Can You Make A Living From Online Gambling?

If you’re thinking about how to make a living from online gambling, it is not uncommon to dream of doing something you love as a career. It is a long-held dream for many people who work every day when it comes to gambling. If you’re passionate about gambling, you might be looking into whether this favorite pastime can become a way to support your lifestyle full-time.

Well, the short answer is yes. However, becoming a professional gambler can be difficult and costly. Gambling as a profession can lead to a life of financial risk. You should be aware of these aspects before you start. Your desire to be a professional gambler should not preclude your knowledge in a particular area of gambling, such as video poker, sports betting, or blackjack.

In short, you can be a professional gambler. Regardless, there are no guarantees you will be one. It all depends on chance, pattern recognition, tons of practice, and a good deal of luck (all of which you can read more about at

Can You Make A Living From Online Gambling Viably?

Gambling can become a viable way to make a living. Many people have won large sums of money out of their passion for playing card games or sports betting. For example, Benjamin Tucker “Parlay” was able to win $1,000,000 out of parlays, a type bet on sports, in just a few months.

Patz’s achievements are not as impressive as those of Billy Walters, who has made more than $300 million from gambling and betting over his life. However, both Walters and Patz ended up in prison, so they may not be the best role models.

There are other options, like Haralabos Voulgaris, who bet millions on NBA games after he discovered a flaw with the way sportsbooks used to set halftime lines. When it comes to how to make a living from online gambling, Voulgaris has won more than $3 million in poker, so he knows what he’s talking about.

None of these individuals had a mid-level gambling income. In other words, most professional gamblers don’t make this much, and it depends on their skill and luck.

Gambling isn’t just for sports bettors. Phil Ivey and Daniel Negreanu have made over $42 million, and $30 million, respectively. Although Ivey and Negreanu love to gamble, they aren’t considered gamblers. This fact is both encouraging and alarming. You should not take gambling success too seriously.

For instance, Don Johnson is an excellent source of advice if you’re interested in trying blackjack. Johnson is a blackjack legend and not the favorite son of Atlantic City casinos, which were $15 million lighter when Johnson was playing.

Becoming A Professional Gambler: The Fundamentals

When it comes to ways to make a living from online gambling, you cannot become a professional gambler by being obsessed with money. Anyone who attempts to learn games of chance and, arguably, skill games will approach them with love rather than a desire for quick riches.

Negreanu, Ivey, and Venessa Selbst are among the most successful poker players of all time. They played poker not for money but because they were passionate about poker. You must choose a favorite game to begin your journey towards becoming a professional gambler. You could choose any of these popular titles:

  • Poker
  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat
  • Sports betting
  • Video poker


Each activity has risks and specificities. For example, a game like poker requires a little more skill than playing video poker. Sports betting offers a great opportunity for avid sports fans who want to make a living from their passions, whether they are professional tipsters or bettors.

Blackjack is an excellent way of making money in land-based casinos. However, to do so, you’ll need to be able to count cards. Casinos have also banned this practice. Consequently, if you’re looking for ways to make a living from online gambling, we recommend that you focus on the three or four activities with the highest potential for scaling, specifically poker, video poker, and sports betting.

You will need hours and hours of practice and a better understanding of the activities you are participating in before you can become a professional gambler. We also recommend the book The Biggest Bluff by Maria Konnikova. Maria Konnikova is a Ph.D. student who has won $311,368 in poker winnings.

Professional Sports Gamblers: What Are They & Can You Become One?

While many love poker and blackjack, professional gambling is a level most sports enthusiasts aspire to achieve. A sports bettor will at some point think: What if I could use all my sports knowledge to make a profit? But being a sports bettor isn’t the same thing as being a fan. Being a fan implies an emotional connection to a team or wager you are about to place.

However, a professional sports gambler knows better and will only focus on one thing: value. Professional sports gamblers don’t only need value; they also need better lines. Consequently, most bettors choose to live in regions of the world that allow sports betting and have access to multiple sportsbooks.

When looking to make a living from online gambling, online sports betting is now legal in the United States. This fact makes it easier for more people to become professional gamblers. It is not easy to reach the top, but it is possible. Sports bettors don’t just study the sport; they live it. They analyze lines and fixtures to create parlays that yield massive returns.

In other words, this activity is more than just picking random teams or players.

Each parlay requires careful calculations, and gamblers usually compare each line to all other sportsbooks. Professional sports gambling means maximizing seemingly negligible betting opportunities to make a tidy profit when they all add up.

Sports bettors can manage their bankrolls well and don’t care about bonuses from sportsbooks. Since most bettors create their betting systems for one season, they cannot duplicate their strategies for subsequent seasons. Therefore, the real question is, do you have the right qualities?

Professional Gambler Salaries

The salary of a gambler is not set in stone, and it will never be. When looking at how to make a living from online gambling, remember that gambling is as volatile as any other activity. Therefore, it is impossible to predict a steady rate of return for a given period.

It is not possible to earn a salary as a professional gambler. Instead, these individuals collect winnings from various activities, bets, and games to increase their overall bankroll. If the gambler is not careful, their bankroll can disappear just as fast as it arrived.

Even though there is no fixed salary for professional gamblers, why does anyone choose to take this dangerous road? While some say it’s fun, others believe it is a great way to earn massive profits. Some are determined to win despite everything. Gambling can lead to a lifestyle that can have severe financial consequences.

You may also find that you have some extra money if you manage your gambling and achieve relative success. This amount won’t be a salary for professional gamblers, but would you need one if you were to reach the level of Haralabos Vulgaris or Daniel Negreanu?

Perhaps so. However, you should not rush to make a career of it, and don’t get too excited about your goal to become a professional gambler. You should grab every opportunity that presents itself. However, you will need patience honesty about whether or not your gambling career is on the right track if your goal is to make a living from online gambling. Good luck!

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