The Biggest Gaming Trends You Need To Tune Into In 2023

The gaming industry is forever evolving, and because of that it’s forever exciting too. It’s an industry that rarely gets stale and over the last few decades we’ve seen technology take it to a new level on multiple occasions.

From the biggest action hits to games of roulette on Casino777, every genre has been transformed, and that’s going to continue over the coming years and decade too as we welcome more virtual reality, holograms, faster and more dynamic software and so much more.

2023 will once again be another good year for gaming and as always there will be plenty of trends emerging along the way. So, what exactly can we expect?

Cloud gaming to continue to take centre stage

Cloud gaming will continue to enter the mainstream and be the number one way we consume games, with the likes of PlayStation Now, Xbox Cloud and Steam being the go-to for gamers these days.

Physical copies will continue to diminish and by this time next year cloud gaming will have progressed even further, with fewer lags and a better all round system in place where it doesn’t matter what device you’re using.

Some amazing reboots and exciting games

We’re all set to welcome some pretty awesome new games next year, including a brand new edition of Street Fighter. Yes, Street Fighter 6 is on the horizon, the first game in seven years and it will be another real classic with various modes and compatibility across all major devices.

Dead Space is also returning for the first time since 2008, with the third-person survival horror expected to be a big hit.

New genres emerging

While over the last decade we’ve seen the online casino industry go from strength-to-strength in gaming, we’re about to see fitness gaming become huge.

We saw it become relatively popular a few years ago with the Nintendo Wii, but it’s expected to be a lot more sophisticated over the coming years with active video games (AVG) set to really take off.

More women centric games

It’s needed to happen for some time, and finally game producers are taking note of the large number of women involved in and enjoying games today by putting female heroes and characters at the centre of games.

Around 45% of gamers in Asia are female, as well as 40% in the USA and it’s time we started to see some amazing women in our games too.

Esports to continue to grow

Esports is huge these days, but it’s perhaps still fair to say it hasn’t become the mainstream. However, that is certainly coming and will we see Esports tournaments on main TV channels over the next 12 months? Quite possibly…

There has long been talk of Esports becoming an Olympic sport, and while that’s a pipe dream at present, the more people that consume Esports both as participants and spectators, the more likely that is to happen. Would we have imagined skateboarding in the Olympics not that long ago? Probably not!