Can a Computer Run Without RAM?

A lot of people are wondering, ‘Can a computer run without RAM?’ As it turns out, RAM, or Random Access Memory, is an essential component of a computer. Having the right amount and type of RAM makes a direct impact on your PC’s performance. A computer without RAM is not a computer at all, as … Read more

What Is AMD GPU Scaling In The Settings for an AMD Graphics Driver?

Amd Gpu Scaling Graphics Driver – What It Is & What It Is For?

Higher resolution, increased contrast, and smoother playback means that computer graphics are becoming more vivid and realistic. In most cases, this is the case. If you watch a basketball game and point guards look more like a protective gear on the football field, the image is likely to be stretched and has an incorrect aspect … Read more

Secure Erase Ssd Windows 10 – How To Safely Do It In A Laptop Or Desktop Pc

Secure Erase Ssd Windows 10 – How To Safely Do It In A Laptop Or Desktop Pc

Regardless of whether you erase the SSD drive for resale or delete old data for a new user, its erasure is a prerequisite. You must ensure that your sensitive information cannot be retrieved and the secure erase SSD windows 10. Unfortunately, traditional disk cleanup methods reserved for hard drives do not work for solid-state drives … Read more

What Is A Normal CPU Temp While Gaming

Normal CPU Temp While Gaming

The normal CPU temp while gaming should be between 75 Celsius, and 80 Celsius (Between 167 and 176°F). As such, the optimal CPU gaming temperature is about  80° Celsius (176°F).  The normal graphics processing unit (GPU) temperature range is between 65 degrees Celsius and 75 degrees Celsius (149-167°F). However, the leading GPU models are capped at … Read more

How To Improve Stream Quality Obs – Optimal Obs Settings For The Stream (Different Power Options)

Hello, dear readers of Today we will consider the initial setup of OBS and discuss how to improve stream quality obs. I will try to tell you as quickly as possible and informatively about important points, choose the optimal settings for different computers for each encoder: NVENC, x264, Quick Sync, and AVC Encoder for … Read more