8 Best Zapier Alternatives in 2021

With technology advancing rapidly, businesses are incorporating many different applications and software-packages to make their operations run in a smooth and efficient manner. However, at times many of these applications need to be used simultaneously, and it can be a challenge to do so if there is no workflow automation in a particular business. This is where Zapier comes into play. Zapier is a market-leading workflow automation software provider which interlinks various software packages in order to move information between them in an effective way. 

Indeed , Zapier integrates various apps so they work in unison with each other. However, Zapier’s complex user interface and integration issues with certain apps make the platform problematic for certain users. Fortunately, there are many alternatives to Zapier that businesses can consider for their day-to-day operations.

Here are the top alternatives to Zapier.


An innovative workflow automation provider, Integrately has integrations available for all the top business apps. With over 250000+ ready integrations, Custom SaaS integrations can also be done by the in-house engineering team. With free trial plans available, Integrately plans start from $15 per month.  Indeed, through its 1 click integrations, Integrately is rapidly becoming one of the top workflow-automation software providers, with instant mapping and ready automations available for all the top CRM, marketing, management and survey apps.


1) Ready mappings available with no steps to perform

2) Speedy platform connects apps within 5 minutes

3) Competitive pricing plans compared to peers

4) Prompt customer service 


1) More ready integrations need to be added to the platform (work in progress)


A simple and easy to use platform, Automate.io provides workflow automation for non-technical users. Automate.io also has collaboration tools and high-end data encryption. With a free plan available, Automate.io plans start at $29 per month.


1) Drag and drop features available for complex workflows

2)Features available to add conditional logic and time delays


1) Platform tends to lag frequently

2) Time corrections need to be synced frequently for 2FA authentication features


Through its Anypoint platform, Mulesoft provides industry-specific solutions for businesses looking for workflow automation. Mulesoft offers many pre-built connectors and templates, along with a networking platform to connect with other developers. Pricing plans can be obtained by contacting Mulesoft customer care. A free trial plan is also available.


1) Sleek dashboard for centralized monitoring and controlling of integrations

2) Networking tools available to connect with developers


1) User interface is very complex and many users may require training

2) Pricing plans are not transparent and openly available on the website


A flagship product of Torocloud, Martini is a handy platform that helps create API centric integrations, workflows and application microservices. Martini offers a low-code tool for data integration, management and API building (Gloop), a workflow engine (Flux) to automate business processes and full life-cycle API and data management services. Martini also offers application building tools and analytics. With a free plan available, starting plans start from $600 per month. 


1) Integrations can be triggered from multiple transports and protocols

2) Full stack web applications can be built using Gloop templates


1) High pricing compared to peers 

2) More suitable for users with coding knowledge, hence learning curve is steeper.


Integromat offers interactive tools that help visualise workflow automations and data flows. Along with a user-friendly integration editor and hundreds of ready templates, Integromat also offers a developer platform to create customised applications. With a free plan available, basic plans start from $9 per month.


1) Simple functions can be used to program integrations and workflows

2) Mobile app is available


1)Poor documentation makes initial learning curve steep

2) Editor is cluttered and overloaded with many features


Celigo’s integration platform helps build and manage complex integrations at scale.Celigo comes with developer tools, pre-built connectors and error management features that make orcehstrations and integrations easy to manage. Pricing plans start from $7200 per year, no monthly plans available. A free trial plan is available. 


1) Detailed knowledge base available for developers

2) Cloud to cloud synchronization available through Cloudextend features


1) Pricing plans are expensive compared to peers

2) More geared towards developers than users from non-coding backgrounds


Specialising as a cloud-data platform, Skyvia offers integration, connectivity and various data management and backup services. Skyvia also comes with several ready-made connectors for many popular business apps. Prices start from $9 per month and free trial plans are also available.


1) Visual query builder to manage and access data from any browser

2) Automatic data backup features are available through cloud servers


1) Synchornisation process can be slow

2) Customer support is lacking compared to peers


Workato offers an all-round IPaas (Integration Platform as a Service). Along with workflow automation, Workato also caters to businesses looking to incorporate artificial intelligence and bots into their business processes. Workato also offers serverless operations for businesses looking for elastic scaling. All pricing plans are customisable as per client requirements.


1)  Low-code API management makes the user-interface smooth and easy for non-technical users.

2) Customisable integrations can be embedded though Robotic Process Automation (RPA)


1) Pricing plans are not openly disclosed 

2) Customer support and knowledge base is lacking compared to peers.

Final Verdict

We hope this article helped you in selecting the right Zapier Alternative! If you are interested in checking more Alternatives to Zapier, check this detailed list by Better Alternative.

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