4 Best Time Tracking Software For Retail And Restaurants 

Gone are the days when handwritten schedules and timesheets were a real deal. With the advancement in technology, there are now time tracking software that are available for retails and restaurants, making things easier for administrative staff. 

With these tools, you can easily track the approximate time and ensure that your recordings are free of any errors. 

When you use a digital tool to monitor your employees’ timings, you get ample of additional time on your hands that you can utilize to finish extra work. By using these hours to focus on the customers of your retail or restaurants, the chances of your operations running smoothly increases. 

Moreover, these digital tools also make life easier for you when it’s time for paychecks to roll out. It will eliminate the need to add employee hours manually. You can easily sync the billable hours of your employees to the software and let the system do the magic. 

In this article, you can read about the top time tracking software and apps that are surely worth investing your money in. 

Best Time Tracking Software For Retail And Restaurants 

1.Time Doctor

One of the top time and attendance tracking software is Time Doctor. This customizable tool simplifies the life of your administrative staff by not only checking the attendance instantly but also monitoring the workflow of your retail or restaurant.

This tool offers reports that have the specific and exact timings of your employees. Hence, Time Doctor is a great tool that you can use to integrate the time that you have tracked with the payroll. Moreover, you can also choose your own payment program as per your preferences and objectives.  


AttendLab is a simple and easy-to-use time tracking software that you can consider investing your money in. This cloud-based attendance platform allows you to track your employees’ timings and monitor the attendance of your employees across multiple locations.

This tool offers biometric recognition which enables you to also collect significant employee information. You can easily manage your timesheets and generate reports for your employees as per your convenience and requirement. These reports are supported by CSV, Excel, or PDF file formats


If you are looking for the highest-rated time entry system that is available in the market, BigTime is your best bet. This software lets your employees log in their time easily and quickly.

One of the most useful features for this software is that you can access it and check for the reports of your employees for attendance from anywhere you want. It is not just your time tracking software.

You can also allocate your resources more effectively with the help of this tool, thus helping your retail or restaurant to manage work in a more constructive manner. 


As the name suggests, ExakTime is a tool that you can use to figure out the exact hours and days your employees are giving to your retail or restaurant.

This is a cloud-based time and attendance software that is capable of capturing the time data with the help of wireless field clock devices, biometrics, web time tracking, and more.

This is extremely convenient to use software that allows you and your employees to clock in and out with just a tap of a button, eliminating the need to track anything manually. 


There is no dearth of time tracking software in the market that makes the lives of the staff of retail and restaurants much easier. This digital tool eliminates the need for handwritten timesheets and allows you to record error-free hours. Time tracking software is also of great help for specific payrolls of your employees. 

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