How To Recognize a Data Breach & Address It

How To Recognize a Data Breach

As technology advances, data breaches also become more prevalent. Hardly does a day pass without hearing news relating to a cyber-attack. Looking at some of the high-profile data breaches that have hit organizations in the past few years, you’ll be surprised at how long it took to detect and fix them. With literally every organization … Read more

How to Invert Screen Colors on Chromebook

How to Invert Screen Colors on Chromebook

To invert colors on a Chromebook device running the Chrome OS, you need to navigate to the Accessibility features, under account settings. In this regard, you should navigate to Google Account Picture > Settings> Advanced Settings > Accessibility > High Contrast Mode. Visually impaired people have a problem seeing dark objects, and text on a … Read more

How to Train a Conversational AI

How to Train a Conversational AI

In recent times, it has become easier to develop and train conversational AIs. These AI-enabled chatbots are rapidly developing in many organizations to improve their customer service and customer experience. They help reduce the length of conversation between live agents and customers and save the organization a lot of money.  However, training an AI-enabled chatbot … Read more

How To Cool Down CPU While Gaming

How To Cool Down CPU While Gaming

So, how hot should the CPU and GOU on your computer be while gaming? Under normal usage conditions, the CPU temperature should remain below 75°C/167°F. The temperature is likely to rise way above this when using the PC for more strenuous tasks like heavyweight video-editing, or gaming. Several other things make a CPU/GPU more likely … Read more

How To Choose a Quadrocopter? 

More recently, we could see quadrocopters (although it would be more correct to call them multicopters) only in feature films. At the beginning of the 21st century, private military companies took up the production of unmanned aerial propeller drones, but such devices were prohibitively expensive. A little later, enthusiasts announced a fundraiser on a crowdfunding … Read more

How to Deselect in Photoshop [Using Different Tools]

Photoshop is a fascinating program, featuring an array of tools that allow you to select objects. Such tools include Magic Wand, Polygonal Lasso and Rectangular Marquee tools. Each of these tools may be accessed from the main Photoshop toolbar. As such, selecting different items using such tools is relatively easy. What if you selected something … Read more

How To Move Files From SSD To HDD [6 Steps]

Move Files From SSD To HDD

The best way to move files from a Solid-State Hard Drive (SSD) to a conventional Hard Disk Drive (HDD) will depend on the file type and size. The smaller files may be moved by just copying/cutting and then pasting them into the destination drive.  For the larger files, such as OS, games, and Apps, you can … Read more

Electronic Devices That Help Student Cheat On Exams

Recent mechanical developments have made the progression of data increasingly open, this new advancement has made it feasible for understudies to consider some fresh possibilities and figure out how to cheat in a test and never get captured. Why Cheating Devices Are Needed? Exams shows a high risk of dangerous factor for many students because … Read more