20 Best Shopify Themes for Your Ecommerce Store [Clothing & Jewelry]

 Shopify Themes for Your Ecommerce StoreThe article was created in cooperation with buddy.works

Do you have an eCommerce clothing store, or maybe a jewelry store? We got the best Shopify themes for many different eCommerce stores.

The theme of your website can make a huge difference in how successful it is. It can set the tone, assist in attracting customers, and even portray your brand in a positive light. In short, a well-designed theme can ensure your site is successful. This is actually where the customizing starts. When you first set up your site you will, undoubtedly.

Be provided with a selection of options regarding how you want your site to look. The initial layouts may even be free. However, if you take one look at the Internet, you will see there are hundreds to choose from.

Every theme you look at will offer some advantages and some disadvantages. The trick is to find the one that portrays your site best.

It is worth a short delay to get this crucial step correct. It doesn’t matter whether you are shopping for yourself or for a client; there is a Shopify theme for you.

Features Offered by Shopify ThemesFeatures Offered by Shopify Themes

There are several key traits which any online store should have to help ensure success. It is these factors which will ensure your online shop is remembered and revisited.

It will even encourage people to recommend your site to their friends.

Understanding the important details of any theme will help to solidify the right theme for your needs and your brand:

  • The theme should provide a clean image. Generally, this should be modern unless you specifically need an older era. You should be able to adjust the theme to meet your needs.
  • It is very important that any theme you choose is capable of working with a variety of different browsers. It should also respond quickly to customer input.
  • SEO is the means by which you can promote your website. It will also help you to appear higher in search engine rankings. Your theme must be easy to work within your SEO campaigns.
  • Finally, no matter how good a theme is, you will want to customize it. If you do not, it is simply another generic site. Being able to customize your theme will help to ensure your website appeals directly to your target audience.

You can choose between the different Shopify themes available and ensure that the process of starting your online store starts with the best possible chance of success.

20 Best Shopify Themes

To assist you in choosing the right theme for your needs, the following are the top twenty themes currently featured on the Theme Forest website:

1. ForwardForward Shopify theme

The Forward theme is a relative newcomer to the scene. However, it has already received five-star reviews and promises an exciting, vibrant image.

This will help to ensure your site is at the cutting edge of current trends. Although initially designed for the fashion industry, this theme can be used by virtually any web store.

There is a good selection of layouts available for each of your pages; ensuring complete customization and a unique looking site.

In addition, you can choose to utilize the newsletter pop up. This is essential to generating a customer base and keeping them in touch with your latest developments.

2. Your Store

This theme has been voted the most wanted in a contest held by Envato. It has the enviable status of being the top-selling theme at Themeforest.

There are 22 different layouts which are ready to use and a host of customizable factors; including headers.

Footers and any other part of the page you can think of. You don’t need any prior HTML knowledge to use this theme; just follow the guidance in the admin section and start creating your dream site!

3. EllaElla shopify theme

This theme has sold in excess of 4,000 times. It offers clean-cut lines mixed with dynamic customization options.

It is specifically designed to fit a wide variety of different screen sizes and an exceptionally easy to use the navigational module.

The range of options is designed with clothing shops in mind. However, it can be effective with a wide array of online stores.

The ability to build a combination of selection options allows every customer to find their perfect piece of apparel every time!

4. NexGeek

This theme has a modern yet classical professional look which can appeal to any business wanting to be taken seriously.

There is a huge range of options available to assist you in generating the perfect site for your niche.

One of the nicest features is the use of information blocks; this allows your visitors to find out the information they need in a matter of moments.

More impressive is the fact that there is no need to have any knowledge of coding; the entire site can be customized simply by following the relevant links.

5. Handyshopify themes for artists

The design of this theme is to appeal to those in the arts and crafts markets. It is laid out to enable you to display all your individual craft creations.

It is completely useable from the box but you can also customize functions in just about any way you can imagine.

The professional, clean-cut lines also hint at a little fun; helping to attract clients to visit and browse. It will automatically adapt to fit the screen and device someone is using.

As well as the responsive design it makes full use of the mega menu feature to ensure all products can be accessed quickly and easily. The focus remains firmly on the customer.

6. Beauty

Although this vibrant theme is designed with beauty products in mind it can easily be adapted to suit a variety of different online stores.

The mixture of colors combines perfectly with the clean lines to give an easy viewing experience for the customer.

Their focus is on the product and not what the site is doing. The Beauty theme does make use of several recent technological improvements.

Including HTML5 and Font Awesome 4. As with all these themes, it is exceptionally easy and intuitive to customize any of the settings.

7. Effect

This exceptional professional looking theme is designed using Twitter’s Bootstrap 3.1 framework. This makes it exceptionally adaptable for all social media sites.

