that you can find today in the market are without a doubt the QuiteComfort 35 II from Bose, a brand with an excellent reputation within the multimedia sector and with more than half a century of experience.

If you bet on these helmets, which you can buy comfortably at Amazon, you will take home a product that not only has a spectacular design and elegance but also offers excellent features unparalleled.

Note, for example, the new feature they have added with the launch of this model: its compatibility with Google’s virtual assistant. Now, this is not anywhere near the only advantage of these headphones.

We are in front of helmets very comfortable to use and with a battery that will last your hours and will allow you to travel to the other side of the pond without worrying about you running out. To all this is added its noise cancellation function and its very high sound quality.

2. Bowers & Wilkins PX

Take off your hat by the British company Bowers & Wilkins and their first headphones with noise cancellation, which you can easily purchase from their website or Amazon for a somewhat reduced price.

If we compare them with the Bose headphones, it is true that they gain in the design and the experience that an advanced user will have with them. However, B & W’s will be a perfect option for most people.

Moreover, the PX model has a higher manufacturing quality, and the quality of the sound has nothing to envy its rivals either. In this sense, these new helmets incorporate part of the technology already used by the company with its P9 Signature.

Another virtue of these headphones is that the autonomy of the battery is more than enough for a day listening to music wirelessly. We think they are a good addition, too, the sensors that detect when you take off your helmets.

3. Nuraphone

Since the launch of the Nuraphone headphones to the market, the company Nura has been responsible for talking about the wonders of the technology it uses, so that from the beginning we have prepared to analyze this product with caution.

The result of our first contact with these helmets could not be better. With them, you will be able to enjoy a personalized sound to your own ear and with a quality that even costs to imagine. He has not disappointed us at all.

You may not be too attracted to the design of these headphones, but if you do not give too much importance, you will have in return a device capable of offering a high-quality bass. Also, you can easily get them on Amazon.

Among its other virtues, we find the use of aptX technology, something that makes them excellent wireless helmets. The battery will not run out for almost a day and offers high compatibility with many devices.

4. Denon AH-MM400

The model AH-MM400 Denon is another great option. You will hardly be able to resist the charm that these headphones give to the finishes in American walnut wood.

Headphones are not easier to transport from the list, but they can still be bent without major complications. Its circumaural design makes them perfectly adapted to the size of your head.

This last feature also prevents any external noise from leaking, and you can enjoy your music or podcasts without interruption. Despite this acoustic isolation, the certain thing is that it does not get quality of sound so good as one of the other models of Denon.

Taking all this into account, we think it is a good product and will satisfy the needs of most consumers. It seems a good idea to also check its availability on Amazon, where it is usually easy to find offers.

5.Audio-Technica ATH-AR3BT

With its ATH-AR3BT model, Audio-Technica has achieved the perfect balance: well-made headphones that offer good audio quality at a reasonable price. This makes them a good option for any type of user.

The Japanese company has opted for a minimalist design, as it has done in previous models. We like the metal frame that gives a touch of color and contrasts with the plastic body protected with a padded cover.

You can choose between white or black, although the metallic touch is always in golden color. Maybe it will take you a while – though not too much – to learn to master the buttons included in the headphones that will allow you to turn up and down the volume or skip a song.

The audio quality of the ATH-AR3BT does not disappoint. It’s just what you would expect from headphones with this price and these dimensions. You will be able to perceive well the basses and the halftones, although some notes of a guitar are somewhat hidden.

6. Sennheiser RS ​​120 II

They can be used with any type of equipment that has analog 3.5mm RCA audio outputs of 6.3m, which are the ones that include the wireless transmitter of the RS 120 RF, so its use is diverse and broad.

From a regular TV, so you can enjoy your favorite music or programs without disturbing others with a loud sound. Also, they can be used with sound reproduction equipment.

It has a response frequency of 22 19 500 Hz and analytical sound reproduction with good bass power and an SPL sound pressure of 106 dB; works with Stereo 863 865 MHz, RF, FM or 926 928 MHz technology.

