When Is The Best Time To Buy A Laptop – Know The Perfect Timing That Suits Your Needs

When is the best time to buy a laptop? This is probably one of the best questions that everyone asks before buying their new laptop. Every time new components come out that will always be more powerful than those of the previous year.

Hard to find someone who doesn’t like a bargain. After all, why pay more for something we can find for a better price, right?

Thinking about the world of technology, it is not always easy to find out when is the best time to invest in a new device and still save a few bucks. But there are some specific dates when we usually get some discounts.

If you are considering replacing your PC, we have some tips that can help you choose the best time to buy a laptop. However, first of all you must keep in mind that there will never be a perfect date for buying a new laptop. That’s because prices are subject to change all the time – they can go up or down without warning.

Therefore, the tips below are only recommendations and not low price guarantees. One must keep in mind that you can expect a price drop that will never come.

The operating system is almost the least, since you will have to wait for the relevant updates to be installed once the machine is turned on. Also, if what you are looking for is avant-garde computer without skimping on the budget, we will answer the question too: when is the best time to buy a laptop.

The best time to buy a laptop


We assume that if you are still reading this, you have begun to look for information on which components are the most powerful in the market, as well as possible configurations. You will also have active alerts that notify you of flash offers that appear on the Web, or even go to electronic stores collecting brochures and consulting models.

A good laptop, especially if you need power, is an investment. So if you don’t have enough money to afford it, you can save a few months or put up next year to opt for more modern models. But if money is not a problem you will ask yourself: can I buy a powerful laptop now? The answer is a clear no.

The main reason is the components that mount and there are two in particular in which you must pay attention: the graphics card and the processor . Remember that a laptop only opens to clean it and that the components cannot be changed for the most part, so it is important to have the latest in order to last as long as possible.

The memory and the graphics processor are essential and now we are at a key moment for both. The first quarter of the year has passed and the announcements of new components appear.

Let’s give an example for each chip. Intel will not have Apple to offer its chips in 2020, but until then it will benefit from the most powerful in the house.

As if that weren’t enough, the range caps will no longer be the i7, but the eighth generation of processors will arrive with the i9 in the lead. This translates into six cores capable of moving more frames in games or editing videos in 4K 59% faster.

Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday


Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday (or “Cyber ​​Monday”) are terms created by retail to name the annual sales actions that take place on Friday and Monday, respectively, after the Holiday. Thanks the dates originated in the United States, but in recent years have become a worldwide phenomenon.

For online consumers, this is a great opportunity to shop cheaply at major online stores in the country. However, our reality on Black Friday is basically about congested websites and a lot of fraud. Several retailers take advantage of the fever around these dates to raise prices days before and after giving non-existent discounts. Consumers should check product prices before finalizing their purchase to identify whether the purchase will be advantageous or not.

Back to school

At the beginning of the year it is common to see retailers trying to hook parents and students with back-to-school discounts. Offerings range from tablets to laptops to computers. Big companies like Apple and HP also usually offer good discounts at this time.

Many people are unaware, but Apple has an educational area where it sells its computers and iPads at special rates to college students, college-approved students, parents of college students, teachers and school staff at any time of the year (there are limits on amount). At the Apple Store for Education you can save up to $ 1,100 on Macs and up to $ 80 on iPads.

Hardware Transition Period


If new bombastic hardware is about to be released, retailers tend to offer very interesting discounts to “spawn” inventory and clear the way for new things.

There is no definite time frame for these hardware transitions as different manufacturers operate in different cycles, so it is important to keep an eye on major releases from companies such as Intel , AMD , and others.

Technology is advancing rapidly and we will always see new things coming to the market all the time, so if you are looking for a general-purpose computer, nothing too specific, this transitional moment may be a good opportunity to buy an affordable machine.

If we focus on the graphics, NVIDIA has announced the arrival of its new GTX 11 cards (formerly called GTX 20). They will arrive with new improved architecture and more power, so if you are a gamer who does not settle for anything other than the best.

Although they still do not have a fixed date, the custom mandates that it will be after summer when they reach the market. Therefore, the best time to buy a laptop is in autumn, although if you need one you can already find great deals with top i7 processors and a good graphics.

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