Best Speakers For Gamers in 2021

Any avid gamer knows that no dream gaming setup is complete without a great set of speakers – you want incredible depth, crisp sound and bass that you can really feel. The most suitable PC speakers for you will largely depend on how much you want to splash out for them, how much room you’ve got available for them and how good you want the sound quality to be.

The importance of crisp, sharp sound when gaming can be the difference between life and death in games. Depending on how you prefer to play games, good speakers can impact the overall experience you get, when enjoying console or browser based games. For example when you open CS:GO cases and pull a good skin or item, it’s always nice to hear some ambience, which is accelerated even further with quality speakers.

So sit down and buckle up, because we’re going to run you through our favourite picks for all of the categories above and more – including soundbars for those who like a slimmer profile for their speaker and even speakers with cool interconnected light effects.

 Each of the speakers and soundbars we mention is absolutely fantastic on their own, but keep reading if you want to find the one that is the best fit for your specific gaming setup – no matter if you only want a small set of speakers or want a significant boost in your auditory department!

Best Overall Speakers For Gaming: G560 LightSync by Logitech

The reason these speakers are great: 

They perfectly fuse audio quality and with a great, eye-catching style.

Who are these speakers ideal for

The gamer that likes to have decent sound quality but also wants an aesthetic set up for their gaming that is easy on the eye. 

 Our thoughts: 

Logitech is one of the biggest names when it comes to desktop sound fidelity – and pc speakers for gaming in general. But they can put out some models that are a bit lacklustre in the aesthetics department, looking a little too bland for the more out there gamer who wants their gaming station to look a bit funkier. That’s where the G560’s come in, which are a powerhouse combination of both outstanding sound with fully a customizable backlighting feature.

The speakers are 240 watts, offering a level of audio quality you’d expect from more expensive models without the bulky subwoofer you’d have to deal with. You won’t just be hearing all of the sounds – you’ll be feeling most of them too. 

Almost all of the elements of the audio that is played through these speakers can be tweaked to your heart’s desire with the special Logitech sound software – you can create custom profiles that are perfect for individual games or switch over to modes that enhance certain sounds. You’ve also got support for the DTS:X surround sound format.

As for the RGB lights, they are incredibly intuitive: For the games that are compatible (This list is always being added to), the lights will actually sync up to the gameplay. Otherwise, you’ll be able to sync up your music or easily set the lights to whatever colour or combination of colours. There’s even a special mode that can match up different colours to represent your character’s health in-game!

Best Soundbar for Gaming: Leviathan Dolby 5.1 by Razer

The reason this soundbar is great: 

The Leviathan is an absolute beast of a soundbar with a subwoofer that’s thrown in, making it a great deal for the price bracket.

Who is the soundbar perfect for?

Both console and pc gamers who like a whole lot of bass when they play – and also like to leave the mess of wires behind.

Our thoughts:

At a compact 20 inches in length, the Leviathan from Razer is a great deal smaller than the average soundbar. This compact size makes it perfect for use on your desk or perched just in front of a TV.

This soundbar has a connection via a 3.5mm jack whilst also having an option to connect to your devices via Bluetooth. Having these two separate methods for connection gives the Leviathan some great versatility – you aren’t just stuck connecting your console or computer, you can also connect any device that has Bluetooth such as your phone or tablet.

Even though it seems like quite a small soundbar, this miniature sound monster isn’t called the Leviathan for nothing. Thanks to innovative technology that creates a virtual surround sound, you don’t just get rich sound but also a heavy, deep bass. Because of this, games that have large explosions such as first-person shooters are perfect to be played on the Leviathan, whilst more atmospheric and dialogue-driven games such as RPG’s will be wasted potential.

Best Gaming Speakers on a Budget: CA-3602 by Cyber Acoustics

The reason this soundbar is great: 

You get a great ‘bang for your buck’ deal with this kit – perfect for gamers who don’t want to splash out too much.

Who is the soundbar perfect for?

Pc gamers who want to spend more of their money on other parts of their set-up and want a budget set of speakers.

Our thoughts:

Whilst it’s common sense to not expect the best audio from a set of budget speakers, you don’t want to tolerate tinny-sounding audio that ruins your experience either. This budget set from Cyber Acoustics has a superb 2.1 set up that while won’t exactly blow away audiophiles, is leaps and bounds better than your standard stock TV speakers or monitors. You can expect deep bass thanks to the acoustically balanced wood cabinet for the drivers in the sub.

With the kit, you get a little circular controller pod that is handy to have around. It functions as a master control dial, a switch to turn the speakers on and off, volume control for the bass, an audio jack for your headphones and an auxiliary jack that goes directly into your computer, tablet, smartphone or any other device. 

Best Gaming Speakers For Small Spaces: Nommo Chroma by Razer

The reason this soundbar is great: 

These speakers symbolise the term small but mighty, packing a wallop of a sound in a confined space with added RGB lighting effects. 

Who is the soundbar perfect for?

Gamers who don’t have ample space for a bigger speaker setup

Our thoughts:

Lacking space to have a bigger speaker setup that sprawls out over your desk? Or maybe you prefer a minimalistic set-up for your gaming? Either way, it’s worth looking at the Nommo Chroma by Razer.

Whilst the set-up lacks a subwoofer like the other set’s we have listed here, they pack more punch than you’d expect for their size. They also come with a great set of stands built directly into the speakers, meaning they can stand alone right next to your television, a monitor that you’re using, either side of a laptop or just plain and simply on your desktop.

The set has bass ports that face backwards which are great for giving you a nice and full bass sound even without a sub. The sounds are customizable through the exclusive Synapse software that Razer has, giving you full control over EQ settings and preferences. 

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