It also gives you freedom of movement of up to 100 meters so you will always have to be near the transmitter which makes them an ideal item to enjoy what you dislike the most. It is important to note that we cannot use these wireless RF system headphones with Bluetooth technology because it is not compatible.

Ease of Use

They are light so they will not bother your ears so use them for a long time because they only weigh 231 grams and their dimensions are adjusted to any type of head, round or more square; in centimeters, they are 22.5 x 8.5 x 13.3.

Work with rechargeable batteries so you can enjoy the headphones for a long time and continuously since they last approximately 20 hours and also with the purchase of the equipment you will also buy triple-A BATTERY of Ni-MH type.

Also, when you have to load them, you will not have to worry about where to leave your hearing aids, since it has built-in metal support to store them.

It also has integrated with the purchase of an installation system to locate the transmitter on the wall, so it is more comfortable to use it.

Being able to have wireless headphones is almost essential for music lovers since they allow you to enjoy it anywhere, without having to rely on the annoying cables that sometimes hinder the development.

This model, Sennheiser RS ​​120 II, offers you that and more because you have freedom of movement of up to 90 meters of the transmitter, with exceptionally adjustable sound quality and that you can enjoy with various electronic equipment such as televisions, computers, phones, tablets, and the Hi-Fi audio.

The downside

The only disadvantage of use reported by buyers is that the sound pads tend to fall easily, but this may be because it misplaces them and it releases the friction. That’s why we recommend that you check all these details before using them so you can enjoy them to the full and without impediments.      

For its price-quality ratio, besides its exceptional system of independence and sound power, this is one of the most recommended products on our list if you are looking for a wireless TV headset that allows you to save some money without sacrificing the quality of the reproductions.

7. Sony MDR-ZX310APB

The Sony MDR-ZX310APB model has the sound quality that we can expect in a product from this manufacturer. A quality based on neodymium diaphragms of 30 millimeters in diameter, which have a nominal sensitivity of 98 db / mW.

They also have one of the widest frequency ranges on the market, ranging from 10 to 24,000 hertz. This translates into a sound richer in details, more powerful bass and clearer treble.

All topped with an adequate insulation system that eliminates outside noise and allows you to concentrate only on the music.

Another important element of these headphones is the comfort of use they offer us. The adjustable system allows you to place them on your head if suits you, without the product tightening or bothering.

It is suitable even for users of greater size or size, without complications as far as available space is concerned.

It also manifests this comfort in the padding of the headphones. This padding has a soft material and a quality padding so that the feeling when wearing headphones are appropriate. Something in which, again, that touch of quality that Sony adds to its products is demonstrated. To top off this model, Sony has designed it to be foldable. But do not fold by closing the headphones, but using a turning system that further reduces the space occupied by the headphones and fewer affects its integrity.

Ease of Use

The product also has connection cable with an adequate length and good resistance, so it does not deteriorate even with the most demanding uses. This cable also has an integrated microphone, so you can use the headphones to make phone calls comfortably.

Something for which the product includes compatibility with almost any device, having a 3.5 mm jack connection cable, widely known and recognized among manufacturers.

These headphones have all the sound quality of the brand which is reflected in details such as a sensitivity of 98 db / mW or a range of frequencies ranging from 10 to 24,000 hertz, the largest in the market.

Some user misses something more resistance in the materials of manufacture of the product, so it is convenient to treat them with care.

A usual model when looking for the best Over-Ear headphones of the moment, which offers the sound quality of the brand and a comfortable design, both when using it and storing it.

8.Pioneer SE-MS5T-S

Speaking of the Pioneer SE-MS5T-S model is talking about another quality product for equipping ourselves. Headset headphones from a quality manufacturer which is perceived in details such as HiRes technology.

Which improves the quality of the bass and gives greater richness to the perceived sound. Something for which these headphones also have a high isolation capacity, so you will not have to worry about the noise of your environment.