There is a huge range of color choices to ensure you can create the perfect shade for your business.

These colors will display perfectly on all devices making this an excellent them for those who are looking to target the mobile market.

8. Focusbest shopify themes for clothing

You can select from three different home pages with this theme. Each of them oozes charm and sophistication.

The elegant but simple lines of the site allow the maximum focus to place the products and not the gadgets.

The theme uses responsive technology and has multiple header options. It is the perfect solution for someone new to the business.

You can use it and customize it as you want. Whichever way you choose to set up your theme; the customer will feel comfortable and in control.

9. Ap Coolstuff

This theme has eight different homepages available from you to choose from and is extremely responsive; it will automatically adapt to virtually any screen.

You can select from a large array of colors to create the perfect look; whether bold and bright or clinical and white.

Customers will also benefit from being able to use a quick view to see specific products and effortlessly navigate through your site.

10. Funity

This responsive theme will automatically adjust to the size of the user’s screen. This makes it an excellent choice for anyone looking to reach a young, vibrant audience.

You can customize three levels of dropdown menus, arrange your homepage as you like it and even incorporate a product zoom!

It also offers the all-important newsletter option to help your customers remain loyal to your site!

11. AzshopAZshop best shopify themes for jewelry

This ultra-sleek design is modern with a hint of the traditional. It has also been created to allow you to start up multiple businesses all linked to the same site.

You can access four different homepages and the Awesome 4 font.

The site uses HTML5 and will display perfectly on any number of devices.  It also offers access to mega menus, product details, and a newsletter. In addition, you may want to use the beautiful image slider to add a sparkle to your site.

12. BEStore

This theme is actually the winner of the most wanted contest. It offers nine different options for your layout; all of which are pre-made.

It also provides you with a range of customized choices to ensure your store will stand out.

In addition, you can access plugins for free and adjust all the settings effortlessly via the admin panel.

There are seven different headers and six-footers, alongside a variety of product layouts and even a choice of listing options.

13. Qrack

The Qrack theme is 100% responsive; allowing it to appear perfectly on any device. It is equipped with easy to control Twitter and Instagram feeds and uses the Timber framework.

This is the official Shopify base. In addition, you will find some impressive mega menu options.

Featured products and layered navigation. All the features are designed to make it easy for your customer to find the product they need.

14. Minimal Fashion

Whilst this theme is clearly designed for fashion stores, it is possible to adapt it to a variety of other businesses.

You can select from two active homepages and add a product attribute swatch which will allow you to show exact colors and sizes for all your clothes.

The site is easy to navigate and offers clean lines with access to multiple images, a comparison chart and a search as you type option.

15. BabyBaby shopify theme

This theme has become a hit with sites selling baby clothes and accessories. Its popularity is due to the impressive simplicity of the site.

From creation to use, you can set up the site instinctively and can navigate with ease.

You can choose from three theme colors, a selection of banners and utilize the impressive slideshow feature to ensure your customer is enthralled.

16. Moza

This theme focuses on bringing speed to your website. But despite having minimal extras, it is still full of interesting and useful features.

One of the best attributes of this site is its built-in translator which allows you to convert your site into almost any other language.

The style of this theme is certainly minimal and this allows the focus to be on your products. Although fairly new to the market it is showing a lot of promise.

17. Petmart

This theme comes preloaded with a variety of pet images. Of course, you can quickly remove these and add your own images if you prefer.

The theme will allow you to quickly add your products while it’s ready for use at any moment on any device.

There are three homepages to choose from and an excellent Quickview feature. In addition, you can choose from several design styles and make sure your customer reviews are fully featured.

18. Home Market

This theme is designed to help you quickly create your site even when you have huge numbers of products. The bigger the inventory the better this theme will handle it for you!

It is exceptionally easy to set your site up and create a range of categories to assist you and your customers in locating the right item.

You can even select to use the Mega Menu in the horizontal style instead of the traditional vertical version. There is also a quick product viewer and a link to ensure similar products can be sold together.

19. Quickshop

The Quickshop theme is designed to minimize the amount of time you need to spend designing your site. It allows you to drag and drop items where you want them.Allowing you to instantly transform your site into an attractive offering for customers.

The lines are clean and well presented with the ability to customize the size of your images; as well as choosing the right headers.

20. Brilliant

This theme is exactly what it says it is; brilliant! The integrated mega menu is designed to make any customer visit as easy as possible.

It focuses on images allowing you to present your products in the best possible light, and convince customers to become buyers.

You will also find it useful to access the blog page, contact page and even a translation option which come as standard with this impressive yet incredibly easy to use the theme.

Our Final Take: Shopify Themes

There are literally hundreds of different Shopify themes available, take the time to choose the one that is right for your business (hosting too); it can make the difference between success and failure.

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