How to Build HTML Forms Better For Cybersecurity

Zero trust security is a concept in cybersecurity based on the fundamental idea that you shouldn’t presume to trust anyone or anything with access to your data, whether they are connecting from within or outside of your company. Combining technologies, rules, and procedures can help you better respond to sophisticated fraudsters’ methods. Zero trust identification … Read more

How To Block Facetime On Router

FaceTime is a great way to connect with friends and family. But there are times when you may just want to block facetime on a router. Video chatting may not be your preferred method of communicating, or the situation may not call for it. The best way to block Facetime on your router is to … Read more

How to Restart Router From CMD

There may come a time when you need to access your router through a command-line interface. Maybe the router is working, but the web interface is not responding. In this case and others, you may need an alternative method to access your router. There are a few routers out there that have the option to … Read more

How To Use a WiFi Analyzer

A solid Wi-Fi connection is vital for keeping all of your devices connected, and enjoying good download and upload speeds while browsing the Internet. Slow or spotty wireless internet can hurt your business operations, annoy your customers or result in irritating outages at home. Moreover, for those working in the cloud, bad wireless coverage can … Read more

How to Change IP Address on iPhone Without Wifi

As technology becomes increasingly prevalent, so too does the threat of cybercrime. Malicious actors are becoming more and more sophisticated. That can make it tough to keep your data private and safe. To do so, you need to be proactive about your cybersecurity, even on your iPhone. One way to do that is by regularly … Read more

How To Slow Down VisualBoy Advance Speed

Slow Down VBA Speed

To lower the playback speed on your Visual Boy Advance (VBA) emulator, you only need to change the relevant settings on the emulator. In this regard, you need to disable throttling as well as enable Vsync and Synchronize features on the emulator. Enabling filters on the VBA emulator can also lower the speed a bit. Following … Read more