We can use these functions both with your favorite music and when making calls from your mobile since the headphones also include a microphone, and control to manage playback. And to comfort you, the Over-Ear is also padded, improving the feeling of use even during longer listening sessions.

HiRes technology gives extra power to the bass for enjoying any content so they sound as they deserve. The headphone cable includes a remote control with which to keep control of your mobile phone, without having to remove it from your pocket.

The product offers a significant level of insulation so you do not have problems with the noise of the environment in which you move.

The cable has a length of 1.2 meters, so it can be smaller than what larger users need or prefer longer cables. Here, we are not talking about folding headphones, so if you want to take them with you, you will have to keep something else in place.

As usual, we leave you the results of the analysis we have done on this model, so you have clear which headset headphones to buy.

9. JVC HA-S180-B

If you are one of those people whose headphones last an assault, we have thought of you. And the model JVC HA-S180-B is the best quality price headset headphones we have found.

Something that, however, is not very noticeable in the quality of sound they offer, further enhanced with the Deep Bass Port system. A genius of JVC that generates deep bass and quality, for enjoying a better sound.

The product also has superior comfort, with details such as its seamless pads or a comfortable fit over your ears. And so you miss nothing, once you finish using them, you only have to fold them, so they do not take up space with taking them with you.

Let us know more detail of this model, which shows us that a cheap product does not have to be of poor quality.

If you like the bases of your favorite music to “stick” with force, this model incorporates the Deep Bass Port system, designed for that purpose.

The product has a frequency range that goes from 10 to 22,000 hertz to give more richness to the sound. The structure of the headphones is foldable so it is easier for you to store them and take them with you wherever you want.

The cable has a length of 1.2 meters, which can be short for users of greater height or span. This model does not include a microphone or remote control, so if you want to control your phone or talk with the headphones, resort to another model.

#10. Philips SHL 3000WT

Now we present the Philips SHL 3000WT headset headphones. The most striking of them is their low cost and the results it offers, given that the quality of sound and comfort will leave you satisfied.

In addition, it is aimed at music fans, since they designed it to provide a quality sound experience.

It has a practical and modern design, which for its 32 millimeters helmets with padded and rotating pads, will allow you to relax from the environment as many times as you like.

Likewise, they have compelling bass sounds, with a monitoring system type DJ and the frequency of 20 – 20,000 Hz, which will allow you to enjoy a perfect sound anywhere.

Likewise, it has good sound isolation, guaranteed thanks to its change design, and being fully foldable to transport them easily and lightly, since its weight is 140g so you can use them for hours. It is one of the most requested cheap Over-Ear headphones on the market.

So, below we give you the advantages and disadvantages of one of the cheapest Over-Ear headphones on the market, the Philips SHL 3000WT, so you have the possibility to compare all the options described and choose the most suitable for you.

You can find these headphones in different colors and have the freedom to choose between these the one of your preference. Similarly, it should be mentioned that it has pads on both sides and top of the model, providing greater comfort. In addition, they are folding and rotating headphones.

Ease of Use

Excellent sound isolation since they design it for the use of music professionals as DJ’s. It has a powerful sound system that guarantees excellent bass and clear audio, without distortions.

It is the smallest and most economical model in the list with dimensions of 18.5 x 6 x 4 cm, and a weight of just 141 grams. Use this to your advantage!

They are designed based on plastic in its majority, the reason it is necessary to have greater care in its use, or they could spoil in any moment.

Users have let you know that these headphones tend to tighten a lot in the ears, so it becomes uncomfortable and difficult to use after a long lapse of time.

How to use an Over-Ear headphone

Nothing like the “helmets” to evade the “worldly noise” and be able to listen to what we want. And, if we do it with style, well then better. In this sense, the diadem headphones are unusually sober and, flirty. Ergonomic, comfortable and light, they allow us to use them for long hours, causing no auditory discomfort, where we do not abuse the volume.

