The Best Smart Home Devices for 2021 [Simplify Your Life]

Our homes are becoming more technology based with many things that we use in the home now connected to the internet.  It goes beyond just our phones and computers. And can have more impact than winning an Intertops casino no deposit bonus.

Today it is possible to connect almost anything to the internet, lights, cameras, window blinds, speakers, all appliances and the list just goes on.  And furthermore, it is possible for those devices to communicate, that is, to send you data and take your instructions.  Really other worldly. It’s called the Internet of Things (IoT) and it is the key element of smart homes and home automation.

smart home is a home where you are able to control all, or many, of the things in the home. For instance, window blinds, or lights, by simply pressing a button or initiating a voice command.   Some things are very simple to activate, for instance, arranging for a table lamp to switch on and off when required, and are reasonably cheap.  Others, like security cameras, may be more complicated and also more expensive.

There are so many good smart home products out there from you to choose from. There will be something that will be useful to you.  They also make great gifts.  Below are a number of the best ones out there.

Smart speakers

The Amazon Echo Bluetooth speaker is run by Amazon’s virtual assistant, Alexa.  It is possible to use Alexa for a number of different smart home devices.  Putting in a little effort you can get Alexa to control many of the tech gadgets in your home by making a voice command.  The Echo Dot including the clock can connect to your favorite speaker.  It is not expensive and will add Alexa functionality.  You could also invest in a touch screen to make video calls and search results and the Echo Show 5, 8, or 10 are all good.

Google Nest Hub Family

The Google Assistant is an alternative to Amazon’s Alexa and a good choice is the Google Nest Hub line of speakers and smart displays. There is a Google Home Max, big and great sound or the Google Nest Hub Max which is both attractive and has a great smart display. The other smaller ones, Nest Audio, Nest Mini and Nest Hub are also good and affordable and allow you to have a Google Assistant in all the rooms of your home.

Sonos One

If you can’t make your mind up between Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant you could go for Sonos One which supports both and it is far better than most other smart speakers in the same price range.   The Sonos One is also able to connect to other Sonos speakers, for instance, the Arc, Move and Beam.  All provide good quality sound and access to a voice assistant everywhere in the house.

Smart Plugs

The ConnectSense Smart Outlet 2 are great smart plugs to add to your home.  They add smarts to most of your home appliances, for example to your television, coffee maker or table lamps.   The ConnectSense Smart Outlet 2 is a dual outlet smart plug.  It works with an iOS mobile app or Android and can be used with Alexa, Google Assistant and also with Siri.  However, it does not have IFTTT support, however, you are able to get it working with other smart home devices by using HomeKit Scenes and Automations and it checks the energy use in both outlets.

D-Link mydlink Outdoor WiFi Smart Plug (DSP-W320)

With this plug it is possible to have control of all your outside devices.  Lighting and pool equipment can b easily controlled by a mobile app on your phone.  It has dual outlets and also a USB charging port and is fully weatherproof for outside use.  It can be used with most smart home devices that use IFTTT applets and supports Alexa and Googleb Assistant voice instructions.

Security Cameras for the home

The best of the best of outdoor cameras is the Arlo Ultra.   It is the first to stream and record video in 4K or in Ultra High Definition.  It has masses of tech features which include automatic zooming, color night vision, spotlight and siren, a field view of 189 degree and many more.   It is easy to install and is completely wireless.  In order to benefit from all that the camera provides you do have to sign up for one of Arlo’s subscriptions but it is worth it as you get the best outdoor security camera.

Wyze Cam Outdoor

This is the company’s first outdoor camera and it does the same as their indoor models, it provides sharp 1080p video at a very good price and better than most of its competitors. Alexa and Google voice commands are also supported and it works with devices using IFTTT applets. It can also be used and integrated with other Wyze items.  The best and perfectly affordable outdoor security camera.

SimCam 1S Al Camera

This home security camera delivers clear 1080p video and exact motion detection. Face recognition is used to identify those coming in and out. It will deliver smart alerts that make distinctions between people, vehicles and animals. It offers a 360- degree mechanical rotation mechanism and has local storage for motion-generated video recordings. It also includes a 16GB microSD card and supports both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.  It works with other devices using IFTTT applets and has dual band Wifi.

RemoBell S

The new RemoBell S is a big improvement on its predecessor.  It is a far slimmer product that offers on demand HD video and completely free cloud recording.  Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are both supported and can be used with other home devices via IFTTT applets.   It does use the doorbell wiring that you currently have but it is still fairly simple to install and provides good motion detection and is not expensive.

Nanit Plus

The Nanit Plus is an improvement on the original model. This new version has two-way audio, and has excellent features, for example, it monitors breathing.  However, it is not cheap, but it provides loads of information that it is not really possible to put a price on.

Furbo camera

This camera is basically an indoor security camera and a dog sitter at the same time.  It delivers sharp 1080p video, has two-way audio and will alert you when there is barking so you can actually talk to your pet.    The best feature is that it allows you to furnish your pup with treats when you are not at home!  The Furbo Dog Camera is on the expensive side. But it gives you the freedom and peace of mind to know that both your pet and your home are being protected.

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