Best SEO tips for Educational Websites In 2021

If you work in the educational field, you know how important it is to reach a potential audience, including teachers, students, and even their parents. You need to show up on the first page of the search engines. How to achieve this? The educational website has to be credible so that people feel comfortable and safe. Security is primarily financial: users need to know that they will be able to pay for and receive high-quality services without any problems. 

Websites that are important for human well-being need to meet three parameters – expertise, credibility, and integrity. How much the website meets these requirements is decided by assessors, who are, real people, not search bots. It takes a lot of work to make them satisfied with what you suggest.

Taking into account the peculiarities of the subject matter, the following vectors are becoming a priority in SEO promotion of the educational services website:

1. Developing Quality Content

Development of content on the website and constant work with the semantic core. All content should be expert, quality, and regularly updated. Besides, the quality of the website content is assessed by the algorithms that help to recognize and understand the natural language of users. The algorithms are designed to improve the search results by understanding the user’s request more accurately and in more detail and find the most relevant websites. 

Therefore, the content of the educational website should take into account the user’s intent, be as natural as possible, and do not look spammy. Often, the creators of the websites themselves do not engage in such activities but offer them to copywriters. For the latter, it has become a way to earn extra money on the Internet. Copywriting is writing articles for websites for money. It’s like writing articles for newspapers and magazines, but the copywriter’s articles are bought by the publisher.

2.Having Unique Images

As a rule, to gain high positions in the search results, it is important not only to have high-quality unique text but also to have unique images. According to ComboApp higher education marketing agency, all search engines love unique illustrations, as well as videos and animations. These types of content not only offer additional information but also increase behavioral factors, keeping visitors on the page for additional time.

3.Improving commercial and usability factors.

This includes everything that affects consumer confidence: the website should be user-friendly, work on mobile devices without any bugs and look so that there is no doubt that it can be trusted with your money.

4.Improving search engine reputation management (SERM) and working with reviews.

Word of mouth plays a very important role in the educational sphere. Negative search reviews can reduce website traffic, so it is important to monitor the organization’s reputation and prevent negative reviews in time.

5.Regional promotion.

If your website was created for a certain institution, it is important to focus on geo-dependent queries so that users can understand how convenient it is for them to visit this particular organization. You need to register all branches in Google My Business to display profiles on Google Maps. It is only necessary to fill in profiles with reliable and up-to-date data. 

6.Registering at thematic catalogs and forums.

It is crucial for SEO for any website to build a relevant backlink profile. For example, if you have a language learning website, you need to look for educational forums and recommend your service in threads where people discuss how to learn a new language or similar topics. Besides, you can search for educational catalogs and web directories to create profiles for your company or the educational services you offer.

7.Reaching out to bloggers and influencers in your niche.

If your product or service is related to the education niche, it is recommended to look for bloggers and reviewers who specialize in this niche. Create a catching pitch describing your strong sides and competitive advantages, as well as the value your educational solution can bring to people.  

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