Adjustments for all sizes

Most brands and models of Over-Ear headphones allow you to adjust them, with accuracy and comfort, to your “size” head. For example, it is vital that the pads offer full coverage to your ears.

In this way, neither the sound of your hearing aids escapes to the outside world, nor the external noise bothers you. Then, you just have to adjust the Over-Ear, gently, over the top of your head. Once placed comfortably, you are ready to enjoy its use.

Which model suits you

The choice of the specific model will depend on the use that you will give, the design that best suits your personality and, obviously, the budget allocated.

A very important consideration is to select a fluffy Over-Ear (they are lined in fabric, plastic, synthetic or natural leather, and even bare metal), which will avoid headaches and general discomfort. As for the pads, the more padded, the better.

If you are one of those who privilege music with all its auditory richness, the headphones of huge pavilions (called “circumaural”) have been designed for you. Usually, they are the biggest, colorful and padded.

Whoever wants maximum sound power, should look for the highest sensitivity (up to 115 dB). Now it’s time to review specifications such as the type of connectivity you need for your headphones (wired and wireless to be used with portable audio sources such as the mobile phone or tablet). Within the diversity of models, there are foldable -ultralight- and with a protective cover for travel.

Built-in microphone

If you are looking for headphones with a microphone, the important thing for this purpose of the use is the precision and clarity of your communication. That is to say, that each word uttered and heard by both speakers is intelligible at a comfortable (and healthy) hearing level for the ear.

Also, you should be able to speak with a dosed tone of voice, with which you do not have to strain your vocal cords or upset anyone around. The microphone (unidirectional) has to be properly positioned just in front of your mouth and close to it (only 2 centimeters). When speaking, you must pronounce correctly, avoiding the colloquial speech that “swallows” some vowels and consonants.

If you are a Skype user, you need to have a headset with a microphone compatible with your device that consists of two independent connectors, one for the microphone and the other for the audio which you must insert in the corresponding ports of the equipment, visually identified with a symbol of microphone and another one of hearing aids, although the majority is connected through an USB port.

Best Brands

Choosing a headset is difficult; there are too many options on the market. So we have compared the characteristics of some models with the comments of many users on the Internet, but as we know that the brand is an issue that concerns us all, in this opportunity, we will briefly analyze the most important of the market, among them: SONY, PHILIPS and SENNHEISER.


SONY is a company conceived by Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita in 1946, in Tokyo, Japan, as the Telecommunications Engineering Corporation of Tokyo (Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo ‘or’ Totsuko), starting its operations with the creation and repair of electronic equipment.

As of 1958, the company changed its name to Sony Corporation and marketed its products under the SONY brand, based on the Latin word “sonus” which means “sound”, and the expression “sonny boy” that It referred to a person of free and daring spirit, evoking with it the spirit of the company.

SONY opens to the world market in 1955 with the sale of portable transmitter radios in the American market. Given the success of its products for the 60s and 70s, it diversified its production to appliances innovating with the TV and the VHS video player and the Walkman in the nineties.

Through its entertainment line, SONY produces and markets Over-Ear headphones with a luxurious look and feel. They have an integrated control that allows playing via Bluetooth audio of superior quality faithful to the original recording, regardless of the volume or style of music.


Philips & Co is an electronics company founded by Gerard Philips with his father Benjamin Frederick and his brother Anton Philips in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, starting with the manufacture of quality incandescent lamps.

In 1914 he created a research laboratory (NatLab) to study physical and chemical phenomena and, in this way, stimulate the innovation of these products.

Given the success in the manufacture of light bulbs throughout Europe, PHILIPS diversifies. In 1916 he developed and commercialized the first radios. By 1933 he made his way in the United States with the production of X-ray equipment and machines for X-rays. Later, in 1938 he presented his first television and a year later the electric razor.

PHILIPS began to lead the world market in consumer electronics creating trends and innovating in the processing of images, sound, and data, with the compact audio cassette in 1963 and hand in hand with Sony, the CD in 1983 and the DVD in 1997.

