How The Biggest Names In Gaming industry Use Technology To Compete

The iGaming industry might be one of the most competitive industries to be in. Technology plays a significant role in remaining in a prime position and see a fair share of the market. 

igaming is big business, there are thousands of gambling and betting sites across the globe, but there are only a few bigs names that pull in players in the thousands. 

And those big names have remained competitive and growing at a rapid rate – consistently for years. 

Enticing new customers with a no deposit bonus ensures that there are countless new signups every minute. However, over time it becomes essential to keep those players. The technology used to issue the deposit can track when it is used, which accounts have claimed theirs, and if the customer we retained after using it. 

Player retention is the key to a prosperous igaming business. 

So what are the technologies that keep igaming companies competitive and exciting? 

Payment Services

iGaming companies meet the players where they are – rather than requiring them to jump through hoops to pay and play. This means having one of the broadest selections of payment options for their players. 

The right technology allowed gaming providers to utilize PayPal, Adyen, Skrill, and Neteller. This payment processing technology offers the perfect solution for playing online. 

The portals are secure and instant. 

As a player, it is your duty to check that there is an SSL or a lock in the URL bar of the website you are playing on. This will help separate the legitimate sites from those who aren’t.

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Online casinos put the security of their account holders above everything. They are using all of the available technology to protect accounts and ensure that there is a secure payment method. 

Here are a few things that you can look for to make sure you have the highest protection. 

Two-step verification – Using two-step verification means using an extra layer over the password for your account. For two-step verification, you may use an authentication app on your mobile. You can also opt for a text message to your mobile containing a code. 

ID Verification – When you sign up for your account, you might need to supply I.D. This can help verify your details. It also safeguards your account; if you have an issue, you can be helped at speed – usually by using your ID. 

This is two-fold, as it also helps protect minors from signing up for casino accounts. 

End-to-end encryption – end-to-end encryption ensures that all of the communications between your account and the casino are only accessible by the intended recipient. Data encryption means that the information is scrambled and forms an unbreakable code. You are likely familiar with end-to-end encryption with apps like Whatsapp. 

Casino Gaming Software

The gaming software that is used is one of the most competitive areas. Presenting players with the most brilliant and most innovative games is no easy feat. 

Games are complex to create, and while they should have new features and fun additions, they should also stay true to the game as the players know it. 

Games of chance need to have complete RNG. So that every player has an equal opportunity to win unless they have advantages as dictated by the game – at random. 

Games like poker, blackjack, and other card games also use RNG to deal with the cards. However, the card play is only dictated by the player with the cards. 

Aside from having news-twists-on-a-classic, developer engine technology means that the variety of gaming experiences is more comprehensive than ever before. 


Virtual reality is one of the most exciting advancements in gaming in years. And, as each year passes, it becomes more exciting and more immersive. 

Virtual reality is an all-encompassing gaming experience; it uses sight and sound to create a new world. While it sounds science fiction, it’s quickly becoming a key element in gaming. 

More online casinos are offer slots and other casino games with wearable options. 

With AR, it’s closer to Pokemon Go, using the changing what you see on the screen—placing dealers and other players around you. While AR is popular, it is VR that holds the most exciting opportunities. 

The possibility to turn your living room into the Mirage or the Bellagio? That is some exciting technology. 

Mobile iGaming

If an igaming company doesn’t have an app, they aren’t competitive. The bottom line is that mobile technology has provided the perfect circumstances for online gambling and betting to flourish.

With fast internet – available anywhere – screens with stunning bright displays and fast chips, smartphones have given online casinos a new technology to explore. 

Mobile casinos can be played in two ways too. They can be played directly from the website, just like on a computer. Or, to have the best experience, they might require players to download the app. 

Mobile phones offer a lot of versatility and convenience, and that combination means players can play anywhere and anytime. 

Facial Recognition

China has already begun to put facial recognition security into action to protect minors from playing casino games. 

But facial recognition can also be used to grade players’ responses to their gaming experience. That feedback can be used to improve the gaming experience. 

For both online and land-based casinos, facial recognition can go a long way to help to reduce crime rates, protect staff, and uphold any casino bans. 

Casino companies dedicate a considerable amount of their profits to working on new technologies. It is what keeps the casino industry competitive. Collective data that improve the gaming experience and invest in the gaming developers to stay ahead of the competition at every turn. 

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