Best Places to Sell Your Laptop Online

In today’s digital era, everybody has a mobile and a laptop regardless of owning any other possession. However, with challenging pandemic times, our devices quickly get outdated and need to be replaced.

We often know where to buy the new ones from but are clueless as to where to sell the old ones off; after all, they cost us a fortune in the first place!

We will give you a swift, easy and convenient solution for this and help you get the most bang for your buck when you head to sell your old laptop the next time!

In the following few lines, we will clear all your doubts and apprehensions about selling your laptop online, hang on tight and enjoy the ride!

Let us begin with the best place to sell your laptop online; that’s right, SellBroke!

Best Places to Sell Your Laptop Online


SellBroke is the best place to sell your laptop online for several reasons. With a 4.7 rating on google reviews and boasting to be the highest paying site for old devices in the USA, SellBroke has been increasing in this business for 13 years. Here at SellBroke, we cover the most critical factors that come to mind when selling a laptop or any electronic device, starting from a secure process of dealing with data while changing hands. 

All information is permanently deleted from any machine that is sold here. SellBroke takes devices in any battered, mutilated, or non-working condition instead of other websites; we have a clean environment in mind as we support recycling.


Decluttr is another place where you can sell your old laptops. You can choose from various payment options with free shipping and direct deposit available.

On the downside, though, there is an option for MacBook only, and it provides services only in the United States.


This is another relatively popular online retailer for selling old laptops. Gazelle sports a fast selling process and is quite popular with the MacBook sales. However, much like Decluttr, it only lets you deal with Macbooks and provides services in the United States.


Swappa lets you buy and sell quite a variety of electronics. It is less formal, though, as it enables you to sell directly to the consumer and not work like a retailer. It allows you to set the price with a good variety of brands and makes it eligible to buy and sell. Also, unlike declutter and Gazelle, you can sell other electronics here, too, like your phone, tablet, video games, intelligent home systems, etc.

However, you have to bear the shipping costs here, which is a big drawback. It also requires close and contrasts monitoring of the negotiations, which can be a headache for some.


How can we complete a discussion about selling without including ebay? Although selling as a business on ebay is tough, selling individual items is relatively more straightforward.

Ebay lets you set your price and offer a much wider audience. Although, it again offers no free shipping, and more competition can mean a lower price for your laptop.


This is an option to use if you prefer having gift cards and in-store credit instead of cash for your old devices.

Large stores like amazon, best buy, staples, dell, and Lenovo offer this service, and even in-store trade is available in some stores.

The demerits of the trade-in are that it eradicates the cash transaction, which some people prefer for various reasons. Also, trade-in valuation can be lower than what could be if you sold directly to another customer. 

Mac of all trades

As the name suggests, this is the best place for buying and selling old apple products. Besides accepting damaged goods too, it provides an in-depth form with free shipping all over the USA.

On the downsides though, it again lets you deal only with apple products. Overall, this is a sensible option for selling upgraded laptops or Apple products in general.

Gadget Salvation

Gadget Salvation offers a better marketplace variety than Mac of all trades with free shipping and multiple payment options.

On the other hand, it is available in the U.S. only and needs users to reset their device before submitting it. This place has a reputation for taking your device when no other site accepts it.


Letgo allows a lot of products besides electronics to be sold too with an easy listing process and allowing users to set prices. It is available in US and Canada, although one must be comfortable meeting buyers if you sell in person.


This user-friendly website supports a wide range of gadgets, even second-hand computers.

On Nextworth, you could get a fast estimate and decide if or not to trade the laptop. To obtain a price, check the site and select “Get a Quote” from the menu bar. Choose a make and model for the gadget you would like to sell (laptop). Based on the changing demands, the site changes its approved deals. This implies that you may be unable to sell laptops from certain manufacturers at times.


According to a report from HP, most mid-range laptops last three to four years max, and even high-range ones do not have a much longer life. So, although it could be challenging to let go of your prized possessions, you are getting deals like the one SellBroke is offering, and things become hard to resist.