5 Best UTV Speakers [User Ratings & Buyers Guide]

Best UTV SpeakersUTV speakers refer to audio components and systems that help to enhance the thrill of music as you ride your UTV. The speakers are available as separate components or as a single unit. As separate components, the UTV speakers come with front units, rear units, an amp, clamps, and mounts.

You will also find a TFT display that acts as the control center for your audio system. That is not all. A BlueTooth head unit and wiring to make the connections are also included.

For the all in one unit, its already assembled. All you need to do is make the necessary connections and enjoy the best audio experience. You can find these and similar UTV speakers at Rad.Parts. While you’re at it, feel free to browse other UTV accessories that will come in handy during your off-road adventures

In fact, if you make the connections as instructed, you can stream music from your phone. If you want a more surround effect, we recommend having front and rear speakers plus the bass unit.

Waterproof UTV Speakers


How Much Do UTV Speakers Cost?

With the best UTV speakers, you can take the party along for the ride. When shopping for UTV audio systems, you will come across soundbars, audio pods, overhead speaker systems and more.

UTV soundbars go for $200 to $600 while audio pods go for $500 to $1000. You also have the overhead UTV speakers. Such a system will set you back $500 to $1500 (this depends on the features).

That is not all. You also have customized UTV audio systems. Such systems cost $600 to $2000. If you want to buy the audio components as separate units, you can do so.

For example, an amp goes for $100 to $300, the BlueTooth media controller with aux input and USB goes for $100 to $200.

For an all-weather dash kit multimedia controller, you can buy at the following price range: $25 to $50. Other audio components include door speakers at $400, front speakers at $100 and bar mount speakers with RGB LEDs at $200.

How Does a UTV Speaker Work?

Today, you can find UTVs anywhere. Hunters use them to transport their gear and access remote locations. Farmers use UTVs to inspect their ranches.

While these versatile vehicles are big and powerful, they lack one of the coolest accessories – an audio system.

There are cool audio accessories in the market. You have custom audio systems, front speakers, rear speakers, audio pods and TFT LCDs. You also have soundbars, marine rated receivers, amps, and woofers.

To have both lights and audio, there are audio systems with color-changing LED lights. With all these audio accessories, you can bring awesome audio on your adventures. How does a UTV speaker work?

Well, it works like a standard speaker. Once you stream music from your phone, electrical signals get converted into sound waves. This is normally done by an electromagnet.

The electromagnet is connected to the cone, made of a flexible material. The cone amplifies the vibrations pumping sound waves into your ears. That is how you get to listen to your favorite playlist.

What Wire To Use for UTV Speakers?

When determining the wire to use for your UTV speakers, consider the gauge. According to the American Wire Gauge number, the lower the gauge number, the thicker the wire.

The following are the available wire gauge numbers: 12, 14, 16, and 18.

Twelve and fourteen gauges are for high power applications, low impedance speakers and long wire runs. For 50 feet or less, 16 gauge is best for the job.

To determine the length of wire needed, use a string. Run it from the receiver to the amp and speaker locations. Measure according to the string and add a few extra feet.

The Loudest ATV Speakers: Our Top Pick

Our top pick for the loudest ATV speakers is the Sound Storm Laboratories BTB8 Sound System.

Here is why? Both the tweeters and speakers are typically powered by a built-in 700-watt Class D amplifier.

Compared to other amps, the Class D amp runs efficiently and comes in a compact design. The audio system is weatherproof. This means it’s protected from splashed water, fog, and rain.

It has built-in BlueTooth connectivity. As such, you can stream your favorite music from your smartphone.

In fact, you can stream via popular streaming services such as Pandora and Spotify. You also have the Aux input. This allows you to connect external devices such as MP3 players or your smartphone.

The audio system has 8-inch marine speakers and 1-inch tweeters. Combined, they deliver a thrilling music experience to your ears and the surrounding. To top it all, its plug and play.

All you have to do after installing the audio system is to plug into a 12 V power source and you are good to go.

Bluetooth UTV Speakers

Factors to Consider Before Buying UTV Speakers

Best UTV SpeakersThere are several things to consider before buying the best UTV speakers. Here are the top four.

Type of speaker

There are a variety of speakers to choose from. You have soundbars, front speakers, rear speakers, and bar mount speakers. You also have the choice of overhead audio systems.

Some of the speaker systems above are wireless while others are wired. Others provide a simple stereo experience while others offer surround sound experience. When shopping for the best UTV speakers, personal preference should drive your choice.

Quality of Sound

The quality of sound depends on the size of the speakers, tweeters, and amp. Common speaker sizes for UTV audio systems range from 3 inches to 10 inches. For the tweeters, you have 1 inch to 3 inches. Let’s face it. Everyone has different tastes.

To some people, certain audio systems sound great while they don’t appeal to them. To gauge the sound quality of the audio systems, visit your local store. This gives you a chance to test the speakers and find out if they appeal to you or not. Don’t forget to load your favorite music in your smartphone to stream via Bluetooth.

Ease of installation

The best UTV speakers should be easy to install. That means, in the package, you should find mounts and clamps for the speakers. The audio unit should be plug and play. As such, you only need to connect to a 12 V source and enjoy your music as you drive.It’s important to ensure that the owner’s manual is easy to follow and understand. If the audio system has several components, the installation will not be easy. In fact, you will require the help of a professional.


You have budget UTV speaker systems and high-end audio systems. Budget speaker systems have two speakers, a built-in amp and are affordable. High-end speaker systems have extra features. For instance, color-changing LED lights, LCD displays, woofers, more speakers and tweeters. Such systems offer a thrilling experience but it’s not always a guarantee.

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