Among the recent innovations of PHILIPS are the Fidelio headphones, with ergonomic design and bluetooth technology, they are comfortable and allow you to enjoy the reproduction of a distinctive high fidelity sound.


In 1945 SENNHEISER ELECTRONIC GMBH & CO. KG is founded by Dr. Fritz Sennheiser in Wedemark, Germany. This company was born as a laboratory dedicated to the manufacture of tube voltmeters. With over 60 years of experience, it diversifies and produces prestigious electroacoustic devices.

This brand is a world leader in the development and production of consumer electronics, the installation of sound systems, audiology, telecommunications, aviation, among these: microphones, headphones, and telephone accessories. It has manufacturing plants in Europe and America and sales subsidiaries in the latter, including Asia.

Its products focus on providing solutions to professionals in the music, television, radio, film and theater industries. SENNHEISER is recognized worldwide for its contributions in these areas and has been awarded important prizes such as The Award for Scientific Achievement, Grammy, Emmy, among others.

The experience for achieving perfection has made SENNHEISER offer audiophiles a range of headphones of optimal quality, light and comfortable, which are specialized to reproduce natural sounds, powerful, and without distortion. Likewise, it has incorporated Bluetooth technology, guaranteeing free mobility and a high-fidelity audio experience in open spaces.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: Which ones are better, the headset headphones open or closed?

In deciding whether open or closed headset headphones are better, it is convenient to know, first, what we are talking about. The open headset headphones are those in which the ear is not completely covered, but it places the speaker on the ear but without isolating it from the outside.

Closed headphones are those that completely isolate the user from any external noise, thus improving the quality of the sound that is heard. Knowing this difference, we already have the answer to this question. And deciding which headphones are better for us will depend on the use we will give them.

In case you want to use these headphones for running, for walking or in situations where we have to be attentive to what happens around us, the best option will be open headset headphones.

However, in case we want to use these headphones at home to play with our computer or video game console, to listen to music on our sofa or to edit music or to videoconference in front of the PC.

The option of using closed headphones is more advisable that they will keep us better isolated from the outside than open products. Something that will improve the final quality of the listening by eliminating any noise that we have nearby.

Q2: How do sweat Over-Ear headphones stand?

Headset headphones, whether they are open or closed, are products that have been designed with adequate insulation to prevent moisture and sweat from deteriorating their performance. In fact, many of these products have IP-type insulation of different levels whereby they can even have adequate protection against rain.

Therefore, we will not have to worry too much about the effects sweat may have on the proper functioning of our headphones. Anyway, if you need a model for a more extreme or complex situation as far as humidity is concerned, you can always look for it with high IP protection, as we have mentioned before.

Q3: How to use a headset with glasses?

One of the main problems faced by people who wear glasses regarding headset headphones is how to adjust the side of the glasses with the closure of the same. Here, it is advisable to bet on models that have a certain slack in ​​the side, not in the closing on the ear.

A slack that should be enough so that the Over-Ear does not press on the side of the glasses while we are wearing them. If we look at the different headset headphones that we have in the market, we will see how some of them have a more straight design in what refers to the legs that support the headphones.

Other models have a more curved design to the outside, these being the most recommended to be used by those who wear glasses since they exert that lower pressure that gives greater comfort to users with glasses. In any case, you can also search the network and read user reviews to guide you on which models are more convenient to use with glasses.

Q4: Are headphones recommended for sports?

For a long time, headset headphones were the only option to listen to music while doing sports. At present, the market has evolved considerably with many products, but these types of headphones are still suitable for this use.

There are two fundamental aspects that we must remember before choosing a specific model. The first of these is to bet on open design models so we do not remain totally isolated from the outside. Something that can be a risk in case we dedicate ourselves to running or carrying out activities abroad.

We also recommend it we review the weight of this product so it is no more annoying than it should be if used for a long time. And finally,

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