3 Best Smart Pulse Oximeters in 2021

With the world going digital, even medical equipment like pulse oximeters is joining the race. There has been a major update in medical tech with these smart pulse oximeters. There is quite a range of options depending upon your requirement.

The readings of your pulse oximeter must be accurate, through which you can understand the functioning of your body properly. The FDA advises that the readings of a pulse oximeter can be inaccurate if you are wearing nail paint or have a darker skin color.

This is where the smart pulse oximeters come in. This article will see the best three smart pulse oximeters that will give you accurate readings.

1. Wellue o2Ring

Ring diameter: 50-82mm

Weight: 15g

Water resistance: IP24

Compatibility: iOS 9+, Android 5+, macOS 10.5+, Windows 7/8/10


  • Smartphone synchronization
  • Suitable for long-term monitoring

This is a slightly thick (3.8cm/1.5in) black polished thumb-ring.  However, a second look reveals that it is not a piece of jewelry, with the hidden built-in display revealing the game.

A rechargeable battery is hidden inside the black pebble, which may monitor blood oxygen, pulse (BPM), and motion for up to 16 hours at 1-second intervals. All of your data can be synchronized to your App or laptop over Bluetooth 4.  The ring can also be configured to vibrate if it falls below a certain level.

This is marketed as a more convenient alternative to wrist-worn options, although its price is far higher than a simple finger measure. As per https://www.sensoronics.com, if you’re monitoring your sleep, this is a good choice.

2. Apple Watch 6

Face diameter: 44mm

Weight: 30.5g

Power: Rechargeable

Compatibility: iOS


  • Choice of stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium 
  • Huge variety of colors and strap styles

Health is at the priority of the latest and best-ever Apple Watch’s new features. Motion sensors are used in a new sleep app to track how you sleep. Most importantly, it has a pulse oximeter for the first time.

It uses a cluster of four IR LEDs to take a SpO2 measurement in under 15 seconds and monitor the readings 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The new Watch OS 7 also ensures that VO2 Max values could be used by a range of applications. Moreover, you may even receive a notification if your VO2 Max falls below a certain threshold.

3. Garmin Vivoactive 4

Face diameter: 45mm

Weight: 50g

Power: Rechargeable

Compatibility: iOS, Android


  • An amazing smartwatch with pulse readings on a budget
  • Round face design

Athletes, particularly mountaineers, can benefit from blood-oxygen monitoring to ensure they are managing low oxygen levels at altitude. While the built-in monitor in Garmin isn’t medical-grade, it can undoubtedly provide information. It also monitors heart rate, hydration, body energy, sleep, and stress tracking, among other features.

The watch also has GPS and coaching features, as well as contactless payments and a music player, to assist you in a workout. All of these features are before you pair it with your smartphone for notifications and other features.

If you are looking for a smartwatch to track your blood oxygen levels, this is a good option. It doesn’t claim to be medical-grade but has some unique features. This model features a 45mm face; however, a smaller Garmin Vivoactive 4S model with a 40mm face is also available.

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